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Strategic Management Resit Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategic Management Resit Report - Essay ExampleSince every organisation wants to acquire warring advantage therefore it was difficult to make strategies base on the external business environment collectible to homogeneity. However, resources such as reputation, credibility of employees, training and development methods etc. may vary from organization to organization and they are authoritatively hard to replicate (Gupta et. al., 2007). In the contemporary business environment resources based celestial horizon of strategical vigilance holds a remarkable position. Ever since it has emerged different critics have argued upon its importance in strategic management while some have defended its importance in attaining business superiority. Whatever the case may be one thing is obvious that resource based view in strategic management has actually streng thereforeed the organizations affection values and integrity while improving the boilersuit ethical conduct (Priem and Butler, 2 001). This paper aims to investigate Resource Based View and its relevance with Strategic Management. barely its role in achieving competitive advantage particularly in an educational institution would be discussed with a case example. Discussion The theory of growth of a firm has actually laid down the home of resource based view in strategic management. An individual firm has a number of valuable internal resources which are mostly unique in terms of quality and quantity. For instance, the financial resources including all the fiscal reserves, credits, accounts receivables etc., plant resources such as land and equipment, human resource which represents the nature of employees intellect, skills and credibility. Moreover the knowledge and expertise of an organization in industry and the overall management structure including planning and reporting are the of import internal resources (Harrison, 2012). All of these are then combined with the strategic policies of an organizati on. The distinguishing nature of resources constitutes an organizations core values which play a vital role in its overall success or failure. The right utilization of all these resources actually represents profitable long term strategic management which is a significant element of competitive advantage. The relevance of resource based view to strategic management can be substantiated on the basis of the fact that organizational strategies largely focus on increasing revenues while occupying precious market share in the industry. On the other hand the sole purpose of resource based view is to achieve competitive advantage which makes it internally linked with the strategic management (Akio, 2005). Competitive prefer Resource based view in strategic management plays a significant role in acquiring competitive advantage. For instance, if the Corporate Planning Department of a university requires maintaining distinctiveness in its management policies and client services then it wou ld need to implement resource based view in the following intention (Knott, 2009) Initially the organization would have to analyze its fundamental possessions including financial resources, plant resources and human resources. These are then divided on the basis of distinctiveness in the industry and overall participation in carrying disclose different business

The number of migrants in the world has more than doubled since 1975 Essay

The sum of migrants in the world has more than manifold since 1975. Discuss, with specific reference to UK - Essay ExampleMoreover, according to reports from the Office of National Statistics the net migration into UK was roughly 189,000 amid mid-2005 and mid-2006. Also, the over completely migration in to the UK since 1994 has been estimated to be in excess of 2 one thousand thousand people. These staggering figures all aspire to the fact that the negative net migration is contributing bigly to the population expansion in UK.There be numerous reasons for this. One view claims that this is a direct consequence of the respective immigration policies in the UK and out of doors it and is hence a consequence of a choice made by the policymakers. However, migration demographics gathered from other countries seems to negate this theory and suggest that in addition to the UK immigration policy, this is more due to the economic forces working wordlessly behind the scenes.1Hatton sum marizes in his paper that congener income, immigration policy and inequality all have a role to play in the inducement to migrate to or from UK. However, he wraps up his paper by saying that patterns of unemployment and relative income have a comparatively smaller impact on the migration of UK when compared to UK inequality and relative policy disparities between UK and rest of the Europe in specific and rest of the world in general.This has huge implications on the UK economy and on UK as a whole. ... the high net migration but also because of increase life expectance and fertility), a city the size of Birmingham must be constructed every two and a fractional years in order to meet the growing needs Apart from the obvious problems of over-population and lack of seat in the society, a huge negative immigration can have many other consequences to the gross Britisher. Sir Andrew Green, the Chairman of Migration Watch UK said on the November 4th, 2007 edition of The Sunday Times Fa ilure to act now volition mean that our society will be changed beyond recognition - and especially our cities. London is one-third immigrant and one-half of all babies born there have a foreign parent. Other large cities will follow. match to one academic study, the ethnic community in Britain will grow from 9% to 29% by mid-century. There is every reason for concern. The military commission for Racial Equalitys final report spoke frankly some growing segregation and of our society fracturing, with bonds of solidarity across different groups weakening, and tensions between people increasing. These are serious warnings. The Commission Racial Equality was in denial about the role of mass immigration in all this but the rest of us can see it clearly. (Sir Green A., 2007, Sunday Times). Putting this fact forth too, other problems such as the cheaper immigrant labor being absorbed into the workforce while one million (according to independent studies) laborers who would like to wor k but cannot do so because certain laborers are charging below the food market rate for their services emerge.However, it is apparent that there must be certain advantages of having a high number of immigrants into the economy. For example, the injection of foreigners into the economy means that they can do those things which

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Finanical Cyberproblem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Finanical Cyberproblem - Essay Exampleh. Over the last 52 weeks, the stock has performed variably. The stock were rising in look on during November, but then started to decrease in nourish and were at the lowest value of around 31 during April. The stock then rose in value again, peaking at over 44 in August. The stock now appears to be on a downwards slope again. The S&P rose steadily between October and February, where there was a small lapse before rising again until mid-July. The market then dribletped again and is now on the rise. The Brady Corp. stocks did non follow the S&P performance until March, when it rose along with the S&P. This continued until the S&P dipped, however Brady Corp. stock then began to decrease in value despite the S&P cosmos on the rise.... The S&P rose steadily between October and February, where there was a small dip before rising again until mid-July. The market then dipped again and is now on the rise. The Brady Corp. stocks did not follow the S&P performance until March, when it rose along with the S&P. This continued until the S&P dipped, however Brady Corp. stock then began to decrease in value despite the S&P being on the

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Global Marketing Term Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

globose Marketing Term Paper - Essay ExampleTherefore, they to a greater extent or less stuck to their pricing levels in US and tried to bring in quality and technology to determine that the product straind better and was more nutritional.The re-entry in case of Kellogg was in terms of price. The war in the middle class consumer products is over the price. Kellogg had to compete with Mohun which has been in the market prior to Kelloggs entry. Mohun and a nonher of the competitors, Champion were both pricing their products at a oftentimes lesser price compared to the one Kellogg did. Kellogg however, was sure of the strategy and continued with the same pricing strategy of macrocosm the premium brand among corn flakes. Though of course, the other dickens offered by Kellogg, the wheat and the rice flakes did not do well in the market and had to be slashed down. On analysis of the first two to three years of Kellogg business in India, it is seen that the company has not spent enou gh efforts in rationality the consumer preference in the market. A large percent of the upper and middle class consumers will not be having their breakfast. In addition to this, most of the people who do take breakfast would like to progress to something that fills the stomach. More likely Indian alternatives like idli and vada dominated the breakfast scene in most houses quite a than any other. The cereal breakfast concept did not just pick up and was viewed mostly as a health issue. Only those people who were either sick or otherwise not rose-cheeked would go for cereal food. Therefore, number of people who would be continuous or regular buyers of corn flakes was worthy lesser. As their study shows only 2% of the buyers were regular buyer which is not what Kellogg wanted to have. Kellogg had launched during its re-entry, the chocos which is corn flakes surface with chocolate. This was a roaring success and the market immediately picked up. Kellogg could corner nearly 57% of the market contribution in the Indian market. In addition to this, Kellogg had other products in the pipe line to suit the taste of the Indian consumer. Indian consumers want their breakfast to be filling, nutritious and less costly. It was not expected to be fun. But when the Chocos was introduced with a fun element to it, it immediately appealed to the kids and it took over the morning breakfast from the noodles and idlis for the children. Kellogg therefore had to ensure that the fun factor in the breakfast cereals continued. In line with this, Kellogg further went ahead and released the biscuits with the same brand, the Chocos and other line of finical corn flakes primarily aimed at the growing Indian breakfast eaters. It had the mazaa in it special flavours exclusively developed for the Indian market. On analysing further the status of the corn flakes market, it could be seen that the company was aiming at improving their continued domination of the market and great power be tter their share. But the market itself if small and has to be increased to ensure that there is adequate growth for the company in real terms. This was taken safeguard of in the third approach that Kellogg had. They planned to educate the people and distributed free samples to the students and the target customers so that they might get converted. In the course of time, the effect could be felt. Kellogg was intent on weaning the people who esurient away the morning and then slowly

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The nature of Darwin's Contributions to the study of evolution Essay

The nature of Darwins Contributions to the drive of maturation - Essay ExampleMost f these masses said nothing, however, some vocally support such persons as Charles Hodge, a Princeton theologian who preached that Darwinism was atheism.John William Dawson and Arnold Guyot, both f the last reputable nineteenth-century creationists attempt to oblige science by interpreting the days f Genesis as ages and by correlating them with sequent epochs in the natural history f the world (Ruse, 229). Dawson and Guyot cited several supernatural interventions, particularly in their theories f the first humans however, they attempted to keep such paranormal citations to a minimum, thus focusing on a maximizing f operations f natural law.Between 1910 and 1915, The Fundamentals was published to restitute and reform Christianity throughout the world. These booklets were mass-produced, and, at the time, posed a bigger threat to orthodox faith than did evolution. check to Numbers, Although one con tributor to The Fundamentals identified evolution as the principal cause f disbelief in the Scriptures and another traced the roots f higher criticism to Darwin, the collection as a whole lacked the continuant anti-evolution that would characterize the fundamentalist movement f the 1920s (249).William Jennings Bryan soon became the ideal spokesman for an anti-evolution crusade. He was politically come to and, although lost the bid for presidency three times, had a national reputation, vast prestige, and a strong following. Bryan lots preached f the silliness f humans having a biological connection to apes. After the outbreak f World War I, Bryan began to trace the source f trouble to the influence f Darwinism. From the information printed in two published books, one by Vernon Kellogg and one by Benjamin Kidd, Bryan blamed the deterioration f Christianity and democracy on the support f theories f evolution. Each f the two books cited conversations among German officers show that Darwins biology had played a major role in convincing the Germans to declare war. Bryan furthered his crusade by noting that beliefs in evolution were the main cause f students to lose faith in the Bible.In strain we learned that creation science has, indeed, not been proven as a science, thus should not be taught in schools. However, it is that same claim that was used by many creationists when referring to theories f evolution-- that it is not scientific. The crusade against evolution was given a significant boost in 1921 when British biologist William Bateson declared that scientists had not notice the actual mode and process f evolution (Bateson, 56). Even though Bateson urged creationists not to misinterpret his mastery as a rejection f evolution, they ignored him and accepted the statement as a minor triumph. Nonetheless, when it came spate to a scientific debate, the creationists had only a handful f legitimate scientists-- including one or two physicians and a few teache rs.In 1925 came the famous Scopes trial, where a high school teacher, John Thomas

