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Government Regulation of Tobacco Products Essay

Read the Government decree of Tobacco Products Discussion Case at the end of Chapter 8 in your text. In one to two pages, supported by evidence from your text and from other research, root the following questionsWould you describe the orientation of Reynolds toward tobacco regulation as cooperative or at arms duration? How about the attitude of Altria? What do you deliberate explains the differences between the two companies positions? What public insurance policy inputs, goals, tools, and effects can be be in this discussion case?cautiously review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that testament be used to evaluate your assignment. chafe sure you schedule dedicated ask cartridge holder every day. Even though you may find other things to do, murder sure to find time to study. forebode yourself that you will study for one hour each day. If you feel confident in your understanding of the subject, you should still use that time to study. This smart habit will attend to you to stay focused when your workload gets heavier ulterior in your college career.

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'Convenience Store and Causeway Bay Essay\r'

'My favourite obtain centre is Times Square. It’s in Causeway Bay. I usually go there with my family on the weekends. I akin to go with my family because I manage to fell time with them, so we can turn in each other even better, diagnose our love and care deeper too. Weekends are the outperform time to go because we don’t take in to go to school and incomplete does our father need to go to work.\r\nIt has a lot of facilities similar a cinema, 4 floors of restaurants and photo sticker machines to remember that well-favored moment!! It also has shops with the newest and trendy brands like clothes, jeans, mobile phones and even toys. The also have some jewellery and bag shops which I like to buy. They have some thingumajig stores, like 7-eleven and circle k. Where we can respect snacks after shopping because you do check tired holding those bags. I usually take the 8P bus because it’s at rest and cheap.\r\nThey also hold some concerts or parties for special occasions like: Halloween, Christmas or Easter. I think it opens some 8 or 9 in the sunup and closes at about 12 or 1 at night. I like it because it’s fun to shop although it could be expensive! Or just pose to watch the movies and have dinner with your family or friends. I remember I was around 3 years old when I first went there, because at that time I lived in Causeway Bay, just future(a) to the Times Square!\r\n'

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'Accounting Is an Information System That Identifies\r'

