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Soldier X by Don L. Wulffson Essay -- Soldier X Don L. Wulffson

Soldier X by Don L. WulffsonPlotI read the oblige Soldier X by Don L. Wulffson that takes place during the world war II period. The primary(prenominal) character of the moderate is a 16 year old German boy named Erik Brandt. Although Erik lives in Ger many another(prenominal) he is besides half Russian and speaks Russian very well. Erik does not want to be a part of Hilters Nazi army during world war II but he is obligate to fight on the side of the Nazis. During one battle of the war is he forced under a tank during a large scale battle with the Russians. He has no choice but to change array and gear with the Russian soldier and be now becomes part of the Russian army. He spends some time in the Russian army and thusly he gets wounded. He gets send to a Russian hospital and meets a nurse named Tamara. He falls in love with her but thus one day the hospital is bombed and he has to escape with her and out of Russia. The tommyrot comes to an end with Erik and Tamara escaping Europe and making to over the Atlantic ocean to the coupled States to have kids and live the rest of there lives. How this book of account relates to Social StudiesThe book Soldier X is all about world war II. The book talks about many of the bad thing during World state of war II. Such as things that happened during battles and Hilters ideas to kill all Jews. And to rid the world of Judaism. It also relates because it talks about the tensions between Russia and Germany.What I Learned from reading this bookWhile reading this book I learned about many wo...

Acunpuncture: an Overview Essay

What is Acupuncture? How does sticking a bunch of needles into your form make you feel better? Is this stuff for real? These atomic number 18 all(a) questions Ive asked myself, and have heard from others over the years. Acupuncture is a placement of complementary medicine that involves pricking the skin with needles. Its used to soothe annoyanceful sensation and to treat unlike physical, mental, and emotional conditions is one of the key components of conventional Chinese practice of medicine and is among the oldest healing practices in the world.In a 2007 Consensus phylogeny Conference, The National Institute of Health determined that According to the traditional Chinese medicine approach, stimulating particular acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through transmit known as meridians. Acupuncture can be ensured back thousands of years, and as with any topic that old, there is a plethora of information available, and it sometimes can be hard to d ecipher. aft(prenominal) researching the topic, and because of the context of the assignment, I narrowed my focus down to tether specific aras theory, which covers qi, meridians, and acupuncture points history, which can be broken down into antiquity, middle history, and the new(a) era and lastly the distance, diameter, and material of needles. The basis of acupuncture deals with manipulating the flows of qi end-to-end the carcass.According to Daoist principles, qi is the active principle forming part of any vivification thing, and it is the central underlying principle in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. The literal translation of qi is jot, straining, or fuck up however, it is frequently translated as life energy, life force, or energy flow. In A Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture, the authors, Aung & adenosine monophosphate Chen, state, Traditional Chinese medicine distinguishes not only one entirely several different kinds of qi.In a gene ral sense, qi is something that is delimitate by five cardinal functions. These cardinal functions argon what keep the personate alive. The first function qi provides is keeping the body, especially the limbs, warm during moth-eaten temperatures. The energy from it heats the blood, the extremities, and allows us to live and our biological processes to take place. Qi besides enables the actuation of the biological processes such as breathing, sweating, it controls the nervous system, and most importantly the circulation of all the body fluids such as blood in its vessels.Qi also provides containment of those fluids in their proper spot it keeps blood, sweat, urine, and semen from leaking or un secureified emission. We know now that food broken down by the digestion process, and that various enzymes convert it into blood, nutrients, and that theres a process for making the air we breathe into oxygen for our lungs. The ancient Chinese believed that qi did the transformation of f ood, drink, and breath into qi, blood, fluids, and the transformation of all of the latter into each other.The last function provided by qi, is defense against the Six Essences. The Six Essences are allegorical terms sometimes used to describe disharmony patterns in the body and their names are derived from environmental elements that were thought to pattern, or mimic, the symptoms. The first of the Six Essences is Wind, which is characterized by fast onset of symptoms, wandering location of symptoms, itching, nasal congestion, floating pulse tremor, paralysis, or convulsion.The second of the Essences is Cold, which manifests itself in cold sensations, villainy to cold, relief of symptoms by warmth, washed-out/clear excreta, severe pain, abdominal pain, contracture and hypertonicity of muscles, (slimy) white applauder fur, and hidden, string-like, or slow pulse. Fire (or heat) is the third of the Essences. Its symptoms are recognizable by aversion to heat, tall fever, thirst, c oncentrated urine, red face or tongue, yellow tongue fur, and a rapid pulse.The last three Essences are Dampness, Dryness, and Summerheat the symptoms of which are, respectively, sensation of heaviness, fullness, and symptoms of spleen dysfunction dry cough, mouth, throat, lips, skin, stool, and nosebleeds and either heat or mixed damp-heat symptoms. In order fulfill its functions, qi has to steadily flow from the inside of the body to the superficial body tissues of the skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and joints. It is assisted in its flow by channels referred to as meridians.Traditional Chinese Medicines identifies twelve regular and eight marvelous meridians. (Aung & Cheng, 19-20) At various points along the meridians, are acupuncture points. The numeral of points has varied considerably over time. Initially they were considered to number 365 acupuncture points, symbolically aligning with the number of days in the year however, the modern total, p tummy of ground once consid ered 670, has been subsequently expanded due to more recent worry in auricular (ear) cupuncture and the treatment of further conditions. These acupuncture points are mainly, however not always, found at specified locations along these meridians and acupuncturists use the points to fix the qi and restore harmony and balance to the body. Though most of these points are found along the meridians, there is a second group of points, called wonderful points, which are found outside the meridians and are credited with special therapeutic properties.Examples of these are the pressure points in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger, just inside the arch of the foot, the temples, and the anterior base of the neck. Lastly, a third kinsperson of acupuncture points called A-shi points have no fixed location but compensate tender or reflexive points appearing in the course of pain syndromes. The history of acupuncture can be broken down into three distinct eras that of antiquity, whic h goes back to its origins its middle history go out, from the early 11th cytosine through the 1800s and the modern era, which picks up in the early twentieth century.The precise start date of acupunctures use in mainland China and how it evolved from early times are uncertain however, there are a myriad of theories and explanations as to how it came about. One explanation is that soldiers wounded in battle by arrows were believed to have been cured of chronic afflictions that were otherwise untreated. another(prenominal) is the sharpened bian shi stones found in China, which evidence suggests the practice may date back to the Neolithic or Stone Age (Acupuncture in Medicine 10 929). There have also been hieroglyphs found dating from the Shang Dynasty, which ran from 1600 through 1100 BCE.It is believed that Korea was the second country acupuncture spread to outside of China, and in 1023, the emperor of China ordered the production of a bronze statuette depicting the meridians and acupuncture points then in use. The practice of acupuncture wooly a lot status after Song Dynasty. In the sixteenth century, Portuguese missionaries were among the first to bring reports of acupuncture to the West, and a Dutch sawbones traveling in Asia described the practice in both japan and Java however, in China itself the practice was increasingly associated with the lower-classes and illiterate practitioners (Barnes, 589. The middle era of acupuncture came to an end in 1823, when an edict from the emperor moth outlaw the practice and teaching of acupuncture within the Imperial honorary society of Medicine, as unfit for practice by gentlemen-scholars. The modern era of acupuncture came in to being around the time of the Chinese civil war, 1927-1949. wee Chinese Communist Party leaders ridiculed Traditional Chinese Medicine, claiming that it worked against the companys dedication to science as the way of progress.Chairman monoamine oxidase reversed that position, and rewrote its theory in order to make it fit into the Chinese political doctrine. Acupuncture gained attention in the United States when President Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, and his delegation was shown a patient undergoing major surgery trance awake however, it was later found out patients were chosen because they had naturally high pain tolerance, were indoctrinated into the method, and were on morphine IVs which were claimed to have been necessity nutrients and fluids.The greatest exposure in the West came after a pertly York Times reporter received acupuncture in Beijing for post-operative pain in 1971 and wrote about it in his newspaper column. From there, the first legal acupuncture center was opened in Washington D. C. in 1972, and in 1973, the IRS stated acupuncture was allowed to be deducted from taxes as a medical expense. The last purview of acupuncture, and arguably the most essential, is the needle. While there are certain methods that do not involve needles, most of them do.The needles have evolved over the years, originally kickoff out as bone, or stone now, however, most of the acupuncture needles are made of stainless steel, with some cultures using copper. Needles vary in length ,between 13 to 130 millimeters (0. 5 in to 5 in. ), with shorter needles used closely the face and eyes, and longer needles in more fleshy areas, and range in diameter from 0. 16 mm (0. 006 in) to 0. 46 mm (0. 018 in), with thicker needles used on more robust patients.After this brief overview of acupuncture, Ive answered a lot of my own questions and concerns with acupuncture The three aspects of acupuncture theory are qi, meridians, and acupuncture points. It long history has unknown origins, and edict from Chinese Emperor banned teaching in academy, but it brought back my Chairman Mao, and made popular in America by a reporter in the 70s. Needles are mostly made of stainless steel, and they vary in length, and diameter,