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Introduction to Operating Systems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Introduction to Operating Systems - Assignment ExampleAlso, we need to obligate in mind various other aspects such as cost, values speed, security, and compatibility while choosing an operating(a) scheme.I have conducted a lot of research and found that the Windows broadcast is much better than Linux for the build upment of haltings. It is an admitted position that DirectX plays a significant role in the development of games. Additionally, the DirectX supports a wide variety of video games running(a) PIs, similar to the present advanced versions of game with 3D support. In this scenario, we need Direct3D that offers DirectXs 3D support API for game development and execution. Additionally, the Direct3D is developed by Microsoft and is available free of cost, same as its pervious DirectX APIs. In fact, the of import advantage of Microsoft operating system is its support for the DirectX that is mostly used and required by game programmers to develop more interactive games (Loki Software, Inc., 2001).Beside this Microsoft offers support for an integrated authoring tool Unity that is commonly used for the development of 3D video games contents. In this scenario, Unity offers an excellent support for game development with much more real-time 3D and architectural visualizations or simply animations support. The main reason for the selection of Microsoft for our gaming development platform is the Unitys development environment support for only Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. However, we cannot choose Mac OS X for the reason that our team members are not familiar with this operating system. Thus, additional operating system training and support will increase the overall expenditures. Another reason for not selecting Mac OS X is the overall cost increase due to purchase of new hardware systems to run this operating system. Thus, it is really feasible to select Microsoft Windows because it can be used on any

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Research Paper

A Very Old Man with Enormous travel - Research Paper ExampleAlthough this novel and story are different in the content that they learn and the overall message that is brought to bear upon the reader, the exemplification of the magical realism that typifies Marquez method of conveyance helps the reader to much completely and fully understand the term as a function of what it means to literature and the perceptiveness thereof. As a means to understand the literary contrast and comparisons that exist between these two stories, this analytic thinking will consider the mechanisms by which the originator relates the subtext that each story necessarily engenders. The first of these treats, Marquezs cytosine Years of Solitude tells the story of a local town go paster who finds his life forever changed by the presence of traders who bring the marvels of modern science to his otherwise simple and somewhat backwards world. As a function of his fascination with these marvels, the protag onist immerses himself in pseudo-scientific study and alchemy in the hopes that he can persona the marvels that these traders have brought to greatly enhance his own life, the life of his family and that of his flock (Ahmad et al 47). However, the result of his experiments does not lead in the direction that he hoped as he merely becomes more and more ostracized from his own family and deal continuously seeking for borderline supernatural approaches to better himself and those around him. The story further evolves as a type of allegory with regards to how the protagonist represents the culture that comes into contact with the marvels of the Western world yet at the analogous time must suffer the destructive nature that such a contact necessarily brings with it. As a function of creating this comparison, the author invokes the magical understandings of what had previously defined the culture as compared to the rigid scientific methods that the protagonist attempts to force to coi ncide with a much simpler albeit more mysterious vogue of life that his people had experienced prior to the arrival of the gypsy traders. However, what is unique in the mechanics of the story is the scope of natural action that it encompasses. As compared to the second story which will be considered, the subject matter is spread over a long time period that magically encompasses the life of a single individual (Mills 114). As a means to engage the reader on the range of intercultural issues that arise as a result of europium meeting the Western Hemisphere, the author has a wealth of information and parallels that can be drawn that work to help the story to cover a much longer time span than would have been ready(prenominal) had a different medium other than magical realism been utilized. With regards to the second story in question, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, the author takes a different approach to tell the magical realism that defines the story. Rather than analyzing the action that takes place over an indefinitely long period of time, the author instead chooses to focus on the juxtaposition of human emotion as a function of the way that the individuals within the story engage practical versus non-practical as well as the feeling of sympathy and selfishness. As the fallen angel of the story is uniquely different from human interpretations of what an angel should be, the villagers do not cut what to make of it (Corso 44). In this way, the protagonist of the story feels compunction to care for the creature. However, rather than representing the action

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Laws And Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Laws And Nursing - Essay ExampleNursing is the invention of caring and tending to an ailing person or animal or any living intimacy for that matter. However, unlike other arts it also bears a deep relation with science (Cubacub, 2009). Owing to its delicious side nursing involves proficiency and also set methods and science in its most technical ashes owing to the scientific aspect. As with every other field in this world, nursing also incorporates at bottom it, laws and ethics with nursing laws being based on nursing ethics. Ethics according to the Oxford Dictionary is principles viz. moral principles that govern how a person conducts an activity and the principles that govern a persons bearing (Press, Ethics, 2010) . On the other hand the Oxford dictionary defines law in these terms (putting the meaning in truthful words) the system of rules which a country employs and uses to regulate and control the actions and doings of its members (Press, Law, 2010). NMC, short for Nurs ing and Midwifery Council, is a council or a body that deals with almost every single side of nursing including the laws and ethics. It functions by modulate the nurses and midwives in different parts of the Great Britain such as England, Scotland, Wales, the Islands and Northern Ireland (NMC, What we do, 2010). Their first and foremost look up is to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of public. (NMC, Factsheet Assessment and investigation of fitness to practice referrals to the NMC, 2010) Informed admit in this matter is the most influential seeming aspect of law. It is a legal procedure that ensures the knowhow and knowledge of a uncomplaining regarding the potential risks and methods of a procedure or treatment plan (Cherry n.d.). This provides with an opportunity to the patients or clients in a health care system to make decisions regarding the matters of health and treatment plan. Consent could either be expressed or implied and depending upon the situation at hand, either one of them is applicable and mandatory (Abbas 2012). Expressed swallow is the most widely used and most applicable form of live with used in clinical practice. In this form, the patient willingly and verbally gives his consent regarding a medical exam or health procedure, etcetera On the other hand, the patient does not verbally give consent in implied consent tho rather his actions or body language clearly indicate that the consent has been given for example when a patient presents his arm for the administration of an injection, etc. however, the distinction between these two becomes unclear in clinical practice and requires careful evaluation of the situation by the physician and the nurse. Considering the role of a nurse in obtaining an informed consent, it is not the nurses duty to explain the technical details of a medical procedure but rather that of the physician. However, she is responsible for obtaining the patients signature on the consent form. These signatures fee -tail that the consent was voluntary, not coercive and authentic and also that the nurse witnessed the physician asking for consent and the patient agreeing to it (Abbas 2012). In order for a nurse to protect herself from the legal implications, obtaining an informed consent is the most most-valuable and foremost responsibility. Any nurse who fails to do so is liable to legal action. Trehan and Sankhari (2002) explain in their turn over that any procedure started without first informing the patient about it and obtaining his consent would be labeled as battery which is liable to strict legal action being a crime in nature. and they elucidate that blanket consent is no more valid in essence of legality. Not nevertheless this but also it is vital to document the consent taking for future medico-legal references. Ideally, a duplicate of the consent document should be handed over to the patient so that both parties possess the requisite entropy with them which can be reproduced whe n need be (Trehan, Sankhari, 2002). As far as the legal perspectives of informed consent are considered, the

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Hip hop culture Thesis Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

pelvic arch jump gloss - Thesis Proposal Example rosehip hop was the product of the activism and creativity of the people the drug-infested streets during the mid-sixties and 1970s. The places where gangs once fled, parties and come to the foredoor jams were held. The wars among the groups were transformed into street dancing with DJs with colorful designs made by graffiti artists. Hip hop culture experienced various transformations from just an ordinary street culture into multibillion-dollar businesses and became famous virtually the globe (Price, 2006, xi).The popularity of hip hop gave itself a reputation as a great cultural accomplishment that is against the mainstream beliefs. Beyond the popularity and high record sales, the very soul of the movement is still vague. The identity and destiny of the hip hop is not clear. The heated debates happened within the hip hop culture (Watkins, 2005, p. 5).Hip hop rightfully started as a series of artistic activities like dance, mu sic and graffiti which were all very fundamental in showing the African popular culture. In the beginning it was hard to understand the existence of the culture (Dimitriadis, 2009, p. 22).Some people in the society consider the influence of hip hop to be exaggerated it has made the very core of the African and American youth than any historical and political events. Hip hop was able to hone the youth while promoting the unique valued aspects of various communities. It has been found out that the basic political orientation of hip hop is Get in where you fit in. Although the basic ideology of African American culture is about equality in the society, hip hop is about cellular inclusion of all people who respect hip hop (Morgan, 2009, p. 48).DJs flourished in the hip hop culture. One of them is Joseph Saddler break up known as Grandmaster Flash. He invented mixing wherein two or more music are compete and recorded together. He also invented punch-phasing which is adding some popp ing sounds to audio tracks (Hatch, 2006, p. 24).It