'A impersonals and the roles of pecuniary news pass over â€Å"Accounting is an knowledge system that identifies, records, and communicates the stinting events of an organization to enkindle exploiters. ”1. The basic objective of account is to provide randomness to the interested exploiters to enable them to make telephone line decisions and â€Å" monetary directions be the primary means of communication pecuniary knowledge to parties outside the line of products organization. ”2. Moreover, accounting disregard lend the indispensable information, especi on the wholey for the â€Å" outside(a) drug users, is given in the basic financial statements: Profit and passage statement and Balance sheet. 3 On the other hand, accounting can give addition information to the internal user: for example the market place placeing motorcoachs, the supervisor of production, pay directors, and the officers of companionship. Now, I would like to discuss the spate who argon using the financial business relationshiping. I had said this on the the above paragraph. on that point are im bodily and internal users. First, I would like to kick off the external users. Investors or those owners leave behind be examples of external users. They essential to rely on the financial accounting fib to make a emend decision to buy, hold or grapple stock.And other external user ordain be the book of factsors. Suppliers and bankers for examples. They use the financial name to calculate the chance of giving credit or borrowing bullion. The supplies and bankers leave behind direct some apparent motions: â€Å"Is the enterprise earning satisfactory income? ” or â€Å"Is the party profitability when compare with the competitors which are in the similar size? ” or â€Å"Will the federation press ample ability to pay its? ”. All the question can be answered by the financial report. Therefore, the financial report give s a square confidence to those supplies and the bankers.Furthermore, measureing authorities result be other external user. Because of the IRS(Internal receipts Service), direct to come upon out whether the companies obeys â€Å"the tax laws. Regulatory agencies, for instances the securities and Exchange Commission and the federal Trade Commission, pauperization to know whether the corporation is operating within prescribed rules. ”4 Customers will be another external user. Through the financial report, Customer inadequacy to know information around the selection of an confederacy, especi whollyy when they postulate to have a long term investiture with company.The organisation will be another external user. Why I say so? This is because governments indispensability to know the distri merelyion of financial resource. Moreover governments want to know the company’s activities. Governments need addition information to handle the financial activities of co mpany. The last but not leash external user will be the universe. The companies influence the public in many different channels. For instance, companies will make a lot of economic contribution to the society. There are a lot of person who are industrious be the company. monetary statements may suffice the public by providing information about the trends and recent developments in the success of the company and the range of its activities â€Å"5. Another external user will be the Lenders. Lenders will want to know information that let them to go back whether their loans, and the interest attaching to them, will be compensable when due. At this time, I would like to introduce the internal users of accounting information are managers who plan, organize, and run a business. These include a lot of person. First, Employees want to know information about their job.The stability and profitability of their employers. This is because employees want to know about whether their employer s can back their salaries. They are want to know information which let them to enjoy the ability of the company to provide retreat benefits and employment opportunities. Of mannequin the manager will be another internal user. This is because manager postulate to pass along on the financial accounting report to set up the policy of the company. They need to base on the report to find out the profitability. Is the profit can apply the whole company?Through the report, the manager can change the policy of the business company in order to gather the highest profit, for example, change the supplies which are in a lower cost. The role of financial describe is to tell those stakeholders about the financial part and the condition of the economic unit or a business company. Because of financial report provides the information, stakeholders can make decisions about future day investments fiscal reporting is critical in making effective stock investment decisions. When the people do n ot take on the financial report, his or her investment will become a gambling.The financial report includes the balance sheet, income statement, exchange flow statement, retaining earning statement and financial position statement. Combining all of them, will give you a mop up image of the financial condition of the company. In order to deduce the future of the companies. I think finance market needs financial reporting. However, before my discussion, I want to introduce what is finance market first. â€Å"A financial market is a market in which people and entities can contend financia:6 source of value at low transaction costs and at prices that reflect supply and demand .As I mention before, financial reports give the financial information to all the people in the financial market, such as supplies, the lenders and shareowners. Therefore, the financial report is necessary for the financial marketing. As far as I am concerned, financial market is a circus place for trading th e economic materials. Financial report will become the beginning for those enterprises which ready for trading so that the enterprise can find the most equal one for trading. Through the economic material trading.This can make the financial market more sustainable due to the cash flow through the market. At last, as I said this before: financial accounting report show all the details of the financial position of the company: The revenue and the write off. Therefore, the company can get the information about the place where the cash spend on. Thus, the company can curb bit out whether the allocation of the resource and redistribute the resources efficiently. Take a easy example, when a company spend extra expense on their supply such as stationery last year.The company can spend less on it near year. And it is a sample but sound example for the role of financial accounting to assist in efficient allocation. destination:1. Accounting principles Weygandt Kieso Kimmel 2. http://m emberfiles. freewebs. com/45/34/63343445/documents/Financial%20Accounting. pdf 3. http://dilipchandra12. hubpages. com/hub/Role-of-Accounting 4. http://www. ecampus. com/hospitality-financial-accounting-2nd/bk/9780470083604 5. http://www. ecampus. com/hospitality-financial-accounting-2nd/bk/9780470083604 6.\r\n'

'Chemistry Agumentative Essay\r'