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Morality and Ethics Essay

As two members of our root word are children of sea originals, the case of Exxon Valdez oil spill was extremely arouse for our team. It demonstrates that ir answerable behavior of people can lead to the most destroy human-caused environmental disasters of the past century. Multiple concomitantors have been identified as modify to the incident.In our groups opinion, the most important are the overlord was drunk being on duty, the trine mate failed to properly engineer the vessel, possibly due to fatigue or excessive workload and finally, the Raycas radiolocation system was broken, because the company found it too expensive to fix it. To grow with, we think that due to the lodge inricted responsibilities of the crew comparing to the captain, its commitment was relatively low. Therefore the main motivation was their salary and working conditions didnt routine a role.Probably that is why sailors were ready to work overloaded shifts in order to earn as much as they could, to our mind, despite the fact that physically it was impossible. Thus the responsible sailor had to assess his ability to pass the ship before beginning the watch in this case he had no right to do that being too tired. Talking roughly the captain of the ship, our group found him being the most irresponsible somebody in this situation. He did not act according to the ethical averages.Firstly, captain is the person, who is fully responsible for the ship and the crew, but he dared to exceed the allowed norm of the alcohol. Secondly, he had to insist on the radar repair. Finally, he is the one who is responsible for the crews adequate performance. Nevertheless, Exxon is fully liable for this disaster and the ensuant oil spill being the owner of the tanker. Hence, in our opinion, the company had to conduct for the cleaning up the oil spill. To sum up, our group sees the ethical dilemma only concerning the crew. They had two choices only.On the one hand, when signing the contract they mechanically agree to fulfill their duties, that is why no one can founder to skip the watch even if he fills tired. On the other hand, the third mate had no right to expose to danger the ship and the rest of the crew by taking the watch in unacceptable condition. We would resembling to add, that despite the fact that this was the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters, it pushed the government to turn out new laws in this industry and turned to be a neat lesson for the human beings overall.

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Learning and Physical Activity Essay

Explain wherefore carnal bodily process is important to the short and long margin health and nearly world of nipperren. physical activity should be part of both childs life. it promotes living a healthy lifestyle and also the childs general well being. short term health- physical activity promotes a lot of diametrical areas, some of these being building sinew- helps children trend much than freely which makes them authentically enjoy physical diarrhea. developing heart and lung functions developing a drawn frame- if a skeletal frame is not developed properly it answer be a risk of many health bothers.Long term health- physical activity is very important and also plays a very big role in preventing obesity. aspects of reading 1. 2 formulate the knowledge of movement skills in raw children and how these skills affect other aspect of development movement skills hand eye coordination- is very important as we subscribe eyes and hands to work to shoother. for exam ple to catch a stumblebum requires the eyes to tell the brain that the hand need to move in order to catch the fruitcake. foot eye coordination- to kick a ball the eyes need to tell the brain tht the foot needs to move in order to kick a ball.Travelling movement- where the child moves from peerless place to other for example caterpillar tread, skipping and jumping object control movement- objects being send, recieved and travelled with for example. throwing a ball. balance and coodination control gross motor control- this blotto whole limb movements, such as moving arms, legs or the blameless bole(running, jumping) fine motor control- these are smaller actions such as picking up an object using finger or thumb or using your tounge and lips to taste. 2. 3 explain the importance of natural out-of-door enviroments for young childrens physical activity and movement skills.As well as play indoors children should be encouraged to amount in in outdoor play. outdoor play is impo rtant for mental, emotional and emotional well being. performing outdoors leave al unitary develop a childs imagination and self confidence. They forget get to experience movement and freedom and develop their muscle strength, coordination and problem solving skills. there are alot of benefits of outdoor space, some of these being play outside also makes children gain more physical skills beca employ they are training to use their bodies in a different way to what they would do indoors. fond interaction also goes on whilst playing outside this is because they are not getting as much direction of the adults. children get to take up by using their outside voicesm yelling and running. children learn what is acceptable in one setting that may not be acceptable in another playing outdoors teaches children about different types of textures, smells and sounds outdoor play encourages children to devour risks, have more imagination and to explore their own interests.Explain how the de vice meets the individul movement skills needs of children includes activities that promote competence in movement skills encourages physical play in my plan i planned to do viscid kids with the children at the nursery. sticky kids is physical play so the activity encourages children to move in physical play. As sticky kids is alot of dancing this helps children develop more of their movement skills. When I planned to do sticky kids, I tested to fit the plan around every childs individual movement skills. The children participated rattling well and the plan I did went well.There were a few children that wasnt joining in but we got them all to join in and they participated really well. My plan encouraged physical play because we got the children to get up and join in the activity but they had the chance not too. 4. 1 explain the importance of building physical activity into habitual routines. physical activity is a very important part of every childs life and should be in all their everyday routines. physical activity and exercise will increase a childs strenght and stamina which will then improve their muscle tone and muscle usage.It helps with balance and flexibility in a child and also helps develop catching and throwing skills, movivation and social skills, boosts energy, helps stop anxiety and strees, improves coordination, improves ivory strength and heart and lung capacity and has a positive affect on a childs self esteem. physical activity and movement also helps to vex the brain which is why it is important for children to have physical activitys in their everyday routines.It is also important for a child to have physcial activity in their everyday routines because it has a big impact on the childrens behaviour. For exmaple if children are running inside instead of telling them no you could say we have to use our walking feet inside but we can run when we go to play outside. Children wont learn as well if they dont get time outside especially boys this is because boys have a bigger body mass and they need more oxygen than girls. Children need oxygen to learn effectively. Boys also need to get out more because they are more active than girls are.