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Agency and Franchising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Agency and Franchising - Essay Example two types of retail business format are popular agency and franchising.Agency or an constituent ass be broadly described as a person with an authority to represent another person, persons or corporation (called the Principal) (Brillinger, p214). The agent therefore, represents the principal in all the commercial transactions. It is important to understand that as the agent represents the principal, the principal, by default, becomes liable for all the acts of omission and commission of the agent. Even when the agents appointment whitethorn have pre-defined authority as given by the principal, the principal becomes responsible for all the leverages taken by the agent while conducting business on his behalf. The goods and services sold by the agent are possess by the principal, he is just the intermediary who acts on behalf of the owner of the goods and services. By virtue of an agency, the seller contracts directly with the customer, who is se llers customer, not that of agent (Ishani, 2007).The franchising is a marketing system revolving around a two-way legal agreement, whereby the franchisee conducts business according to the terms specified by the franchisor (Longenecker, chapter 3). The process of franchising, therefore, has become popular in the emerging economy which presents wide scope for the parties, franchisee and the franchisor. The franchising format of business primarily comprises of licensing another person to angle the business in a pre-determined format.The franchisor is able to expand his business and spread them in wider areas of operation in a relatively short time and with reduced capital cost. By facilitating goods and services to the franchisee, the franchisor is relieved of the pressures of daylight today operation and at the same time, he is able to control the appearance and operation of the franchisee

Jews of Spain relationship with Islamic and Arabic Culture Assignment

Jews of Spain relationship with Islamic and Arabic Culture - Assignment ExampleIslamic tolerance had made living chthonic the Muslims power more attractive choice than to live under the Christian one in North Europe. Tolerance meant that though Jews of Spain were considered as a second-class, they had slightly rights and servitudes. Jews were allowed to live securely in their autonomous communities and to develop they were not fossils (Cohen 31). That kind of order comes from Quran where its told, that Jews like Christians were People of the Book, and as they worshiped one God, Muslims must stay tolerant to them while they obey some(prenominal) Muslim rules. For example, it was forbidden to build new houses of worship, and for a Jewish man to marry a Muslim woman it was required to wear different cloth from Muslims and some positions (as in government or other(a) authoritative positions) were forbidden to be held by Jews and Jews ought to pay taxis etc. (Cohen 32). Most of the Jews had accepted these rules and their inequality and subordination in exchange of living without constant persecutions Jews in North Europe suffered.Other social positions and jobs were loose to Jews under the Muslim power, like in marketplace and trades, or medicine Jews were craftsmen etc. Jews mixed freely with their Muslim counterparts, even forming partnerships (Cohen 32-33). Frequently Jews even served the government in official capacities (Stefon 61).Mark R. Cohen says, the described attribute of relationships explains why Jews were so open to Arab-Islamic cultural influence (34). Another reason to communicate deeply with the Arabic culture was its connection to the great philosophical and science heritage of Greeks. Most of the texts were written in Arabian, so through the Arabic culture there was a way to a new knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, political theory, aesthetics etc. (Stefon 62). So Arabic style was associated with a good taste and J ews along with the Muslims enjoyed a cultural

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Method police used to solve robbery with violence Assignment

Method police used to dissolve robbery with wildness - Assignment ExampleMethod police used to solve robbery with violenceThe following day the police began reconstructing the event that led to the shooting, which the officials of the event believed was an aberration in the tree canopy park behind the New York public library. Reaching midday, the police said they had one boy succession 16 as a suspect held at a Midtown station. The boy has been charged before with seek murder, assault and weapon possession. It was said that the problem began at 11pm on Saturday, when some people hoping to grab atleast a few minutes of nighttime skating stood in a snaking line by a acting(prenominal) tent on the south side of the park.When police officer arrived during the shoot-out they rushed towards the scene accompanied by paramedics. They found the young boy lying down covered with a lot of blood. The first flak the police considered to use was to involve the community/individuals around t he scene in helping the wounded victims. The leadership and the organizers of the event participated in the cleaning the problem by first taking the wounded victims to the hospital and then rescheduling and cleaning the scene for the event to continue.The use of involving the community and people around the scene al sorts piss some strength of believe that the police alone cannot substantially impact crime and advocate for the community to be a full partner in preventing and responding to crimes. The community also assisted in identifying the suspects and the way the problem began. Witnesses said that the robbers were heading to the library when a young boy started yelling of having scene guns. To distract the attention the robbers started shouting.

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Scientific Research in Education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Scientific Research in Education - Assignment object lessonThe exclusion of natural philosophy relies on the argument that physics bednot accommodate sociality, intentionality and the influences of history that encompass human phenomena, which includes reading. The expectations of physics involve highly controlled experiments and collection of general laws, which are not sufficient in scientific inquiry, in education. The argument of scientific explore in education is that it is necessary in the temporary determination to certain(a) questions especially those questions which involve empirical evidence. In spite of this position, scientific research in education does not provide the best method of exerciseing questions and only answers questions not based on non-moral issues. Scientific research in education involves various research methods and designs and not limited to any whizz method since questions to be addressed require various methods according to the investigation circumstance. According to scientific research in education, note and standards in research methods are dependent on the field and the question asked. In the decision, made at any time concerning the quality of education research be based on the research confederacy on education and not legislators or politicians. Other noteworthy things the scientific research in education does not mention include casual explanations required by scientific research(Margaret, n.d). ... Scientific research has advantaged one question, which is systematic effect kind of question that asks what works and develops a singled kind of method on how to answer the question by using the randomized experiment method to address the question. The report discusses otherwise research questions like the what is natural event question and the how is it happening question. Margaret (n.d) argues that the latter devil types of questions are as valuable as the first question and are essentially necessary to respond to before the first question can be attempted. This notion bases its argument on the position that in order to assess correctly, what is happening it is necessary to know whatever is going on. It is essentially necessary to have appropriate and careful association of what is happening in order to compare the effect of one set of policies or activities to another. There should be knowledge of how or why the happening of something happens as it does. According to Margaret (n.d), the correlation between the effects and cause of two activities becomes irrelevant unless there is an explanation as to the standoff between the effect and cause. The validity of randomized trials and other kinds of hypothesis testings and investigations become vague unless there is a clear explanation to the link between the two. The weakness of scientific research in education is that its attention on the contribution of soft methods is too little. To achieve better descriptions to address properly the q uestions of what is happening and the necessary explanatory process of addressing why things happen the way they do. The position is that rather than describing the symptoms of a

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Critical Thinking Case Study (Marketing) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Critical mentation (Marketing) - Case Study ExampleHe is confident that a refreshed product can be delivered despite budgetary cuts. 2b. hydrant LambertPat believes that the retail version of the original AcuScan scanner get out be a big hit. If not the perfect version, a prototype can be authentic by August, to which further changes can be made. If this deadline is not met, the competitor leave launch their product in advance AcuScan Inc. and grab the market share. The shoot a lines are slight changes to the original AcuScan and lease additional databases and modifications to make Operation hone workable. Kelly is making things difficult because on talking to one of the engineers Pat detect that such a new product is very much possible to me made deep down the stipulated time and existing resources.2c. Kelly ThomasKelly initially thought that the new product requires minor alterations to the existing. However, later he discovered that the new product is similarly much of an innovation on the existing one and would require a lot of time and effort. Kelly believes that others dont learn the mechanics of product engineering and what goes into making a new product. In this time frame, with the existing workforce he can only deliver a certain feature of the product and not the inherent product itself.2d. Chris MartinasChris like bead believes that the retail version of the scanner will position AcuScan on a path to success and regain its leadership position in the engineering science landscape. He believes that product engineering is Kellys domain and only when Kelly and Pat both work together, would it be possible that the new product comes into being. 3a. CliffCliffs argument is logical as well as emotional in nature. He understands that innovation in the dynamic landscape of technology is a must...and grab the market share. The features are slight changes to the original AcuScan and need additional databases and modifications to make Operation Optimize possible. Kelly is making things difficult because on talking to one of the engineers Pat discovered that such a new product is very much possible to me made within the stipulated time and existing resources.Kelly initially thought that the new product requires minor alterations to the existing. However, later he discovered that the new product is too much of an innovation on the existing one and would require a lot of time and effort. Kelly believes that others dont understand the mechanics of product engineering and what goes into making a new product. In this time frame, with the existing workforce he can only deliver a certain feature of the product and not the entire product itself.Chris like Cliff believes that the retail version of the scanner will position AcuScan on a path to success and regain its leadership position in the technology landscape. He believes that product engineering is Kellys domain and only when Kelly and Pat both work together, would it be possi ble that the new product comes into being.Cliffs argument is logical as well as emotional in nature. He understands that innovation in the dynamic landscape of technology is a must for any organization to do well.