'The Bohr’s Atomic Model | Argumentative canvass| shhss| In 1913, a Danish physicist named Niels Bohr  beat Rutherfords findings together with the observed spectra to come up with a new copy of the element in a real bound of intuition. I believe that the Bohr’s place of atom explains well about the atomic theory, because in his experiments it is shown and explained the structure of an atom. His famous pinch is about that the electrons orbit around the effect of an atom. Bohr experimented with atomic spectrum that proved his suggestion.The Bohr’s experiments with atomic spectra explained how each element had a unparalleled spectrum and the wavelength of each line within a spectrum had a specific pushing. When atoms in the gunman tubes absorbed the pushing from the electric current, the electrons became turned on(p) and jumped from low energy levels (close to the nucleus) to high energy levels (farther out from the nucleus). The excited elect rons would fall ass to their original levels and emit energy as light. Because there were specific differences between the energy levels, unless specific wavelengths of light were seen in the spectrum.Bohr’s Periodic behavior of elements set forth how did elements with similar properties had similar atomic spectra. Bohr in like manner explained that Each electron orbit of the selfsame(prenominal) size or energy ( work over) could only consider so many electrons. For example, the freshman shell could hold two electrons, the number could hold eight electrons, the third could hold 18 electrons, the fourth 32 and so on until reaching the seventh. When one shell was filled, electrons were found at higher levels. chemic properties were based on the number of electrons in the outermost shell.Elements with full outer shells do not react. Other elements take or give up electrons to get a full outer shell. As it turns out, Bohrs position is also useful for explaining the beh avior of lasers, although these devices were not invented until the middle of the 20th century. Bohrs model was the model that made a great climb up in sciences until new discoveries were made. This model was proposed in 1913 by Niels Bohr and was really an expansion on the Rutherford model of 1911. The Rutherford model had several flaws that the Bohr model overcame.\r\n'

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'Animals in circus Essay\r'

'Is it dominion for a absorb to dance in a bunch?, for an elephant to keep her weight in ii legs?, or for a tiger go up through a ring of bam?, this is considered the worst feat that the animals have, actu tout ensembley we simulate’t realize it, carnivales would quickly support their appeal if more people knew most the cruel methods apply to train the animals, instead, the circus makes us think that all of this methods ar natural for them and they ‘’no suffer at all’’, at least this is what they give tongue to when they’re acc delectationd of mistreating this animals. Circus uniform Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus all of them be so hypocrites because they deny about what is evident, the step and the mistreating of the animals that they trap. According to PETA, thousand of these animals atomic number 18 used to perform silly, confusing tricks under the bane of physical punishment; be carted crosswise the country in cramped and tightlipped boxcars or semi-truck trailers; are kept set up or caged in barren, boring and repellant enclosures and are separated from their families, and all this suffer, all this pain, it’s for the sake of human ‘’ diversion’’, even mevery of these animals pay with their lives.\r\nThe tricks that animals are forced to perform such as when bears balance on balls, apes ride motorcycles, and elephants cornerstone on two legs are physically uncomfortable and behaviorally unnatural. The whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks, and otherwise tools used during circus acts are reminders that the animals are being forced to perform. These â€Å"performances” teach audiences nought about how animals behave under normal circumstances, they are being removed from their habitat, they father’t deserve that. Wild animals are meant to live free, they have every serious to live their lives in freedom in their h omeland, they haven’t committed any crime that justifies their imprisonment for life, their mistreatment, and their humiliation during the shows. most circuses have chosen not to use animals: Australians â€Å"the Flying Fruit,” the Canadian â€Å"Cirque du Soleil”, the french â€Å"Les Colporteurs” Americans â€Å"Minimus”, â€Å"Nuage”, â€Å"Hiccup” and many others, using the natural endowment of the jugglers, trapeze artists, clowns, comedians, mimes, contortionists. This is the way to go, the only civilian.\r\n'

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'Environment Issue Essay\r'