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Preventing F every(prenominal)s in the patriarchal Natalie StJohn University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville As health cargon becomes more sophisticated and better, other concerns are kickoff to surface. Such interests that started as mere nuisances are now becoming the central point of involvement that aims to correct and improve the welfare of individuals. One such clinical concern is the phenomenon of locomote, especially with the old state.Falling in venerable individuals is a significant, yet under-recognized and underestimated public health concern (Woolcott et al. , 2009). About 30% of hoi polloi over 65 eld old and living in their several(prenominal) communities fall annually, with such figures even high in health institutions and approximately a fifth of such incidents requires medical attention (Gillespie, Gillespie, Robertson, Lamb, Cumming, & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Rowe, 2009).In a one year follow-up study of persons aged 75 years and above living in the community, about one-third reported at least one incident of fall (Tinetti, Speechley, & Ginter, 1988), with a higher annual fall risk of up to 50%, occurred in the oldest race or with the individuals living in nursing homes, with the consequences of injuries and fractures because of fall (like mortality, hospitalization, disability and institutionalization) raising as with the age (Berdot et al. , 2009).The estimated costs associated with move and fall-related complications are at billions of dollars oecumenical (Scuffham, Chaplin, & Legood, 2003 Lewin crowd, 2000 Smartrisk Foundation, 2009). Hence, research regarding the factors why elder mint fall becomes all the more necessary (Woolcott et al. , 2009). There are several reasons why people fall. Fall risk is multifactoral in nature, with risk factors being intrinsic and alien (Graafmans et al. , 1996). The most common reasons are uncontrolled hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, and use or inappropri ate use of certain medications (Gangavati et al. 2011) Woolcott et al. , 2009 Berdot et al. , 2009). With regards to hypertension and systolic orthostatic hypertension, elderly individuals suffering from such conditions are at greater risk for falls within a year (Gangavatti et al. , 2011). The study also noted that older patients with their hypertension controlled have no effect with regards to falls (Gangavatti et al. , 2011). The older populations with an ontogenesis use of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, hypnotics, and sedatives have a larger and increase chances of falls with elderly persons (Woolcott et al. 2009). This marked increase is most due to the long-lasting effects of benzodiazepines as salutary as inappropriate psychotropics, and since these medications have anticholinergic properties (Berdot et al. , 2009). There are several ways to mitigate, lessen, or even prevent the chances of the elder population from falling. Interventions with multidisciplinary propertie s are proven effective in minimizing fall incidents, as well as muscle strengthening balance retraining prescribed at home and assisted by a trained health professed(prenominal) (Gillespie et al. 2009). Tai Chi is also another effective alternative interposition for mitigating falls (Gillespie et al. , 2009). For those with a history of falling, home hazard assessment and variety by a healthcare professional could also minimize chances of falls (Gillespie et al. , 2009). Cardiac pacing for individuals with high risk of falls due to cardio-inhibitory carotid sinus hypersensitivity also has a high chance of being beneficial, as is the withdrawal of psychotropic medications (Gillespie et al. , 2009).Studies have also shown that individually tailored interventions delivered by healthcare professionals are more effective than standard or assemblage delivered programs (Gillespie et al. , 2009). Falls is a highly preventable, yet still highly dominant cause of injury and even mortality with the elderly. The abovementioned interventions could help in minimizing its pernicious effects. Reference Berdot, S. , Bertrand, M. , Dartigues, J. F. , Fourrier, A. , Tavernier, B. , Ritchie, K. , & Alperovitch, A. , (2009). Inappropriate Medication Use and venture of Falls-A prospective Study in a Large Community-Dwelling antique Cohort.BMC Geriatrics, 9(30). doi10. 1186/1471-2318-9-30. Lewin Group (2000). Estimated savings from falls prevented by targeted home modifications. Washington, DC AARP Public policy Institute. Gangavati, A. , Hajjar, I. , Quach, L. , Jones, R. , Kiely, D. , Gagnon, P. , & Lipsitz, L. (2011). Hypertension, Orthostatic Hypotension, and the Risk of Falls in a Community-Dwelling Elderly Population The Maintenance of Balance, Independent Living, Intellect, and Zest in the Elderly of capital of Massachusetts Study. Journal of American Geriatric Society, 59(3), 383-389. doi10. 1111/j. 1532-5415. 2011. 03317. x Gillespie, L. D. , Gillespie, W. J. , Robertson, M.C. , Lamb, S. E. , Cumming, R. G. , & Rowe, B. H. (2009). Interventions for preventing falls in elderly people. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (4). DOI10. 1002/14651858. CD000340. Graafmans,WC. , Ooms,M. E. , Hofstee, H. M. , Bezemer,P. D. , Bouter,L. M. , & Lips, P. (1996). Falls in the elderly a prospective study of risk factors and risk profiles. American Journal of Epidemiology, 143(11), 1129-1136. Scuffham P. , Chaplin,S. , & Legood,R. (2003). Incidence and costs of unintentional falls in older people in the United Kingdom. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 57(9) 740-744. Smartrisk Foundation. 2009). The stinting Burden of Unintentional Injury in Canada. Smartrisk Foundation Website. Retrieved from http//www. smartrisk. ca/researchers/economic_burden_studies/canada. html. Accessed October 20, 2012. Tinetti ME, Speechley M, Ginter SF, (1988). Risk Factors for Falls among Elderly Persons Living in the Community. New England Journal of Medicine,319,1701-1707. Woolcot, J. , Richardson, K. , Wiens, M. , Patel, B. , Marin, J. , Khan, K. , & Marra, C. (2009). Meta-analysis of the impact of 9 Medication Classes on Falls in Elderly Persons. Archives of Internal Medicine, 169(21), 1952-1960. doi10. 1001/archinternmed. 2009. 357.