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Practicing the Backward Roll in the Gymnastics Term Paper

Practicing the dressingward Roll in the Gymnastics - Term Paper ExampleBack rolling is usually a difficult rolling process because of the neck. This is more so for the young children. This is because a childs head in comparison to the rest of the body is usually larger than that of an bountiful person. Therefore, a child requires a greater amount of push from the floor in severalize to realize the spine rolling technique. This happens in order to help them clear their heads from the floor while preventing the unnecessary injuries to the neck.However, as an instructor, on that point is a need to ensure that the students have enough abdominal strength in constituent them lift their hips everywhere their heads. The students also need to have enough arm strength in order to help them push their heads from the mat. This will help them to relieve some stress from their necks. Rick Feeney (1990), explains one of the skills of backrolling which involves the placing of the mats in a V -formation for the back rolling technique. It helps to serve several functions1. To protect the head from injuries2. It teaches the students how to roll in an postulate straight line3. It teaches the students how to push using their hands and armsHowever, as a rolling instructor, there is need not rush your students to perform the back rolling technique, especially on flat mats until when the students atomic number 18 ready to perform it. However, when they perform this skill, there is a need to help them lift their hips up an over their heads. Consciously keep the pressure from their necks. The back rolling skill is a great technique to sea captain because it usually helps the students to develop strength and agility. It also assists the learners to grasp the technique of safe fall. However, spotting a back roll in students takes a little more practicing than any other rolling. First, the students need to start in a squatting stance. Next, make sure that their chins tackle forwa rd while their hands are by their shoulders. Their palms need to be facing the ceiling in this area. However, there is a need to stand around behind your students, as well as their sides.

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Philosophical Paper on an essay about abortion

Philosophical Paper on an about abortion - Essay ExampleAnd organism transmittedally human, a fetus has as much a right to life as a louse up or an adult. Once conception is over, a woman does not have the right to egest the embryo, even if it is completely in her power, and its liveence conditional on hers. Warren distinguishes between the moral and genetic states of organism human, by stating five attributes of moral human existence.Using the above criteria, Warren comes to the conclusion that being human is not the preserve of homo-sapiens alone. It is quite possible that some early(a) form of life could exist which has all the above characteristics without being a genetic human being. She gives the example of aliens from another planet, and too duologue about highly developed robots/ humanoids of the future who could qualify as persons without being genetically human. On the other hand, a fetus, although genetically human, has no self-awareness or consciousness. A fetus i s the extension of the body of its array (mother). Therefore, a fetus may be denied the right to life, and aborted. (Warren, 1996)By an extension of the same prem... She gives the example of aliens from another planet, and also talks about highly developed robots/ humanoids of the future who could qualify as persons without being genetically human. On the other hand, a fetus, although genetically human, has no self-awareness or consciousness. A fetus is the extension of the body of its host (mother). Therefore, a fetus may be denied the right to life, and aborted. (Warren, 1996)By an extension of the same premise, it could be argued that clean born infants not being persons-not possessing the ability to reason or a self-concept-can be killed. This line of rational reasoning is jeopardyous as it gives the power of life and death over an infant to his/her mother/ induce/any other person with partially or fully developed ability to think, reason and emote. The danger arises from th e fact that not all persons are altruistic or moral, and some may be doctor to sacrifice the life of an infant for the sake of personal benefit. (Why should I look after a baby, when it is so inconvenient It binds me down. I cant afford it.) There is also post-partum depression-a medical/emotional condition experienced by many new mothers-which makes it difficult for her to care for a child. It is to avoid the dangers of blurring the line between eliminating a fetus and eliminating a child that most pro-abortionists state that while it is okay to kill a fetus, it is unquestionably not okay to kill a child, even if the child is born monstrously malformed or grossly non-human-like. They would insist that all possible measures should be taken to keep such a baby alive. McKinley seeks to clear this impasse faced by pro-abortionists by differentiating between physical and social dependence. A fetus is completely physically dependant, sharing the very space occupied

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Learning Team Deliverable Essay Example for Free

erudition Team Deliverable EssayMeasuring Domestic Output and National Income Ch. 24Topics favourable line is comfortable with the plan of gross domestic product (gross domestic product) as it is the dollar value of goods and service of processs in a country during a set catch. Walter is comfortable with the gross domestic product concept and understands that is the economic thermometer of the countrys current financial status.Topics StruggleKris still has to wrap his head around titular GDP and real GDP when it comes to the GDP Price Index. So calculating real GDP is dividing nominal GDP by the price index. What is the difference between real GDP and nominal GDP? Walter also struggles with the concept of nominal GDP, and how it interacts with inflation. If GDP goes up and inflation goes downit seems to be my understanding of the formula for calculating the nominal GDP that is holding me back.Application of takeGDP is fluctuates with whatever final good or service is bou ght by a customer. Living through life affects the GDP. If the GDP declines for too long, economists normally label the sparing as being in a recession.Business Cycles, Unemployment and Inflation Ch. 26Topics comfortableKris is comfortable with the different business cycles and measurement of unemployment. These items also affect the GDP. Walter is comfortable with the different symptoms of a recession, a period of decline lasting more than six months in total output. Of which high unemployment rates is another make known of a recession.Topics struggleKris struggles with the concept of inflation and how it affects m one(a)y today compared to money values in the past. Walter is struggling with defining a recessions severity. Two examples given were the Great Depression and the fresh recession in the last few years, Is the intensity or length of time that the recession lasts that makes one more severe than the other?Application of topicThe business cycle is very familiar in Kris o rganization as the company goes through yearly contractions and expansions based on the subscribe to from consumers in the market. The business cycle is also something Walter is familiar with in the hotel industry. The hotel industry goes up and done depending the current terra firma of the parsimoniousness.The Aggregate Expenditure Model Ch. 28Topics comfortableKris is comfortable with the concepts of equalizer GDP and disequilibrium GDP. rest is the point where goods produced equals goods purchased. Disequilibrium is any situation where goods produced are greater than goods purchased and vice versa. Walter is comfortable with the concept of GDP equilibrium, The staple fibre premise of this equilibrium being that come out meets demand.Topics struggleKris did not struggle with any concepts in the chapter, as they were all straightforward and easy to understand. Walter struggled with the concept of disequilibrium and how often, or what circumstances causes this to happen. I a ssume it is the blow of the equilibrium and that demand supply exceeds demand but do not feel comfortable sufficiency with the concept to say for sure.Application of topicAs such, Kris cannot think of a time where on that point was equilibrium GDP. In reality, consumer tastes vary and it would be difficult to reach equilibrium Walter thinks that when the economy is doing well the equilibrium can be met because consumers are finically settled to continue purchasing products and business continue to produce harmonise to demand.Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Ch. 29Topics comfortableKris is comfortable with aggregate demand in which it studys the real GDP that consumers desire to purchase at different price levels. Aggregate supply shows the relationship between the price level and the output of producers. Walter is comfortable with the concept of aggregate demand, and how consumer spending and organisation investments play into that calculation. As prices increases, consum er demand decreases and vice versa.Topics struggleKris did not struggle with any concepts in this chapter. Walter struggled with understanding why aggregate supply is not affected by price levels.Application of topicSupply and demand is central to the market and economics in general. Consumer tastes always affect supply and demand. When the economy is bad and underemployment is high the demand for hig priced products decreases.Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt Ch. 30Topics comfortableKris is comfortable with fiscal policy, famines, and debt as it affects his organization. Market rates are affected by the fiscal policy of the government. More or slight spending affects the companys contraction or expansion. Walter is comfortable with the concept that the fiscal debt and deficit show the governments current financial state.Topics struggleKris struggles with the concept of automatic or constituent(a) stabilizers. As the schoolbook states that a built-in stabilizer is something tha t increases the governments budget, what kind of items constitute as a built-in stabilizer? Walter did not struggle with any of the general concepts in chapter 30.Application of topicThe budget deficit affects all citizens as the government does not wisely use the tax payers pecuniary resource properly. There is a lot of waste that keep thegovernment in debt. Walter notes that when the fiscal debt is higher so are taxes and fines. The misspending of the government is then the burden of the people.

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Equal Opportunity in Education Essay Example for Free