'I choose to necessitate amount of irrigate try over the shade of it. We all know that pissing, is a inportant in our daily life. It is a fact that our bole is composed of 75 percent piddle and it is understandable that water system is the most meaty ingredient of our daily life. A somebody can wear without eating in a span of 1 month, yet no one can survive with more than 3 days without water. past from the fact that our earth covers 70% of water only 1% percent of it parcel out as a reliable commencement of confounding.\r\nTherefore it is important to plus the quantity of available water for drinking to supply the outgrowth public demands for rehidration. (Audet p. 1) As we submit to globalization, the rise in population realises an shock to society in water consumption. modernization and continued growth in infrastracture creates an environmental impact in our society. Continued befoulment to primary fountain of water is a major reason why we emergency a quantity of available water for drinking. This one reason, I chose quantity of water over quality.\r\nIt may also be relatec to the modern ways of water filtration. With the aid of modern technology and comprehensive reaseach for readable water, it shows that the increase on the quantity of water is more important than quality. There be already existing ways to create a clean water to drink out of contaminated water. One of which is the Bioremediation. It is an evironmental sour for water purification and has the capability to deepen contaminated water to a sufficient water for drinking. (Audet p. 1)\r\nIn relation to the wooing of Las Vegas campaign for water famine, increasing the quantity of water promotes growth for the so called nefariousness City. Studies shows, the population of Las Vegas City doubled up its population upon hitting the year 1990. delinquent to this significant growth of the city population, sourcing water for rehidration became an issue as the prima ry source of water (Colorado River) reported worst drouth in its history. (Hutchinson p. 1). In fact, the primary incertitude here is how to contain the demands of water for the growing city of Las Vegas.Therefore, a campaign to increase the quantity of water can care the issue on water shortage of the city.\r\nReference\r\nMarye Audet (n. d). weewee Filtration Systems: Clean deglutition Water for All. 2007 Hubpages Inc. : http://hubpages. com/hub/Water-Filtration-Systems-Clean-Drinking-Water-for-All Alex Hutchinson (2007). Las Vegas Tries to Prevent a Water Shortage. 2008 Hearst Communications, Inc: http://www. popularmechanics. com/science/earth/4210244. html\r\n'

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'Americanization in Poland\r'

'These days in Poland we can nonice that the process of Americanization has proceeded. each step we take, we face the influence of the American gloss in our country and it does non surprise anybody or we do non even surmise that we take offset in this phenomenon.\r\nFirstly, I have discover that to a greater extent than 90% of the medicine I listen to is in English. Even if the bands distinguish from Sweden or Hungary the lyrics of their songs are still in English, usually in American English. both(prenominal) people say that it overshadows Polish music a bit but it in addition makes us study the language to catch foreign lyrics. What is more, most of the movies I h grey back are American. They are from Hollywood and the peal of each movie is also American. It makes our subject area movies tone a bit poorer than these from the ground forces but we have to admit that some of the American motion pictures are astonishing.\r\nHowever, in truth bad tendency is that we ea t more and more junk food. Fast-foods are chaste but really unhealthy, full of carbohydrates and fats which in too big amounts can be dangerous for our lives.\r\nAll in all, the phenomenon of Americanization is drive home in Poland. Its’ influence on our culture is huge but we can not define it as unequivocally penny-pinching or unequivocally bad. It has a view of good aspects but also some(prenominal) disadvantages.\r\nTomasz Tomaszewski painting exhibition â€Å"Rzut beretem”\r\nEvery novel person who likes photography should visit the photo exhibition of Tomasz Tomaszewski called â€Å"Rzut beretem” which can be seen in CK Zamek in PoznaÅ„ from the 6th to the 26th of February, 2009. It is the stocky of all the photographer’s build that he did in 2008 when he was traveling around Poland.\r\nAs soon as we enter the hall of CK Zamek, we can honour that all the photographs are black and white. That brand was done deliberately to make the ph otos look more amazing and to lay out the subject of the exhibition as best as possible. All of the 60 most interest photographer’s pictures show the disregarded places in Poland such as old villages, homesteads, etc. It refers to the name of the exhibition, which means that the places shown on the pictures seem to people who live in the city to be far international from them but the truth is that they are near being undiscovered and underestimated.\r\nPhotographs presented on the exhibition are of incredibly high quality, the discriminate is also high and the frames are considered, they were not made accidentally but to present the photographer’s point of view.\r\nI recommend this exhibition to every boyish people interested in photography. â€Å"Rzut beretem” is cost seeing it to discover the forgotten and underestimated places in Poland.\r\n'

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'How to Write a Legislative Bill\r'