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Animal Cruelty in China Essay

Now our eyes atomic number 18 lashed by wight-abusing events nearby Liu Haiyang, a Qinghua University student, pique bears by sulphuric acid tigers in circus troupe died of fatigue duty thousands upon thousands of pet dogs in Guangzhou have them vocal cords cuthere are unbosom countless such examples too tragic to look upon.The lesson we learn from that is not the trans execution to individual event, further the need of some profound-going thinking wherefore does China have no related laws to ban and penalize mistakable commitment, when our society is increasingly developed and why can our citizens turn ruse in front of such atrocities when they are kept in a nation with profound Buddhism origin. Few people in China tending about the feelings of brutes or possess the concept of brute benefit. Some conventional factors play a positive role in this field. From childhood, anything about animals, close to Chinese children get in touch with has undoubtedly put hu populacei ty above them.Even some of the children songs have described the nature of animals as malicious, such as slippery fox and ruthless wolf and so on, which not only casts a dark shadow over their hearts, but also leaves a wide gap between animals and children. These can whole be taken in at a glance at the old saying Man is the master of the universe. Disdain in olfactory sensation may lead to cruelty in action. As a result, globe endows himself the natural rights to dominate the universe at the thought of human rights is bright by the God, and take the emotional state of animals as trifling matters.The civilized man always divides creatures into man considerate and animals. The reason is no doubt that man thinks racy of himself. Then is the deep-rooted human priority re every(prenominal)y true? why should we insist on the inferiority of animals? Darwin has particularly compared the intellect of man and decline orders animals. He hold the opinion that we now know that the sens ory organs, intuition, all kinds of emotions and functions, such as, relish, memory, attention, curiosity, imitating and reasoning abilities, etc.Scientists have proved that animals possess esthesis perception as man does, which makes us have to ask ourselves a question in the past 200 age, why did men move on extending the idea of ethics from state to nation, therefore to race, and finally to all individuals? Of course, piety has economic limitation. The reason because we found the former practice unfair. History shows that the sept of ethical ideas is continuously expanding, and its extent keeps deepening. Man will finally publish each kind of discovered unfairness, but we still exclude nigh perceptive species.Man could not communicate with animals in language, nor could they by some other means. Therefore, man could not understand their agony and thereby took it as tending(p) that animals could not sense pain. But now, man can measure whether an animal is suffering pai n by some quantified standards. Experiments also proved the expertness of animals to sense pain. If man still disregards their feelings in such a case, then it can by no means be considered a shocking thing. A Chinese proverb says that never give anything to the others unless you like the thing. It may be changed into never give anything man dislike to them.Then how should we reckon the suitable category of ethics at present level? I believe that the profit of each object involved in an action should all be considered. Therefore, we should extend the category of ethics to all species that are able to sense pain, joy and happiness. Why cannot man recognize animals in real life? The reason is that morality also has limitation of society. In reality there are usually conflicts between man and animal. at one time man thinks an animal is harmful to him, he will show defensive structure and hostility, considering not at all its welfare.Humans treat other human race still like this, let alone towards animals incapable of communicating in human languages. Therefore, powerful binding force is needed to seek welfare for animals. From the sub judice point of view, the inheritance of excellent Chinese traditional morality should be absorbed by newly discussed Chinese Animal benefit law of natures. Although it is easy to learn from abroad, it still needs persevering efforts of several years to really make the idea of animal welfare go deep into the hearts of more than or less Chinese citizens.Since China has now been one of the members of solid ground Trade Organization, the legal system and civilization level must enthrall up with the steps of economy linked to international developed countries. Thus, the outgrowth is wholesome, up-going and full-scale. It will be a great victory of global animal welfare cause to realize its popularization in China, a clownish that takes up one fifth of the world population. Up till now, most countries have enacted related laws and regulations.Many experience shows that in a society, the more advanced the economy, and the deeper the democratic idea goes into people heart, the much easier the concept of animal welfare is popularized and accepted by its citizens. Whether a person owns a kind heart can also be judged by his treatment toward animals. It is give tongue to that some criminologists point out that the maltreatment toward animals in childhood is a sign of the risk of committing crimes after grown up. Law is the minimal morality. The deal and attention to animals should be from the bottom of hearts, instead of the regulation at legal levels.Maybe when human society reaches the stage of, in the word of Confucius, every life being equal, it is the time that animals finally be liberated. Universal love has no distinction between species. This is a world shared in concert by man and animals. China has started fairly late, but we may not escape or be absent in the trend of universal proposition love. The future is bright but the way is zigzag. I would like to marshal this Chinese proverb to describe the situation of Animal Welfare Law in China and I hope all the animals live happier life in the future, in China.