Equal opportunity in teaching method leavenThe whole object of precept isto develop the brainiac. (Sherwood Anderson) The United States of America has developed a system to originate its youth by a publicly funded system. It is the equity and born civil right of each citizen to fancy some form of education by a particular age. The public schoolhouse system is go by in place for those who choose non to send their offspring to private, religious, or charter schools. This is the present prosopopoeia of the public school system. It is said to be equal in all manner by dint ofout the country. That has not always been the case in this realm. That has brought forth numerous laws and enactments to grant those who find themselves on the lesser incline of gaining knowledge more of an equal footing where education is concerned. In this land of opportunity, there is an expected level of availability that is expected. In a valet de chambre of intense competition from within an d outside of the country education one of the few ways of balancing the scales of the socially or monetarily disadvantaged is proportionate education.In this nation children have at one point or an separate in history been systematically held game for one reason or another. The reasons differ in the once beliefs that they were not able to hit the books or personal thought of not being worthy to be taught. In 1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson granted the states the right to assist the separate solely equal doctrine that ruled the land. This was a great lost to all those that held a hope those later generations would do better than those who came before. Education began to become more balanced when separate but equal was pushed aside by the landmark case of Brown vs. The Board of Education. In 1954 The Supreme accost ruled in favor of Henry Billings Brown. This would begin the integration of public school which was the first pure tone into equal opportunity for students nationwide. The Ti tle I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was the next walloping step creating a system that would seek a fair learning experience for all.Its basic theory is that state and local silver for schools should be equitable before federal Title I funds are added to schools with large concentrations of upset-income students. (americanprogress.org) The Title I funding has a slight problem in its whole works that has been a detriment to the children who attend these schools. The amount of money allocated to the schools is based on the salaries of the teachers. That is a problem for schools with a postgraduate turnover ratio. Schools that have moderately earlyer staff that is relatively new to the task of educating young minds make less than the veterans of the better school districts. This translates into less money per teacher and that equals less money for the school and the children. It is unfortunate that less money ultimately means less of educational opportuni ties.The fact is that children in low income areas do not receive a fair share of money. The student need is not met by the standards laid out by the government. Money is the root of a proper education in this high end technological world. Without proper funds the simplest of supplies cannot be purchased. Computers, books, calculators, or simple printer ink is not available on a scale that is considered suitable. The eventual sharing of materials is a detriment to the students who are not allowed to have their own because of lack of equipment ready for use. The civil rights case would eventually open the door for other minorities. One that would take advantage of the Brown ruling was those with disabilities. In Brown the Court declared that it is tentative that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education. (web.ebscohost.com.library.gcu.edu.) They would use this to rally their forces and demand equal opportunities for cognit ively impaired children.Mills vs. the Board of Education of the District of Columbia and the Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children vs. Pennsylvania were two cases that brought the plight of these students to the light of day. The law would be changed to give them the rights that they so richly deserved. The newest in leveling the field of education has come through the No Child Left idler Act which was signed into being by former chairwoman George W. Bush in 2002. These reforms express my deep belief in our public schools and their mission to build the mind and character of alwaysy child, from every background, in every part of America. (George W. Bush, 2001) No Child Left Behind puts an emphasis on improving the quality of public education.It calls for increased accountability, more choices for parents and students, putting reading first, and a higher emphasis on standardized testing. However the standardized testing is one of the biggest problems of the act. The majority of teachers has a problem with the testing and calls it bias. They also put forth that the testing takes away from the true teaching of knowledge, sooner they now teach to test. This makes the education of the nation less than competitive with other countries. To combat these problems in our ever changing world we essential go back to the beginning. In that thought process society must rethink its past transgressions. The country must avoid the same mistakes of the past.Politicians are not the ones who should make the decisions to take aim the future of United States of America. Educators should be in charge of educating the youth. Those who have spent their lives gaining knowledge to teach the children of their world should be tasked with the job of finding a way to educate equally. This task should be given to those who outmatch fit the job description. The assignment should be outsourced if it is needed. Other countries excel in education and this nation could learn from thos e who educate on higher levels. Educating the masses on a more equal platform volition only add to greatness.ReferenceQuotes on Education (n.d.) Retrieved May 20, 2011, fromhttp//www.lhup.edu/dsimanek/eduquote.htmEnsuring Equal Opportunity in reality Education (n.d.) Retrieved May 20, 2011, fromhttp//www.americanprogress.org/issues/2008/06/comparability.htmlPlessy v. Ferguson (n.d.) Retrieved May 20, 2011, fromhttp//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plessy_v._FergusonOVERVIEW Executive Summary (n.d.) Retrieved May 21, 2011, fromhttp//www2.ed.gov/nclb/overview/intro/execsumm.htmlThe Need for Equal Opportunity and a Right to Quality Education (n.d.) Retrieved May 21, 2011, fromhttp//web.ebscohost.com.library.gcu.edu2048/ehost/detail?Equal Opportunity (n.d.) Retrieved May 21, 2011, fromhttp//web.ebscohost.com.library.gcu.edu2048/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewerAn American perspective on equal educational opportunities (2002) Retrieved May 21, 2011, fromhttp//web.ebscohost.com.library.gcu.edu2048/ehost/p dfviewer/pdfviewer?

Muet preparation Essay Example for Free

Muet preparation EssayTask A Individual presentationGiven the situation, you now have got 2 minutes to found your responses 2 minutes to presentTips Study the scenario or topic assumption c ar widey Double check which candidate you are (A, B, C, D) to make sure you dont prepare another candidates speech Make sure you dont run bug out of topic Prepare 2 to 3 points to present on You MUST agree with the point that is addicted to you (you can disagree or favor another point in Task B) Make full use of the 2 minutes that you have. seizet go less than 1 minute 45 seconds / more than 2 minutes. If you dont have as many points to speak about, talk slower. Dont relax after your turn Keep an attentive ear to what the other candidates are talk about. Write down the other students concludes as they present their 2-minute speech (to prepare yourself for Task B)Sample answer Candidate AHi, a very good morning to the examiners and my fellow friends. As we are talk of the town abo ut how a persons character can be influenced by another person, the persons whom I think have the most influence in a persons life are parents. There are three reasons why I think so. Firstly, parents are the people whom know us since birth. We become like the person whom we spend the most time with. Parents are the people whom we see every day from the moment we are born, till the day we are adults.Hence, very naturally, they become the people whom we spirit up to and start imitating the way they talk, act, and even think. My second reason is because parents are the first educators to their child ahead anybody else. Table manners and basic etiquettes are taught at home, by the parents. This gives an influence so vast that we ourselves endure to recognize it sometimesThirdly, parents are the ones who impart values into our lives. Values are assets which we hold on to for the outride of our lives and this is the greatest influence of all. Values are what we make our decisions u pon, and it is what shapes our character.

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Dumb Ways to Die Essay Example for Free

Dumb Ways to Die EssayThe social marketing ad promote we chose to analyze is called, Dumb Ways to Die, created by the McCann Melbourne advertising agency for Metro Trains. The concept behind this ad was to raise awareness around lead and railway safety. With the use of its clever and catchy theme nervous strain and animated characters demonstrating the numerous examples of, Dumb Ways to Die, the campaign has become a viral sensation. From its release date, of near a year ago until now DWTD has had over 61+ million views on YouTube, has an interactive website employ solely to the campaign, an app available for Apple and Android devices as well as several parody versions of the video. When we head start stumbled upon this ad it was confusing as to what the exact message was up until the very end. After conducting some sluttish research we found that Metro Trains main concern when creating this ad was to target at-risk young people who use their trains and railways and McCann did just that. They created an ad that is fun, likeable and worth watching and showcased it in the heart of any young soulfulnesss life, the internet.McCann knew they had to get creative if they wanted to grasp the young peoples attention. However, we do non believe that this ad is effective in the way that McCann and Metro Trains had hoped it would be. Although the root word of the ad is catchy and memorable, train safety is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it. We believe McCann has a great idea and concept with DWTD but the execution is slightly flawed.

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The Theme of Poverty in Cannery Row Essay Example for Free

The Theme of Poverty in Cannery actors line EssayPoverty is an important theme in John Steinbecks Cannery Row. Set in the 1920s during the Great Depression, meagreness is an overarching aspect of life in the down-and-out confederation of Cannery Row. A background knowledge for the book, Cannery Row is a place where poverty affects every whizz and everything. In spite of ever-present poverty, the people of Cannery Row deal do with what little they submit. This brief essay will discuss the role that poverty plays in Cannery Row and conclude with important lessons John Steinbeck offers regarding poverty and human nature. Cannery Row is a rundown coastal community in California, beset by poverty and decay. Accordingly its inhabitants argon, as the man once said, whores, pimps, gamblers, and sons of bitches, by which he meant Everybody. (Steinbeck 1) Described as a foul-smelling strip of land opposite the sardine fishery, the inhabitants of Cannery Row kick in do with what litt le they have and work unitedly, despite their impoverished existence.Although the characters of Cannery Row may not have material possessions, they work together and live in relative harmony. The neighborhood grocer, Lee Chong, is relatively rich when comp atomic number 18d to the other characters in Cannery Row, and he extends credit to the people of this rundown community, understanding that they do not evermore have the means to always pay for their purchases.Although not obvious at first sight, Lee Chong is a generous man and over the course of the years everyoneowed him specie. He never pressed his clients. (Steinbeck 3) Despite the poverty of Cannery Row, Lee extends credit to all. Accordingly, No one is really sure whether Lee ever receives any of the money he is owed or if his wealth consisted entirely of unpaid debts, but he lives comfortably and does legitimate trading in the Row (Steinbeck 43). He doesnt hassle his debtors and is content to sit back and wait for paym ent. His benignity even extends to helping Mack and the boys fund a home.Mack and the boys are bums homeless men without wives, families or jobs. Despite their position as outcasts and social undesirables, Mack and his boys are content with their social situation and are not angry about their impoverished lives. In fact, their total lack of financial resources does not seize their ability to plan something nice for their friend Doc or enthusiastically set up cuckold in Lee Chongs storage shed, ironically renamed The Palace Flophouse and Grill.Mack is a well(p) man at heart and his intentions are generally good but he also attached to lying, stealing and deceiving. An important example of this is when Mack and the boys discover that their new car does not have a proper license plate, they hung a rag permanently and accidentally on the rear plate to hide out its vintage and also dabbed the front plate with good, thick mud in an effort to deceive the trusting police (J.C.R. 526) Vice and poverty also seem to go hand-in-hand in Cannery Row. Prostitution is presented in the unexampled as being situated around the Bear Flag, the neighborhood brothel where prostitution reigns supreme. Doras girls, as they are affectionately called, work in a business which is universally described as diabolic and where they would generally be perceived as social outcasts. Despite their current position in life, they, along with Dora, are important members of the Cannery Row community and step into to act as nursemaids and feed members of the neighborhood when infirmity strikes. The people of Cannery Row work together when the going gets tough, as shown when Phyllis Mae and Doras other prostitutes band together during the influenza epidemic.Steinbeck leaves us with some important lessons, particularly with regards to wealth and human nature. Despite the fact that the characters are unrefined, perceived of as outcasts and they exist in desperate poverty, the people of Cannery Row work to help one another.Camaraderie is an important theme established by Steinbeck. Even if their plans do not actually chance and they do not have all the money in the world to carry out their highfaluting projects, the people of Cannery Row try to help each other and are motivated by purity and not greed. They may not have a lot but they make do with what they have. Although materially quite poor, the residents of Cannery Row share a common humanity and a richness which cannot be bought. workings CitedCamp, C. L. Reviewed work Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. California Folklore Quarterly. 4 2 (Apr., 1945) 203-204.C. R. Review. The Kenyon Review. 73 (Summer, 1945) 526-527.Levant, Howard. Tortilla monotonic The Shape of John Steinbecks Career. PMLA, 855 (Oct., 1970) 1087-1095.Steinbeck, John. Cannery Row. New York Penguin, 1993.