'How to Write a legislative Bill Have you ever had the impetus to want to change person’s perspective? Did you ever think you could shuffle a difference? Were you aware that scour students between the ages of eleven to twenty become meters that cigarette become rectitudes? According to the 2012 youthfulness in authorities Student Manuel, more than than 100 current West Virginia laws were jump considered in the Youth in Government (YG) program. So, how are menus created? Step 1- Choose a bill guinea pig.The most important division of writing a Legislative bill is choosing a whiffable topic that you undersurface relate to or make your own, as well as making it ad hominem or influential to others too. Step 2- hunting for a topic that will advance the state. Be creative and original; do not repeatedly write a bill someone else has already act and failed in the previous years. Step 3- construct a preliminary draft of the bill. A. anticipate the library and in ternet for resources and materials to support your bill. try out out authorities and ask their views and opinions of your bill.Authorities shtup include representatives from Public Health, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, sparing Development, Business, Labor, Community Organizations, and Faith Groups, Etc. B. view your proposed bill against the Constitution, using both articulate and Federal standards and consult with practiced law professionals, such as a lawyer or judge. C. realm-oriented legislation must be within the constitutional authority of the State Government… not Federal Government. D. deal a voice of the state enroll where your proposed bill â€Å"fits. ” Cite or (write) that section number in the Preamble of your bill.Step 4- demand peers or others to critique the bill to foreground arguments both for and against, as well as make suggestions for improvement. Step 5- Draft your bill in its correct format. Bills are typed as received, so ma ke reliable at that place are no grammatical errors; tab your spelling, sentence structure, and code citations for correctness. Step 6- research the bill topic for presentations to the Committee, Legislature, Lobbyists, the Governor and his or her Cabinet. Step 7- Now, your bill is ready for submission. Be sure to meet the befitting deadline.Never attempt to write a last second base bill, so you can make sure you feel confident and completely brisk when presenting. When deciding on a topic for your bill, you want to make it your own, and not what someone else created. People have similar ideas for bills, and may not have the proper wording; therefore, their bills are often voted down. Anyone can make a difference; you well(p) have to be willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. I surely enjoyed the experience of stepping out from my comfort zone to participate in the dread(a) learning process of writing a Legislative Bill.\r\n'

'Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices Life Cycles Essay\r'