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Administrative ethics

The chaste attributes that a person exercises in an administration office ar such as h atomic number 53sty and devotion to a persons duties principles and a sense of responsibility for ones action mechanisms and words that the person uses is vocalisation of administrative morality.Moral principles which a person should apply in administrative ethics specify the rights and duties that a person should respect curiously when dealing with matters that in earnest affect some another(prenominal)wise individuals and the entire society. The principles as well up as specify conditions that collective policies and practices should settle with when dealing with individual persons or the society.A person with morals of should ask whether the action performed serves everyones sideline and whether it is accepted by all even those who were not awargon of their particular circumstances. However it should not be specific to one person because this neglects the opinion of others whic h is vital and haves to be considered when dealing with wad. (Thompson, 1985).Statistics memorialize that America has over 250,000 rivers which occupy a space of 3.5miles of its let down. Its largest river is the Mississippi river which at its m pop outh has a flow volume of 593,000 cubic feet per second. The longest river in America is river Missouri whose length is about 2,500 miles. Other rivers ar such as Yukon, Rio Grande, St. Lawrence, Arkansas, Colorado, Atchafalaya, Ohio, Red, Brazos, Columbia and Snake among others.Since the signing of declaration of independence for America, rapid building of close ups in the rivers pee-pee taken adjust and currently statistics attest that 600,000 miles of rivers in America fill been used for decameters which range between 60,000 to 80,000 in number. These figures touchstone to 17% percent of the nations river mileage.95% of obstructs in the U.S. atomic number 18 owned by private companies or persons and they are regulated by the state decameter pencil eraser agencies in the terra firma. The obturates provide umpteen wellbeings both to the owners and the country and the tribe around the facility.Domestic irrigate system supply supply, flood protection, hydro electric power, industrial pee system supply, agriculture and recreation are some of the benefits that are derived from dam wrench.On the other hand, dams grass cause stinting and societal risks such as floods, excessive leakage and internal erosion of the bolt down beneath the dam. close ups provide cause both domineering and shun cause on the environmental, make on wild life living in the rivers and the economy of a country.This therefore calls for disturbanceful kink to eliminate the negative effect. The persons who assume the interest of dam verbalism should therefore ask themselves whether it is morally to go forth and build it. They should be able to know whether their actions are right and whether they use up a goo d effect in the other person or not.Since the start of building of dams in America, the receivors wee-wee brought some(prenominal) effect on the environment both unconditional and negative. On the positive side, dams have produce to be very useful to the peck as well as the country itself. The dams have been used for recreation, for find outling floods as well as for generation of power and job creation. (Macline & axerophthol Siccohio, 1999).There are several positive effects on the environment that way out from construction of dam the followers are some of the benefits enjoyed by the environment and support dam construction.According to (Moignr, Feder &type A Garbus, 1992), dam construction and holding of authors have prevented sediments from moving down the well out or going to the shows of beaches on lakes and oceans. This makes the ocean shows and the river streams beak.Dams are able to control floods in their celestial orbit of construction and consequently reduc e the dangers that are related to floods such as death of passel and animals, sledding of shoes and goal of out get downish land. Drainage in the study and land amendment precautions are improved and this resultantants to emergence in soil productivity and consequently change magnitude production of agricultural products.Dam construction reduce the pollution effect especially in the downstream because their storage reservoirs which reduce the pollution materials coming from upstream.People in the area benefit from electricity energy generated from the dams thus increasing productivity and general development in the area.Dam construction in and area brings an increase in number of transport means especially if there is waterway transport services. There is increased availability of drinking and domestic water in homesteads therefore tidy sum lead a more flourishing life. This means that people have access to safe drinking water within their reach and they are able to use the water for their d bearingy chores.Agricultural production is increased ascribable to availability of irrigation water from the constructed dams in an area. sportfishing activities in addition take place in the dams improving peoples lives as well as raising their living standards.However negative effects are also experienced in the environment receivable to construction of dams.Dam construction leads to change of water flow which changes and interrupts most of the bionomic processes of a river. Sediments of a river, nutrients, biota and energy of a river are disrupt by dam construction.The dams have also brought severe detrimental effects to the environment which includes loss of animals that live in water, soil erosion and loss of land.According to (Scott & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Smith, 2001), dam construction results to death of nature which changes water government and as a result some detrimental effects whitethorn take place such as unexpected floods and des truction of plant and nature structures which have formed on the river banks.Earth quakes rear end also be experienced around the area imputable to the large volume of water which is filled in the water receivers. This was experienced in America as a result of construction of Hoover dam, the area near the dam has now been depressed bringing serious environmental problem. Old dams have also collapsed receivable to the weight of the lake which has resulted to many deaths and floods in an area. . (Duflo &Pande, 2007).Problems have also been experienced between two countries as a result of blockage of water collect to a dam construction in one country and hindering flow of water of that river into the next country. Dam construction also results in increase in evaporation of water due to the increase in the water surface area.Change in humour is experienced due to changes in air moisture percentage, big scales of air movement and change of temperature due to the big mass of stagn ant water in an area. Although these changes are not harmful to humans, they are experienced and can be noted in animals and plants which in turn bring tributary effects to humans.Floods experienced as a result of dam construction lead to loss of soil and water nutrients and therefore the agricultural activities in the area are impact greatly. (Shai, 2007).Increase in water borne diseases such as typhoid, typhus, fever, malaria and cholera may be experienced by humans due to the stagnant water caused by dam construction.Dam construction affects social, cultural and economic structures of peoples lives especially those who are forced to move out of their homesteads and settle in different areas so the dams cab be constructed.Apart from the environment, construction of dams also has effects on wild life that live in water masses. Fish, crocodiles, hippopotamus and other reptiles are affected both negatively and positively by the construction of dams.There are several positive effec ts experienced by the wildlifeConstruction of dams on rivers have created a clean environment for egg laying fishes in the ocean and the river beds because holding of sediments by the dams has prevented the sediments from interfering with the zones where the fish and other animals lay their eggs.Construction of dams may also result to generation of new species in the water masses. This is due to the change in temperature of the water, change in salt concentration and change in group O distribution in water. (Scott & Smith, 2001),Apart from the benefits drawn from dam construction by the animals, there are negative effects which actually outlay the positive effects.Constructions of dams on rivers hinder reproduction of migrating fishes due to the flood effect that drop off the egg beds where the animals initially laid their eggs. The egg bed is also destructed as a result of digging up of the bed and the varnishing achievements through with(p) on them. (Macline & Siccohio, 1999).Dams hinder the radiation diagram passing ways of aquatic animals. This leads to reduction in population of aquatics especially fish due to lack of ovulation and feeding of animals especially those that are upstream. There is a likelihood of fish damage as they pass through the turbines, floodgates and pumps of the dams. Drainage of muddy waters and other water masses as the construction work goes on affects the animals living in them and they may also die. (Moignr, Feder & Garbus, 1992),Water woodland changes greatly due to drainage of irrigation water, this may lead to increase in salt density in the water and over transfer of fodder raising the emergence of water lichens and also change the living species which are in the water. Species may also change due to erosion caused by human activities and increased mud levels in the water due to the construction of the dams.Dam construction results to discharge of toxic materials in the water such as toxic metals and pestici des. This affects sensitive animals, changes their food chains and may also result to extinction of the animals due to death. (McCranes, 1978).The water at the bottom of a reservoir of a dam is usually very cold as compared to the normal water flowing in the rivers the same water does not have enough oxygen and this puts a great risk to the animals which live downstream because they experience a different environment and they are likely to reincarnate or even die as a result.Dam construction in an area brings several economic changes which may be for the benefit of the country and the people living around or may lead to destruction of the economy.(Duflo &Pande, 2007), examined dam effects in a country and conclude that the population of people living downstream benefit in a large way especially from the water from the dams and they dont have to rely on rainfall for they crops they are able to irrigate their land and therefore lead to increase agricultural productivity in the ar ea. Their land in insulated from precipitation shortfall and increase their yields.Importance of dams in an economy is that it produces electricity at a constant rate which is used to develop the place by being in areas such as incidentories, schools, recreational areas and other areas that improve an economy of a place.Electricity from the dams is also economically viable because it can be shut down when not in use, the dams are also able to produce electricity for, and many years therefore they touch a surety of power for economical use.Dam construction in an area is said to bring employment opportunities for the people who live in the area. Dams need a caboodle of human resource during its construction and after, casual workers, engineers and other important posts need to be filled to fasten that its construction and focusing is well carried out. Many people therefore are able to benefit from employment and this improves their living stands as well as their economy.There is increased plenty in the area which improves the lives of the people living there. Small businesses thrive and therefore the economic level of the place as well as the people goes up and the living standards become better.Industrial development in the area speeds up, due to irrigation of crops and availability of hydro electric power. Food production becomes high and therefore the people are able to feed well and trade with other products.On the other hand, the economy may experience negative effects from dams the negative effects of dams to the economy of an area are mostly experienced by the people living upstream, this is because their land and forests are destroyed particularly when the dams receivers are filled.Increase in salinity and excessive diffusion of land which is near the dam area, also damages production activities of the people living upstream due to this, it reduces agricultural products, they also suffer from rainfall reduction and rapid reduction of their yields. (Duflo &Pande, 2007).Dam construction and especially Yosemite dam led to destruction of a study park which was known for its positive land use and instead the land was flooded so as to create a recreational around the dam. This shows that construction of dams results to loss of useful land which would have otherwise be very productive.Dam construction however is very expensive and it has to be create at a very high standard, this means that a lot of money is spent in the construction process and once the dam is finished, it takes many years for it to bring profits to the country.Dam construction brings loss of businesses and homes for people as a result suffer economic losses. Areas that flood due to the dam also cause people to move out of their lands and many of their crops and property is destroyed. (Kader, 2000).Dams bring recreational services to an area and these services improve the area in a positive way. Dam construction leads to drawing card of both domestic and inte rnational tourists. Dams also provide water sports, frolic activities as well as leisure especially from the dams that form merchant ship the dams.Dam construction brings about many developments in an area. Social building such as hotels, clubs and restaurants thrive in the area and attracts many people from the area and also from outside the region. Schools, churches and hospitals also develop in the area thus creating better living standards for the people and bringing the area into life and reservation people become more active.New roads are also constructed as a result of dam construction in the area. This means that people are able to access the area well for recreation and other reasons.The political issues that arise as a result of building dams in American rivers determine whether the rivers are being managed or mismanaged, this is due to the fact that America and its citizens depends on the health of these rivers and the decisions which are made should go beyond dam buil ding or dam removal into the society that depends on these rivers for survival.Policy makers in America are putting their effort in changing the management of the rivers in America by trying to remove dams which are built in them and simulating the seasonal flow of the rivers so as to restitute the habitat their work however has had an unstable degrees of success. (Workman, 2006).Many people who have dealt with dam politics like William Lowry described the efforts to restore rivers in America by looking at how rivers and public policy interact. He looked at the carnal differences in rivers which affect the set policies as go further to analyzing political difference of the different people who use the rivers.Rivers should be restored by devising sure that the water quality is restored, seasonal flows are back as well as the natural habitat such as fish, hippopotamus and crocodile are back into the rivers. He further seeks to whether the degree of restoration is affected by the e xisting political circumstances. (Workman, 2006).Dams and dam construction should be well managed to check over that they are safe and prevent any detrimental effects on the living things and property which is around it. It should be put in mind that if a dam fails, it would bring floods to homes, businesses, and roads and destroy many other properties.A maintenance and repair program for dams should be set to ensure that dams are safe. This should include frequent checks on the dykes, water levels and the walls of then dam to ensure that they are safe and are able to hold the amount of water to as to avoid breakage of the wall which would lead to floods and property destruction.(Wehr, 2004).Emergency action plans should be put in place to take care of any hazards which may occur in the dams. Personnel shouldnt eer be ready to take care of any casualties which may be reported so that the destruction effect is reduced.A fully staffed group and safety program should be set so that t hey can come and agree out a periodic inspection on the dam to ensure that the dam is safe for people and the animals. The groups should approve designs for dam construction and flow out the construction inspection to ensure that it is up to standard. ReferenceDuflo, Esther, & Pande, R. (2007). Dams, 122(2) 60146.Quarterly Journal of Economics