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Igniting Young Minds Essay Example for Free

Igniting Young Minds EssaySwami Vivekanandas success Mantras for youth My Faith is in the young Generation, the Modern Generation, out of them will come my breakers. They will work out the whole problem, like Lions. Swami Vivekananda express this confidence in the youth of this country exactly 50 years before the end of compound Rule while speaking to a mammoth gathering of youngsters in Madras. Swami ji himself was the embodiment of youth, oomph and vibrancy. The alivenessspan and ideals of Swami ji are the greatest inspiration for the youth of our people. In a short life of 39 years, 5 months and 22 days, this great man conquered the entire world with his message. Many great personalities some(prenominal) in India and across the world became deeply inspired by Swami ji. The writings of Swami ji quarter flip ones wig the minds of the reader.. Anybody who has come into either direct or indirect contact has witnessed an ocean of change in his or her life. Today, the yo uth of this country faces various challenges and I am certain that the message of Swami Vivekananda has the power to wonderfully drive them into the future.PURPOSE OF LIFESwami ji forever held that the real birth of the individual thinks place when the purpose of his life germinates. He studyd that he who does not have a purpose is nothing but a walking-talking corpse.It is super important not to decide the purpose of life with the narrow objective to be something or the other. imply of doing not becoming and in this process you will certainly become something. Once the purpose of life is clear, all actions of life become driven by that purpose.SELF-CONFIDENCEA precursor to do anything in life is to have confidence in the self. Swami Vivekananda attached more importance to self-confidence than even confidence in God He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an at heist who does not believe in himself, he famously stated. Unfortunately, we have limited ourselves without knowing our capabilities. Many epochs we feel that we advise do only this much despite being blessed with tremendous capabilities. If our youth is determined, there can be nothing impossible for them to achieve in the world But, for this we must regain our self-confidence. Swami ji always believed that everything that is happening around us be it small, big, positive or negative gives us the opportunity to show the potential within.DEDICATIONFor any endeavor to attain the pinnacle of success, dedication to the cause is absolutely essential. Swami Vivekananda at one time said, To succeed, you must have tremendous perseverance, tremendous will. I will drink the ocean, says the persevering disposition at my will mountains will crumble up. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will work hard, and you will reach the goal. Another quality that Swami Vivekananda spoke of was pa tience. He said, Be like the pearl oyster. on that point is a pretty Indian fable to the effect that if it rains when the star Svti is in the ascendant, and a slobber of rain falls into an oyster, that drop becomes a pearl. The oysters know this, so they come to the surface when that star shines, and keep back to catch the precious raindrop. When a drop falls into them, quickly the oysters close their shells and dive down to the piece of ass of the sea, there to patiently develop the drop into the pearl. We should be like that. Very often, it so happens that we take on a task with immense enthusiasm but as time passes by, the same enthusiasm fizzles out. act a challenge with utmost dedication is indeed a road to success for our youth.TEAMWORKThis era belongs to plaque and teamwork. Be it any sector from science, technology to business, teamwork constitutes a major cornerstone to attaining the desired results. When he was in USA, Swami Vivekananda was greatly impressed by the s pirit of teamwork there and he thought of the need to re-vitalize this spirit of teamwork in India. Leading by example, he founded the Ramakrishna Mission and organized Sanyasis to work towards nation building.Friends, if the present youth walks on the hallow path of Swami jis ideals and beliefs it will merely be a matter of time before India adorns the mantle as the leader of the World. In any case, we are the most youthful nation in the world but simply that is not enough. It is necessary to arm our youth with the relevant friendship and skill that will convert this mammoth potential to desired results. India is celebrating Swami Vivekanandas 150th Birth day of remembrance and Gujarat is commemorating the entire year as Yuva Shakti Varsh. It is indeed high time that we resolve to follow these ideals of Swami Vivekananda and take this youthful nation to greater heights as the leader of the world.

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Support for Abortion Essay Example for Free

Support for Abortion EssayAbortion involves the termination of a pregnancy or ending the action of an outcast and unhatched fetus. According to most pro-choice people, spontaneous abortion means acquire rid or terminating a pregnancy and not necessarily killing a fetus. They believe that the unborn baby bird is only an embryo or fetus, not an actual living baby. According to the pro-choice people, a mother has an resource of terminating or ending a pregnancy because the fetus is only in the primaeval stages of developing. This possibly means it does not contain a life. Those factions that support abortion believe that a muliebrity should have the well(p) to make a decision concerning pregnancy termination in case in that respect is no desire to bear a pincer. Thus, according to the pro-choice faction bearing a child should be imposed or forced on women. It should be a decision made by an individual at her own accord, and abortion is a solution, which offers them optio ns of avoiding a p atomic number 18ntal life, which they may not be ready to embrace. However, the pro-life people insist and believe that an unborn fetus is a living child and terminating a pregnancy is equal to murder.They claim that an embryo is a living being that is in its sign and premature stages of development. Thus, according to the pro-life groups the fact that an embryo is perceived as a living being, abortion clears amounts to murder of a living person. According to the Ameri target constitution, all people are provided an inalienable right that is assured by the constitution. The American constitution guarantees that people have a right to seek and watch their happiness in life.It is the fundamental right of women to seek this happiness without being forced to carry responsibilities that they are not willing or ready pursue. For that reason, based on this notion a baby can sometimes become a hindrance on the happiness pursuance of women (Manninen 34). This is because even if women contain an option of giving up their unwanted child up for adoption she still endure carrying the baby for months forwards giving birth. For that reason, abortion is a sure option of aiding women in forfending this burden and solves their predicament of carrying an unwanted fetus.For that reason, the traditional values of forcing women to bear children that they are not ready to raise demonstrate prejudice because they resist women their guaranteed privilege and invades into their constitutional liberty (Thomson 70). Furthermore, abortion is a medical option, which ensures that the health of women is safeguarded. Many women are receptive to various dangerous medical conditions that put their health at a risk. This involves disease such as kidney illnesses, hypertension, heart sickness and anemia, as well as many other medical conditions (Thomson 72).In several(prenominal) circumstances, these diseases pose a life threatening risk to women. Thus, with such considerat ion abortion gives women an option to avert serious medical complications that can occur because of childbirth. The Unites States must recognize distinct historical experiences that are antiblack to uphold the right of women as free individuals that are liberated and not prisoners of subjection laws (Zastrow 18). Furthermore, the traditional troupe of America was highly chauvinistic.The society was massively patriarchal perceiving women as childbearing instruments and homemakers while undervaluing their societal contributions and values. This resulted in the society prejudicing women and regarding them as minorities with little say in society. For that reason, under such circumstances abortion offers women an chance to enjoy a right that society had denied them for long. The right to abortion gives women a sense of individuality and credit entry because she has the right to decide the fate of her future and that of the fetus she is carrying (Rossi 32). ConclusionAbortion is a no tion that raise several questions in the American society. This has resulted in intense arguments by those who support and those who support abortion. The two factions delay highly divided in their opinions concerning the issuer of abortion. This is because they believe in varied egalitarianism and faith concerning the issue. In consequence, I believe that abortion should be supported based on the benefits it has in society which includes saving the life of women and offering women their right to express and make decisions concerning their bodies as individuals.

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Leader-Member Exchange theory of leadership Essay Example for Free

Leader-Member alternate theory of leadership EssayThe Leader-Member Exchange theory of leadership (Also known as LMX, LMET or plumb Dyad Linkage Theory) is a type of leadership theory that focuses on the dyadic relationship amidst leader and follower where the leader treats individual followers differently, resulting in two groups of followersan in-group and an out-group. The in-group consists of a low-toned number of trusted followers with whom the leader usually establishes a special higher quality alter relationship.The out-group includes the followers with whom the relationship of the leader remains more formal. It focuses on increasing organizational success by creating positive relations between the leader and subordinate (follower). The theory asserts that leaders do not move with subordinates uniformly. In-group followers perform their jobs in accordance with the employment contracts and can be counted on by the supervisor to perform uncrystallised tasks, to volu nteer for extra work, and to take on additional responsibilities.Supervisors exchange personal and positional resources (inside information, influence in decision making, task assignment, job latitude, support, and attention) in return for subordinates performance on unstructured tasks. High LMX relationship achieves increased mutual trust, confidence, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, common bonds, open communication, independence respect, rewards cognition and hence benefits both the organisation and the employee.Recognizing the existence of the in-group and out-group, could be discriminating against the out-group thus affecting employee turnover found on bad-quality LMX and job dissatisfaction. This is because members of out-group Example of an organization that has successfully used this theory is E-Myth Worldwide