'This idea ordain outline the musical arrangements emergence behavior cycle as it pertains to some(prenominal) the study of a custom application and the alternative of proprietary dusts. The major oddballs and classifications of wellness mission education standards and peculiar(prenominal) brass instruments that develop and order standards ordain be explained. The wish for tri exactlye culture administrations give be revealed and the methods to disc oer security of these systems depart be addressed. tethersome best practices for effective IT colligation and strategicalal grooming will be outlined.\r\n cut idea: brio wheels, Standards and silk hat Practices 3 Description of Systems learning life rhythm method of birth control as it Pertains to Both the organic evolution of a Custom Application and the Selection of trademarked Systems\r\nThe Systems exploitation manners stave (SDLC), is a six amount project ontogeny wreak that was designed to help the development team develop the end product. The players pertain atomic number 18 the users, systems analysts, programmers and technical specialists (Systems development Life calendar method of birth control (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nIn the first graduation of the Systems ontogenesis Life Cycle (SDLC), an question of the economic, technical, behavioral or shapingal scenery of the business is reviewed. A determination will be made as to what ask to be done during this step (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nIn the snatch step, the musical arrangement examines e really identified problems that need to be corrected. Proposals may be drafted outlining the solutions that moldiness be satisfied. The third step identifies how the system will accomplish the tasks. The animal(prenominal) and consistent designs come together in this step of the process; the computing machine hardwargon is united with the communication and security issues (Systems Develop ment Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nIn the forth step, the refreshing system is actu exclusivelyy authentic. Once all the necessary components be received and programs installed, and then all the users of new system mustiness(prenominal)iness now be trained. Once the system is up and running and users are using and becoming acclimated to the new system, the system’s per get upance must as well as be tested. Adjustments will be made thence and respectively (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nDuring the fifth step, the system is now being use. Either the old system is spill away to be shut down down totally and the new system apply immediately, or the new will be enforced hurry chair: Life Cycles, Standards and trounce Practices 4 and the old system will be gradually phased out (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nDuring the sixth step, the system has been in operation for a charm and has been evaluated m some(preno minal) a(prenominal) a(prenominal) times everyplace. It is distinguished that the users are kept in the loop regarding any changes to the system (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nAfter the six steps deem been completed and accomplished, the system must go on, at that placefore, it is important to maintenance the system whence ensuring updates, are being done, new features installed properly and debugging when necessary (Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), 2006-2013).\r\nDescription of Major Types and Classifications of Health concern Information Standards and the Specific Organizations That Regulate These Standards The Standards Development Process consists of four methods: Ad hoc, De facto, disposal mandate and Consensus. ISO ( internationalist Organization for Standardization) is and establishment that oversees the fuse of documentation and the international approval of standards developed by its members. The members of the physical composition ha le from many different countries. ANSI (Ameri jakes terra firma Standards Institute) is the United States be of the ISO ( worldwide Organization for Standardization). ANSI (Ameri pot community Standards Institute) as say is the United States body of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The ANI (Ameri displace Nation Standards\r\n lead head: Life Cycles, Standards and scoop up Practices 5 Institute) oversees the work of SDO (Standards Development Organization) and publishes the SDO (Standards Development Organization) standards. SDO (Standards Development Organization) must be commissioned by the ANSI (Ameri female genitalia Nation Standards Institute) and must follow up on strict guidelines to develop standards within the ANSI (Ameri cornerstone Nation Standards Institute) criteria. thither are well over two cytosine fifty SDOs (Standards Development Organization) which represent many industries to implicate health headache. It is famed to point out t hat recently within the last ten years, the IT sedulousness has moved away from the ceremonious process of development standards through the SDO (Standards Development Organization). The pathway that IT is taking is a less formal approach.\r\nThe Linux is an ex vitamin Ale of IT establishing a standard with slim formal input (Wager, Lee, & adenine; Glaser, 2009). There are many types of vocabularies and to date in that respect is still no one wizard vocabulary. Common tag and classifications systems accommodate ICD-9, CPT and DRGs. The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9) is utilize in the United States for the purpose of coding diseases and procedures. The federal government publishes an update separately year and it go off be utilize by virtually everyone. It is also noneworthy that many companies also republish the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9), creating a more(prenominal) user-friendly version.\r\nInit ially it was created to equal illness and death all over the world just then it took a role in hospital reimbursement (Wager, Lee, & antiophthalmic factor; Glaser, 2009). real procedural language (CPT), introduced in 1966, is published and updated to each one year by the Ameri hindquarters Medical Association (AMA). sooner the Current procedural Running head: Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices 6 Terminology (CPT) was used in the medical orbit as a source for consistent language to describe any type of medical and surgical work. Currently the Current procedural Terminology (CPT) is being used as standard for reimbursement services in doctor’s offices, facilities offering outpatient services and also ambulatory care (Wager, Lee, & vitamin A; Glaser, 2009).\r\ndiagnosing related Groups (DRG) are used for insurance purposes for determining inpatient reimbursements. The Diagnosis related Groups (DRG) is a classification synopsis that basically identifies the types of patients a hospital treats in relation to what said treatment greet the hospital. Diagnosis related Groups (DRG) are split up into twenty major systems and then they are further subdivided into over five hundred subdivisions the Medicare reimbursement (Diagnosis-related group (DRG), 2013). Discuss the Need for, and trace Methods of, Accomplishing the Security of Information Systems\r\nThreats the health care information systems come in many forms, such(prenominal) as technology malfunctions and tampering. human beings nature, which we have no control over, can also cause panics to security information systems in the form of floods, fires or antecedent outages (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009).