Rainy Days

Rainy Days Essay By Taylor Chance 11/20/13 Rainy eld are wonderful to me. sometimes they roll in the hay be a hassle but I mollify revere them. The only time I usually have wet days is when it is July though. Rainy days are awesome to me whizz I basin do a lot of things in my own house. The reasons why I manage rainy days mainly is because I can sing, listen to music, relax, and eat comforting food. First of all, the reason I like rainy days is because I love to sing.During my rainy days sense the air is usually moist and the temperature is usually cold, it is my preferent time to practice. The modality actually helps my voice by making it very moist sort of of dry. If I sing with a dry throat, it will damage my forthright chords and it would overly damage my tonsils since I would be straining my voice. So I like to play it on the safe side and practice the well-nigh on rainy days. Nonetheless, I love to listen to music on rainy days. I mostly listen to sad or calmness music because it relaxes me and brings extinct my emotions.It gets even better when I look out the window and I see the gloomy, wispy, and foggy roads and the grasshoppers, birds, and squirrels take report under big, green trees or leaves with dew from the rain on them as I see the whitish, greyish rain splatter all over the place. My favorite song that I like to listen to most is called How to Avoid the sunbathe by Bi Rain it is one of the most beautiful songs Ive heard or at least one of the nicest songs Ive listened to.Music also makes me realize new things and wonder about the world especially when it is raining. some other reason is that I love to relax during rainy days. Hearing the pitter sparge of the raindrops going on the ground while there is loud microphone boom as little cool, white or yellow strikes in the slant that looks like a crack in the dark, grey clouds called lightening gilded all over the place. I could just flop down on my bed and cuddle under my war m, soft blankets to be nice, cozy, and comfy.Another thing I like to do is take a nap to the sounds of the rain or daydream. It makes me feel like it is winter or something because the cold temperature also relaxes me. Finally, the tolerate reason I love rainy days is because I can eat as much fattening food as I want. Ice cream, resilient chocolate, teatimetime, you name it and I will eat it. take in is one of my favorite things to do even though I do not eat a lot. These are my comfort foods during rainy days to also help me relax.The grasp of the creamy, doughy ice cream tickles my taste buds and gives me a brain freeze sense I eat in any case fast because cookie dough ice cream is my favorite the hot chocolate is sweet, warm, and its warmth makes me feel nice and cozy and my tea is one of my favorites even though it is healthy. I usually drink tea warm and unsweetened because I try to stay skinny at the same time and my favorite tea is either Darjeeling or Tao puke grass a nd green tea but, these are the reasons why I love rainy days.

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Swot Analysis of Mercury Drug Store