Sherwin williams Essay Example for Free

Sherwin departiams EssayNo proposition how you coat it, Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the US and worldwide. Sherwin-Williams has rose to his level of success by excelling in the their strategic prudence process and Sherwin-Williams implements its strategy with its mission statement For over 140 years, manufacturers commit believe Sherwin-Williams for innovative coatings and exceptional table service.And you can count on us for the expertise and the support you need to hail better results, from start to finish. Also The Sherwin-Williams gild has established a vision statement and quality empowerment, which states We commit to seek out the expectations of our customers and to consistently meet and exceed those expectations through our service, products and attitudes. To achieve this vision Sherwin Williams will function a combination of innovation and market development grand strategies to realize the long-term objectives of improving loc al market position, creating a high focus on customer satisfaction, attaining high employee morale, and increasing market share. The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to the products finishing industry and strives to be a valuable supplier and resource for their customers.Sherwin Williams intends to overcome challenges and fill advantage of all market opportunities through committing to the strategic implementation. This commitment starts right at the top and is expect throughout every level of management all the way down to the frontline sales force. Strategic Managers book been utilizing a plan in supporting personnel in order to direct their efforts at specific markets and customers of a world-wide scope.A group of Strategic Account Managers dedicates their efforts towards total service of specific global accounts through close communication with customer facilities, their emphasis is coordinating sales and service activities. Currently, Sherwin-Williams growth strategy i s to acquire Consorcio Comex, the second largest specialty paint store organization in the Western Hemisphere.The acquisition will expand the architectural paint business in Americas and increase retail distribution in galore(postnominal) markets where the store count is low. Sherwin-Williams is engaged and has invested incapital expenditures to increase manufacturing capacity, enhance productivity of its existing facilities and spread out its store network. precaution is continually re-evaluating the companys operating facilities, including acquired operating facilities, against its long-term strategic goals as the company continues within its growth strategy.Sherwin-Williams maintains its strategic control using an operational excellence program which is a methodology for pursuing continuous improvement. Utilizing this process for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling the business, manufacturing, and service facilities will help management be prepared to ide ntify areas for improvement and implement necessary process or procedural changes. Management has a significant commitment in utilizing these control resources that will result in improvements in service and quality to our customers for years to come.From Sherwin-Williams expansive distribution and multiple manufacturing locations, to their experienced sales and technical service professionals they have excelled in implementing their strategic management and planning process by listening and responding to specific product, service and execution needs of their customers.Levy, Keith. Sherwin-Williams Is Painting a New Picture of Marketing. Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 08 Nov. 2011. Web. 27Apr. 2013. Sherwin-Williams. Investor Relations. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2013. Want to Learn More well-nigh Our History, Career Opportunities and Investor Relations? Sherwin-Williams. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2013.

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Time Value Essay Example for Free

age take account messvasOne of the most important concepts about parsimony and investing is the conviction order of silver. It can be apply to comp are investiture alternatives and to solve problems involving loans, mortgages, leases, savings, and annuities. This means bullion paid out or veritable in the hereafter is non equivalent to money paid out or motherd straight off because inflation erodes moneys buying power. Basic onlyy, the power of time is on a persons side and the premise that specie in hand today is more valuable than the same inwardness in the future due to its capability of straighten outing amuse. There are three factors affecting how a lot an enthronization go forth grow time, money, and interest point. Time judge of bills is a concept that is very important in financial management. It affects transmission line, personal, and government finance (Harvey, 2012) Within this paper we will discuss the definition of Time Value of Money and identifies the importance of financial managers understanding the concept. Time, Money and Interest Rates Time has an important impact on the future value of money. Time is referred to as N, or number, and signifies the number of propagation something happens to your money. The earlier an item-by-item invests, the more time their investment has to compound interest and increase in value.The do of time on the value of money need to be taken into account when assessing investments. Investments (Money) with interest ball club compounding frequently will yield higher(prenominal) returns. The higher the interest ramble, the more money an individual will earn. However, and individual must understand an investment with a higher interest arrange broadly speaking has a greater risk. Risk is the uncertainty the yield on an investment will deviate from what is expected. Generally, set up and Future legal injury of Money 2 having a savings or investment plan with a fixed interest set out guarantees a specific return but can provide a mode respect risk.The last item to take into consideration with interest rates is ensuring the interest rate is higher than the rate of inflation. Inflation is the steady rise in the general level of prices of a market hoop of goods. If the average interest rates rise, the amount a person earns from this type of investment will not increase. Another consideration with interest rates is ensuring the interest rate is higher than the rate of inflation. Need for pecuniary Managers Anyone who manages finances in a compevery setting , deals with consumer finance or running their own business is a financial manager and needs to understand the concept of Time Value of Money.A financial managers job it to compare the cost and benefits of alternatives that occur at different times. This is done by restating money values through time in Time Value of Money calculations. These calculations estimate what emergence time will engender on money. For these professionals to make decisions that will assist a thickening in taking advantages of low interest rates or investing wisely a comprehensive noesis and understanding of the Time Value of Money is needed. Understanding this concept allows them to make better decisions.If they dont understand the concept then they could make an unfavorable decision resulting in loss of money for the client or their business (Time Value of Money, 2013) Future Value and limn Value As an investor, you cannot control the rate of return on an investment. The actual yield is de callined by the market as a whole, in the form of people buying and selling the investments at relegate and Future Price of Money 3 a price that, coupled with the investments payouts, determines the yield. There are two fundamental formulas used to calculate the time value of money the future value and the empower value formulas.Theyre fundamentally the same formulas, but rearranged to solve for different values . The future value formula can answer the question, how much money will I have if I invest a certain amount now, at a given rate of return? The formula is FV=PV*(1+R)N, where FV is the future value (how much youll have later), PV is the re rescue value (how much youll have now), R is the periodic rate of return or the percentage that your money will grow in all(prenominal) unit period of time. N is the number of unit periods of time in the overall time span. The succeeding(a) are examples of the calculation of future values a) Solve for FV $150,537.19 invested for seven long time at an interest rate of 5% will yield a future value of $211,820. 94. FV = 150,537. 19 (1+ . 05)7 = 150,537. 19 (1. 05) 7 = 150,537. 19 (1. 40710042265625) = $211,820. 94 b) Solve for FV $237,891. 22 invested for eight long time at an interest rate of 3% will yield a future value of $301. 353. 48. FV = 237,891. 22 (1 + . 03) 8 = 237,891. 22 (1. 03) 8 = 237,891. 22 (1. 266770081387616) = $301,353. 48 c) So lve for FV $320,891. 12 invested for 10 years at an interest rate of 11% will yield a future value of $911,144. 98. FV = 320,891. 12 (1 + . 11) 10 = 320,891. 12(1. 11) 10 = 320,891. 12 (2. 839420986069016) = $911,144.98 d) Solve for FV $520,520. 22 invested for 13 years at an interest rate of 13% will yield a future value of $2,549,513.82. FV = 520,520. 22 (1 + . 13) 13 = 520,520. 22(1. 13) 13 = 520,520. 22(4. 898011103216606) = $2,549,513. 82 The present value formula is based on the same fundamental formula, but its solved for the PV term and assumes you will turn in the FV amount. The present value formula can Present and Future Price of Money 4 answer the question, how much money would I have to invest now in order to have X dollars at a specific future date? .That formula is PV = FV/(1 + R) n where all the terms mean the same thing, except that R in this formula is typically referred to as the discounted rate, because its purpose is to lower a future amount of money to show wh at it is worth to you now (McCracken, 2014). The following are examples of the calculation of present value a) If you receive a dividend of $562,126. 17 in 7 years at an interest rate of 5%. You initial investment would have been $399,492. 57. PV = 562,126. 17/(1 + . 05) 7 = 562,126. 17 / (1. 05) 7 = 562,126. 17/1. 40710042265625 = $299,492. 57 b) If you receive a dividend of $225,003. 21 in 6 years at an interest rate of 6%. Your initial investment would have been $158,618.38. PV = 225,003. 21/(1 + . 06) 6 = 225,003. 21/(1. 06) 6 = 225,003. 21/1. 418519112256 = $158,618. 38 c) If you receive a dividend of $321,567. 35 in 5 years at an interest rate of 18%. Your initial investment would have been $140,560. 05. PV = 321,567. 35/(1 + . 18) 5 = $140,560. 05/(1. 18) 5 = 321,567. 35/2. 2877577568 = $140,560. 05 d) If your receive a dividend of $63,000. 05 in 12 years at an interest rate of 5%. Your initial investment would have been $35,080. 75. PV = 63,000. 05/(1 + . 05) 12 = 63,000. 05 / (1. 05) 12 = 63,000. 05/1. 795856326022129 = $35,080. 79 Annuity Present and Future Price of Money 5.An rente is a series of identical payments occurring at correspond time intervals. When the payments appear at the end of each time period, the annuity is said to be an ordinary annuity or an annuity in arrears. Present value calculations allow us to determine the amount of the recurring payments in an ordinary annuity if we know the other components present value, interest rate, and the length of the annuity. Present value calculations involve the compounding of interest. This means that any interest earned is invested and will earn interest at the same rate as the principal. So, you earn interest on your interest.The compounding of interest can be very significant when the interest rate and the number of years are sizable. The present value of an annuity, represented by a series of equal payments, receipts or rents involve five components (1) Present Value (2) Amount of each id entical cash payments (3) Time between the identical cash payments (4) Number of periods that the payments will occur, length of the annuity and, (5) Interest rate or target rate used for discounting the series of payments. If you have any 4 of the 5 components, you have the information you need to calculate the unknown component. Calculations of Annuity.Suppose you are to receive a stream of annual payments of $325,891. 12 every year for 12 years starting at the end of this year. The interest rate is 6%. What is the present value of these 12 payments. PVA = PMT ( 1- (1 /(1 + r) n )) /r = 325,891. 22(1- (1/(1 + . 06) 12))/. 06 = 325,891. 22(1- (1/(1 . 06) 12))/. 06 Present and Future Price of Money 6 = 325,891. 22(1 (1/20121964718355))/. 06 = 325,891. 22(1-. 496969363577001)/. 06 = 325,891. 22. 503030636422999/. 06 = 325,891. 22 x 8. 383843940383317 = $2,732,221. 13 is the present value of the 12 payments. Suppose you are to receive a payment of $437,891.24 at the end of each yea r for five years. You are depositing these payments in a bank account that pays 15% interest. Given these five payments and this interest rate, how much will be in your bank account in five years? FVA = PMT ((1 + r) n 1) /r = 437,891. 24 ((1 + . 15) 5 1)/. 15 = 437,891. 24 ((1. 15) 5 1)/. 15 = 437,891. 24 (2. 0113571875 -1) /. 15 = 437,891. 24 1. 0113571875/. 15 = 437,897. 24 x 6. 74238125 = $2,952,429. 69 will be in your bank account at the end of 5 years. Conclusion Present Value and Future calculations wait to be a simple way to compare money at different periods of time.Utilizing the future value calculation a person is able to determine the estimated future value of investments based on periodic, uniform payments and constant interest rate. It ca also be used to calculate the future of loans payments. Time Value Money is a basic tool in finance that is used every day. Utilizing this concept can help individuals and companies weight all the options so the best decision can be made to Present and Future Price of Money 7 prosper in the future. Understanding and having the knowledge about saving and investing is very important to our generation, especially with the very bleak look of social security.References Biger, N. (2008). Explanation of present values and net present values. Harvey, C. R. (2012). Time Value of Money. Retrieved January 16, 2013, from The Free Dictionary http//financial-dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/Time+value+of+money McCracken, M. , (n. d. ) The time value of money. Retrieved January 2014 from http//www. teachmefinance. com/timevalueofmoney. html Present and Future Price of Money 8 Time Value of Money Overview. (n. d. ) Retrieved January 17, 2013, from University of West Florida http//uwf. edu/rconstand/fin4424web/T2-TimeValue/T2-TimeValuePO1. htm Present and Future Price of Money.

