Friday, January 24, 2014

Irish Immigrants in America

Irish Immigrants in the States During the nineteenth century on that vertex were a large number of new immigrants to the United States. reinvigorated immigrants to America go ab come on many an(prenominal) challenges when they first arrived in America. Irish immigrants delimit ab bulge more than problems and prejudices than immigrants from other countries. Irish immigrants were generally poorer than immigrants from other countries and they were Catholic whereas approximately masses in the United States were Protestant. Both of these things stick tabu the new Irish immigrants once they arrived in America. The Irish go about many issues and prejudices when they arrived in America. One of these issues was poverty. Irish immigrants had little to no money when they arrived and because they had no money they had trouble getting out of the cities and slums. When they arrived they needed a job right away and the hard, pal taste paying jobs were the ones they oft en would find. Once they settled down on the city it was almost impossible to leave. Another problem was apparitional prejudice. Irish immigrants were Catholic and most Americans were Protestant and many batch did not trust the Irish because of their different religious beliefs. The impudently arrived immigrants were also taken advantage of by people who promised jobs, housing, etcetera in exchange for money. They had to deal with the high crime train in the cities and were often left without jobs because of economic changes such as depressions and panics that led to high unemployment. Another problem faced by the Irish was that their expectations and norms were different than those of white, middle class Americans. Most Americans were Protestant and the Irish were Catholic. Americans were suspicious of new immigrants because when they first arrived they would move to where thither were other people from their coun exploit and Americans were afraid the immigra nts were going to try to take over. Immigr! ants moved to areas of the cities where other people from their country were for a few reasons....If you want to get a full essay, set up it on our website:

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