Questions ON PROBLEM 1 a. Determine the disparagement associated with the new equipment, as well as the unused dispraise on the old equipment. b. Determine the bills inflows (after depreciation and taxes) associated with the new equipment. c. Determine the gold outflows associated with the equipment. Show each of the items that would appear in the T-account. Then show twain(prenominal) the cash inflows and cash outflows in the T-account. d. Determine (1) the net present value, (2) the advantageousness index, (3) the national rate of return, and (4) the payback period of the proposed project. wear and tear USING MACRS card ( naked EQUIPMENT) ST YR 75,000. 00 X 33. 33% = 24,997. 50 second Yr 75,000. 00 x 44. 45% = 33,3337. 50 3rd Yr. 75,000. 00 x 14. 81 % = 11,107. 50 fourth yr 75,000. 00 x 7. 41 % = 5,557. 50 DEPRECIATION USING MACRS give in (NEW EQUIPMENT) initiatory YR 50,000. 00 X 33. 33% = 16,665 second Yr 50,000. 00 x 44. 45% = 22,225. 00 3rd Yr. 50,000. 00 x 14. 81 % = 7,405. 00 4th yr 50,000. 00 x 7. 41 % = 3,705. 00 16,665. 00 + 22,225. 00 + 7,405. 00 = 46,295. 00 16,665. 00 + 22,225. 00 + 7,405. 00 = 46,295. 00 50,000. 00 46,495 = 3,705. 00 Unused depreciation on old equipment specie IN take to the woodsS/CASH OUTFLOWS FOR NEW EQUIPMENT 1ST course essence savings 30,000. 00 Less disparagement write down 24,997. 50 Freight cost 5,000. 00 workings smashing 3,000. 00 32,997. 50 Income to begin with Tax ( 2,992. 500 ) VVVVVVVVVVVV 2nd socio-economic class nub SAVINGS 30,000. 0 Less Depreciation outlay 33,337. 50 Working Capital (30,000 x 12%) 3,600. 00 36,937. 50 Income forrader Tax ( 6,937. 50) Vvvvvvvvvvv 3rd YEAR tote up SAVINGS 30,000. 00 Less Depreciation Expense 11,107. 50 Working Capital (30,000 x 12%) 3,600. 0 14,707. 50 Income in the first place Tax 15,292. 50 Income Tax (15,292. 50 x 30%) 4,587. 50 clear INCOME 10,705. 00 VVVVVVVVV quaternate YEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 0 Less Depreciation Expense 5,557. 50 Working Capital (20,000 x 12%) 2,400. 00 7,957. 50 Income before Tax 12,042. 50 Income Tax (12,042. 50 x 30%) 3,612. 75 NET INCOME 8,429. 5 VVVVVVVVV C A S H FLOW _____________________________________ CASH IN CASH OUT 30,000. 00 75,000. 00 30,000. 00 5,000. 00 30,000. 00 3,000. 00 20,000. 0 3,600. 00 3,600. 00 4,587. 50 3,612. 75 Totals 110,000. 00 98,400. 25 Vvvvvvvvvv vv vvv vvv NET PRESENT VALUE P 1,500. 00 SINCE MACHINE IS fully DEPRECIATED PROFITABILITY world power/INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN 1ST YEAR NONE ND YEAR NONE 3RD YEAR 10,705. 00 / 30,000. 00 = 36% quaternate YEAR 8429. 75 / 20,000. 00 = 42% Payback period starts on the 3RD YEAR.. QUESTIONS ON PROBLEM 2 a. Determine the depreciation associated with the new equipment, as well as the unused depreciation on the old equipment. b. Determine the cash inflows (after depreciation and taxes) associated with the new equipment. c. Determine the cash outflows associated with the equipment. Show each of the items that woul d appear in the T-account. Then show both the cash inflows and cash outflows in the T-account. d.Determine (1) the net present value, (2) the profitability index, (3) the internal rate of return, and (4) the payback period of the proposed project. DEPRECIATION USING MACRS TABLE (NEW electronic computer) 1ST YR 83,000. 00 X 20% = 16,600. 00 2ND Yr 83,000. 00 x 32% = 26,560. 00 3rd Yr. 83,000. 00 x 19. 20 % = 15,936. 00 4th yr 83,000. 00 x 11. 52 % = 9,561. 60 5TH YEAR 83,000. 00 X 11. 52% = 9,561. 60 sixth YEAR 83,000 X 5. 76% = 4,780. 80 TOTAL P 83,000. 00 DEPRECIATION USING MACRS TABLE (OLD COMPUTER) 1ST YR 97,000. 00 X 20% = 19,400. 00 2ND Yr 97,000. 00 x 32% = 31,040. 0 3rd Yr. 97,000. 00 x 19. 20 % = 18,624. 00 4th yr 97,000. 00 x 11. 52 % = 11,174. 40 5TH YEAR 97,000. 00 X 11. 52% = 11,174. 40 6TH YEAR 97,000 X 5. 76% = 5,587. 20 TOTAL P 97,000. 00 UNUSED DEPRECIATION OF OLD COMPUTER IS 5,587. 50 CASH INFLOWS/CASH OUTFLOWS FOR NEW EQUIPMENT 1ST YEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 L ess Depreciation Expense 16,600 Electrical Wirings 2,300. 0 Working Capital 3,500. 00 22,400. 00 Income before Tax ( 2,400,00 ) VVVVVVVVVVVV 2nd YEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 Less Depreciation Expense 26,560. 0 Working Capital (20,000 x 14%) 2800. 00 29. 360. 50 Income before Tax ( 9,360. 50) Vvvvvvvvvvv 3RD YEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 Less Depreciation Expense 15,936. 00 Working Capital (20,000 x 14%) 2800. 00 18,736. 0 Income before Tax 1,264. 00 Income Tax (1,264. 00 x 35%) 442. 40 NET INCOME 821. 60 VVVVVVVV 4thYEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 Less Depreciation Expense 9,561. 0 Working Capital (20,000 x 14%) 2800. 00 12,361. 60 Income before Tax 7,638. 40 Income Tax (7638. 40 x 35%) 2,673. 44 NET INCOME 4,964. 96 VVVVVVVV thYEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 Less Depreciation Expense 9,561. 60 Working Capital (20,000 x 14%) 2800. 00 12,361. 60 Income before Tax 7,638. 40 Income Tax (7638. 40 x 35%) 2,673. 44 4,964. 96 vvvvvvvvv thYEAR TOTAL SAVINGS 20,000. 00 Less Depre ciation Expense 4,780. 80 Working Capital (20,000 x 14%) 2800. 00 7,580. 80 Income before Tax 12,419. 20 Income Tax (12419. 20x 35%) 4,346. 72 NET INCOME 8,072. 48 VvvvvvvvC A S H FLOW _____________________________________ CASH IN CASH OUT 20,000. 00 83,000. 00 20,000. 00 2,300. 00 20,000. 00 3,500. 00 20,000. 00 2,800. 00 20,000. 0 2,800. 00 20,000. 00 442. 40 2,800. 00 2,673. 44 2,800. 00 2,673. 44 2,800. 00 4,346. 2 Totals 120,000. 00 112,936. 00 Vvvvvvvvvv vv vvv vvv NET PRESENT VALUE P 4,500. 00 SINCE MACHINE IS FULLY DEPRECIATED PROFITABILITY INDEX/INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN 1ST YEAR NONE 2ND YEAR NONE 3RD YEAR 821. 60 / 20,000. 00 = 4% 4TH YEAR 4964. 96 / 20,000 = 25% 5TH YEAR 4964. 96 / 20,000 = 25% 6TH YEAR 8072. 48 / 20,000 = 40% Payback period starts on the 3RD YEAR.. Enmar (NICO) P. Matuguinas BSBA_Marketing Management 3rd

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Problems on the Supermarket Area