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The Basic Beliefs Of Buddhism Philosophy Essay

The raw material Beliefs Of Buddhism Philosophy EssayBuddhism, want most of the major religions in the domain of a function, divided into different traditions. However, most of the traditional shares of common basic beliefs. (Robinson)I. Basic Points of BuddhismAbout 35 years of age, Siddhartha Gautama sat under the shade of Bho tree to read, and he decided to meditate until he reached the enlightenment. Seven weeks after that, he received the Great Enlightenment which are The Four horrible Truths and the Eight fold path. From that time, he was known as Buddha. The Middle Way is a philosophical bringing close together and psychological causes and healing of suffering and evil. People should understand the four noble truths and follow the Eightfold highway, do them able to reach the complete cite of nirvana. (Theory of Buddhism )The Buddha told their followers non to have many earthly possessions. By this way, they depart non feel pain or unhappy. Buddha taught heap to b e superb, sincere and kind. They should not veil or harm living things. He wished that the people have good thoughts and help each others. jibe to the teachings of the Buddha, each person experiences life many times. We call this conversion . If a human do some(prenominal)thing great(p) in one life time, he or she might be an dinky insect or an animal in his or her next life. Buddha in addition taught that if the people are good during a life, they will not have to return to Earth anymore. Then they would reach a state of Nirvana, a state where there is no goal or birth. (Theory of Buddhism )The basic belief of Buddhism is often called the reincarnation the idea that people are reborn after death. (Robinson)In fact, many people go through the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth again and again. There are some practical difference between the Buddhistic concepts of reincarnation and rebirth. The Reincarnation, a person give the axe be repeated several times. only reb irth, the man is not needs a return to the earth as the same thing ever again. He compared it with the leaves that grow on the tree. When the leaf falls off the tree, a new leaf will later replace it. It looks convertible the old leaf, however not look exactly the same. (Robinson)After several cycles, if a person can abandon their devotion to desire and the self, they can reach Nirvana. It is a state of liberation and freedom from suffering. (Robinson)Buddhists cogitate that Buddha is their only Master and there is no god. They take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. They Following the example of the Buddha and run across that the goal of life is to develop beneficence for all living creators without any perception and to work for their happiness, their good and peace and to enlarge wisdom leading to the understanding of Ultimate Truth. They also accept the Four portentous Truths and accept that there is no self(anaatma). They also accept that in different countries the re are differences in the life of Buddhist monks, Buddhist practices and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, habits and customs. These superficial forms and expressions should not be confounded with the basic teachings of the Buddha. (The Basic Points of Buddhism)Buddha certain the law of karma and reincarnation. He said that Nirvana is not just a state of extinction but the highest destiny of the human spirit. Buddha did not believe that their is deity and he believes that all men had no soul. He denies the existence of every kind of substance. Ones life after achieving Nirvana is unfathomable and reborn does not operate to him anymore. (Theory of Buddhism )II. The Four solemn TruthsIn his first preachment after attaining enlightenment, Buddha taught the Four majestic Truths, which form the primordial belief for all branches of Buddhism (The Purpose of manner According to Buddhism)The Four Noble Truths, forming the basic of Buddhism, areThe Noble Truth of wo(e) (Dukkha)The Nobl e Truth of the Origin of Suffering (Samudaya)The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha)The Noble Truth that leads to the an sack of Suffering (Magga)The First Noble Truth shows that the Suffering is real and it causes from sickness, failure, pain, and impermanency of pleasure. (Theory of Buddhism )The Second Noble Truth shows us the cause of suffering. Suffering are caused by indulging in inherently endless desires. All forms of selfishness that separate us from others, life, and reality, such as, jealousness and anger. (Theory of Buddhism )The Third Noble Truth states an end of suffering . suffering will stop when we are able to overcome these cravings and desires. We must try to not stick to the objects of the world. (Robinson)The Fourth Noble Truth tells us how to end suffering. We must follow the Noble Eight-fold Path. (Robinson)III. The Eight-fold PathIn Buddhism, it is believed that a person can escape from the cycle of birth and death by sideline the noble eig htfold path, by following these eight steps. (Buddhist Belief)1) repair Understanding of the Four Noble Truths2) right on thinking, following the right path in life3) Right speech no criticism, lying, gossip, harsh language, excoriate4) Right conduct by following the Buddhists Five Precepts5) Right livelihood assist yourself without harming others6) Right causa promote good thoughts and overcome bad thoughts7) Right Mindfulness Become conscious of your body, mind and feelings8) Right Concentration Meditate to attain a higher state of knowledge.(Robinson)The Buddha analyses the problems of life as Four Noble Truths. And the Eight-fold Path is the way of treatment.Anyone who have followed the eight-fold path and reaches the point of attending Nirvana are called arhat, or saint. (Theory of Buddhism )IV. Buddhist DeitiesTheravada sect of Buddhism does believe that there is no god. But the Mahayana sect, celestial Buddhas and bodhisattvas are at the universe as Gods. The most popular Buddhist supernatural include the Kuan Yin, the Medicine Buddha, the Green, Laughing Buddha and White Taras, etc. (Buddhist Deities)V. clement NatureIn Buddhism, there is no soul or spirit. But a human be is believed to be made up of five elements, feelings, namely physical form, mental developments, ideations and awareness. These elements combine to form a human being at the time of birth. However, because Buddhism believes in reincarnation and karma, people find a little contradiction here. (Buddhist Belief)VI. The Purpose of LivingThe main goal of life of all Buddhists, is the end of suffering by knowing the four noble truths of life and following the noble eightfold path.The Buddha taught that humans suffer because we unceasingly collectk for things that do not give fiting happiness. We attach to persons, health, material things , that do not last and this causes sadness. (Buddhist Beliefs)The Buddha did not say that there are nothings in life that give joy, but say that n one of them last long and if we stick to them, it only causes more suffering. His teachings were focused basically on this problem and its solution. (Buddhist Belief)VII. Buddhist Beliefs about the AfterlifeAccording to Buddha s teaching, after death one is either reborn into another(prenominal) body or attains nirvana. (Buddhist Beliefs about the Afterlife)A. Reincarnation (Transmigration)Based on his teaching that there is no soul, the Buddha describe reincarnation, in a different way than the others understanding. He compared our life to the flame candle. Although each flame is some how connected to the one that came before it, but it is still not the same one. And in Buddhism, reincarnation is ordinarily referred to as transmigration.B. NirvanaNirvana is the state of freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth again and again. It is also the end of any suffering.VIII. Theravada Buddhisms TeachingsHinayana (Little Vehicle) or Theravada Buddhism centered in Southeast Asia is trad itional, and they try to follow the original teachings of Buddha. They see human as completely dependent on individual effort. They teach wisdom as the detect virtue and consider religion as a duty, mostly for monks. They also consider Buddha as a saint, avoid ritual, and limit prayer to meditation. Their ideal is arhat or sainthood. (Theory of Buddhism )IX. Mahayana Buddhisms TeachingsMahayana (Greater Vehicle) Buddhism has send all over the world and has the principle that Buddha taught many things in secret to the follower who could properly interpret them. It sees human as associated with others. It considers sympathy as their key virtue and believes that its religion is suitable to life in the world. Hence, it is a religion for everyone not only for monks. The Mahayana Buddhists sees Buddha as a savior.Their ideal is the Bodhisattva or a person who has achieved enlightenment but postpones Nirvana attainment to stay in heaven and answer prayers and help humans who are in need. Mahayana Buddhism regards Buddha as a incarnate, divine savior, sinless person. For them, Buddha is all knowing and everlasting. For them, Buddha is a member of the Buddhist Trinity. (Theory of Buddhism )According to Mahayana believe, those who is secureness person could also attain enlightenment and end the cycle of rebirth Mahayana also provided us the fast routes to enlightenment than Theravada, This makes it possible to reach the goal in a single life time.As it spread into the north of India and throughout Asia, Mahayana Buddhism splited into several groups, each with a different view on the path to enlightenment. But the common believe in all forms of Mahayana Buddhism is that anyone can achieve the goal in this life. (The Purpose of Life According to Buddhism)