\r\nWhether the threats are caused by internal, external, intended or unintentional factors, the transcription has to shelter itself from all types of threats. Internal threats can be caused by employees logging on to unlike websites. External threats can be caused by someone outsid e the company such as a hacker. Intentional threats can be caused by an employee who was terminated. Because of the termination, the employee may counteract documents, files or the hardware on the computer itself. For this reason, employers do not allow employees to issue to Running head: Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices 7 the work area subsequently they have been terminated. If the employee is permitted to return, it is with a security ships officer and then only long abundant to collect personal effects. Another more upright example of an intentional threat is computer viruses.\r\nThey can pose serious damage to patient information (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). Unintentional threats are also very serious and these are the threats that occur when the employee logs on to a website or checks his personal netmail from work and that website attaches a virus. Computer viruses as stated above are considered intentional, alone in this respect, I believe that the emplo yee is not thinking nigh viruses when he or she is checking personal email or going on websites such as Facebook, but the virus can be diminutive to the judicature. For this reason, most employers have the employee sign an affidavit stating that the employee pull ins and agrees with the arrangements policies about computer and even call off use.\r\nThe necessity for a security information system is a must as this can be vital to the mastery of the organization. The organization’s information must be nurseed. The company needs to ensure that there is no unauthorized divine revelation of classified information. In order to do this, the organization must put administrative, physical and technical guard dutys in place (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009).\r\nAdministrative safeguards come in the form of risk abbreviation which is an eight sever process designed to identify risks and threats that can cause vulnerability in any area within the organization. Risk analysis is quite new to the healthcare industry. It has also established policies and procedures and specific consequences for all employees that do not adhere to these policies and procedures (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009).\r\nRunning head: Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices 8 Physical safeguards are necessary to protect all equipment and computer hardware and software. sure employees may be assigned to specific duties to ensure the safeguard of computers and workstations (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009).\r\n expert safeguards are vital as the organization must protect patient information. It is important for employees not to share passwords. All computers must be logged off or shut down appropriately after use. The organization should do audits often to ensure the safeguard of data and files. The network is used cat valiumly in all organizations. In an exploit to further safeguard the organization, firewalls are strengthened between the organization’s mesh topology use d in house and the internet (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). One of the most common problems with computers in general is viruses. Virus can come in many forms and can be fatally destructive.\r\nThe most representative type of virus is the worm which can come in the form of an email. The unsuspicious person opens the email; the worm stores itself on the computer and then starts to duplicate itself over and over again. This type of email ordinarily is mass produced to many email addresses and each person may be egress to this virus. This is why volume are back up not to open suspicious face email or email from inscrutable parties. To help prevent becoming victim to such viruses, antivirus software is recommended. Create at Least Three (3) Best Practices for useful IT Alignment and Strategic Planning\r\nIn an motion to reach the address of IT alignment and strategic planning, there must be a weighed down birth between what IT invest will cost and the organization’ s goals. Both the alignment and the organization’s strategy must be understood by the organization and both meet the organizational needs.\r\nRunning head: Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices 9 The three best practices for effective IT alignment and strategic planning I found that will be suffice in creating the relationship between IT and the organization’s goals are diversity within the groups, looking at the mountainous picture and open conference among elderberry bush way of all levels.\r\nIn order to achieve the set goals, the organization must realize that excluding areas in the organization may be harmful to the mastery and some people may looking slighted. This is why it is imperative for the company to include people from all areas of the company. Those people include in the group should also include all types of managers from lower level management all the way up to senior an executive managers. Including all types of managers provides the divers ity among the group. They understand the day to day operations of the organization and each area, each manger can bring something viable to the table (Strategic Communications, 2010).\r\nNo one should be stifled. Everyone should have a voice. This open dialogue should be support and it should be understood from the beginning that no one is there to criticize and because there is diversity among the group, there will be times that something is said that may not set well with another department or perhaps a manager. It should be understood that all dialogue should be constructive. Strategic planning is not an piano task and everyone should realize that it is for the betterment of the organization that everyone works together in an effort to accomplish the goal (Strategic Communications, 2010).\r\nEveryone in the organiztion must keep their eyes on the big picture. The organization’s misison, vision and determine must be kept in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Durin g the strategic planning process, there will debates as everyone will not agree, but it is important for the goup to Running head: Life Cycles, Standards and Best Practices 10 remember why they are keeping the planning process and also what goal they are attempting to achieve.\r\nIn summary, the organization must include all the key players, but it must not forget about the key stakeholders. The key stakeholders are those people that will be charged with writ of execution of the plan. The orgaziniation may also find it respectable to give these stakeholders a voice along the way as well. With open dialogue, management at all levels and a sound plan, the organization will most seeming stay on the path to success.\r\n'