1. INTRODUCTION One of the main reasons research into customer complaints is grievous is be elbow grease of competition (Van Horne &038 Wachowicz, 2000). All Hypermarkets become highly competitive in call of winning the customers. Hypermarkets which do non get feedback from their customers about their suffice running game the risk of losing them. In addition, if the Hypermarket does not look into this ara seriously, the Hypermarket fall not soak up the whopledge to make the necessary changes to their service.To bear on the good personality for the Hypermarket and the deals between the supplier and the Hypermarket, there is a lack to investigate and acquit the numeral of remarkable gustatory perception in gelid bears sold in the Hypermarket in order to anticipate much(prenominal) situation from disaster again. Hence, this root leave alone firstly describe the deal that occurs in the Hypermarket, which is the icy love produce peculiar taste after cooking .Then, the tarradiddle will discuss four assertable riddles that lead to the situation which be failure to prosecute the criteria given for each w ar delivered, scurvy spirit output, improper checking when receiving the harvest-home and poor management of the pullulate terminus. Besides discussing about the practicable riddles this promulgate also will append deuce-ace solutions and recommendations to prevent this situation from occuring again which atomic number 18 parole, send staffs for training and courses in handling the commonplace and service the stock memory. 2. 0 STATEMENT OF PROBLEMIn the third week of September, 2011, the Hypermarket has received more(prenominal) than five customers complaints regarding the frosty birth sold in the Hypermarket. Most of the snappy give birth produced peculiar taste after creation cooked. As a top, the customers who bought the icy bear and ate them complained that they suffered stomach injure and diarrhea. Looking at these complaints, the Hypermarket feels that this issue should be looked at seriously as it competency cause negative consequences to the Hypermarket such as loosing more customers and decreasing in sales.As such, the Hypermarket believes that in reason investigation and thorough report should be given to the split Manager so that this situation would be prevented. 3. FACTORS THAT LEAD TO THE PROBLEM 1. reverse to Follow the Criteria Given for Every Product Based on the customers complaints and parole among the staffs, one of the possible factors that lead to the peculiar taste of the rigid lamb is failure to meet the criterias given by the Hypermarket. For both order make by the Hypermarket, there will be a list of criterias that should be followed by the supplier.These criterias atomic number 18 significantly important and ought to be followed because it has considered either persuasion when choosing a carrefour (Rao, 1989). For instance, when the Hypermark et quests for arctic meat particularly nippy lamb, the supplier has been given several criterias that should be obeyed to. Some of the criterias are the frozen lamb should be safe to be cooked and kept in the freezer, for example. This is to escort that the frozen lamb are safe to be apply, produce good taste bandage cooking, and will not lead to unhealthy diseases such as diarrhea and stomach ache.Since the complaints are focusing on the peculiar taste, this shows that the supplier has failed to satiate the requirements asked. The frozen lamb has produced peculiar taste and resulted negative consequences to the customers. Basically, the Hypermarket believes that the problem aroused is due to the suppliers failure to understand that the frozen lamb has meet the requirements. Moreover, following these requirements are one of the major issues that has been focused when choosing the supplier.Thus, strict actions and improvements should be made on this area, so that this issue would not happen in future. 2. Low Quality Product Apart from failure to follow the criterias given, an early(a)(prenominal) factor that office contribute to the problem is the low level of prime(a) harvest-time. According to Deloof and Jeggers (1996), lineament can be defined a put in of cosmos free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations, brought about by the strict and reproducible adherence to measurable and verifiable standards to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies specific customer or user requirements.This means that having a good quality crossroad provides a confirmation to customers that the product they grease ones palms are easy measured, built and produced. It is important to have a good quality product this will retain customers on buying that particular product because they rely the product. In relation with the problem faced byt the Hypermarket, the frozen lamb supplied by the runner efficacy be considered as low quality product a s it produces peculiar taste. This magnate due to the checker of the lamb itself, and how it is being run by the staffs.Furthermore, the lamb might be received in unfresh condition, or it has been taken from unreliable sources. at that placefore, this report is to ensure that the branch will reevaluate the supplier of the lamb, so that this situation could be prevented in future. Besides, having low quality product will increase company expenses, as customers will keep on returning the product that they bought (Long, Malitz &038 Abraham, 1993). Consequently, there will be another process of reevaluating the product which demand cost and time.This will nearly-nighways decrease the sales of the product and increase the budget for that particular product which in this episode, the frozen lamb. Hence, a thorough evaluation on where the lamb is taken from should be done to ensure the good quality of the frozen lamb that being sent to the Hypermarket. 3. Improper Product Checking wh en Receiving and Delivering The third possible factor that leads to the peculiar taste of the frozen lamb is improper product checking during receiving and delivering. It is off paramount importance for the sender and receiver to check on every(prenominal) product when they arrive at the entrepot puzzle.This stage is cognize as internal control where before we deliver the product to our branch or sell it in front of the customers, there is a need to check on every single product receive (Deloof &038 Jeggers, 1996). This is to ensure that every product is in their best condition. Sometimes the product might be over- looked from the outside. However, due to the delivery service the product might be damaged or having defects. Hence, it is very important to check on the product entirely so that these possible situation would not happen.In conjunction with the problem of hampering the frozen lamb, some of the issues regarding improper product checking are the branch and the hypermark et might not do proper checking when sending and receiving the frozen lamb. The branch should do thorough checking of the frozen lamb when receiving from the supplier before the frozen lamb are sent to the Hypermarket. Many external factors should be looked at while delivering the frozen lamb to the Hypermarket because with out this period there are numerous possibilities for the lamb to be defected.For example, some of the frozen lambs might likely fall out of the storage in the lorry, and this has affecting the lamb as well as the taste of the lamb when cooking. Thus, whenever a product is received, there is a need to check each of the product condition, so that we could fend off any negative experiences with the customer. 4. Poor Management of the line of work Storage The 4th possible factors that contribute to the problem occured in the Hypermarket would be poor management of the stock storage.Basically, There are five principles of stock storage that should be followed whi ch are labelling, position, rotation, humidity and temperature (Doyle, Beauchat &038 Montville, 1997). For each product that being kept in the storage, it must follow closely this principles based on what type are they (Pitt &038 Hocking, 1997). For instance, the raw materials and ingredients stored in establishment shall be kept in captivate conditions, as to prevent harmful deterioration and to protect them from contaminant. In addition, items such as cleaning chemicals, other chemicals, and insect and rodent poisons in recite areas to aliment and food package.There are two types of storage which are prohibitionist goods and chilled storage that could cater to frozen and dried products (Palmer, 1983). Knowing these principles of stock storage and the appropriate way of handling the storage, it shows that there could be some mishandling cases that lead to the peculiar taste of the frozen lamb. The staffs might not securely and tout ensemble wrapped all the frozen lamb in re frigerators and freezers. In addition, the workers might not use accurate trays or containers while keeping the frozen lamb.Regenstein &038 Regenstein (1979) revealed that it is important to wrap all the frozen lambs in order to prevent cross-taint and to maintain quality. Besides, the trays or containers should have enough space for liquid from defrosting items, or blood, from the lamb. Instead of the stock storage, the stock rotation of in the stock storage should be looked at as well. A suitable system of stock rotation should be applied to make sure older foods are used first to avoid spoilage. This applies to chilled and frozen foods as well as other products (Regenstein &038 Regenstein, 2000).For example, foods with an run out use by date, which you are returning to the supplier for credit, should be clearly mark to show they are not intend for sale or purpose them in a clearly marked container. In relation to the frozen lamb case in the Hypermarket, these principles might b e overlooked and caused peculiar taste. The frozen lamb might be expired or not being kept securely in the chilled storage. As stock management is the utmost possible reason that leads to the peculiar teaste of the frozen lamb, strict actions should be given in this area so that this problem would not be occurrence again. . SOLUTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM 1. word Apart from seeking for the possible factors that lead to the peculiar taste of the frozen lamb, the purpose of this report is also to suggest ways to improve and have the best this situation. The first strategy that should be taken to address the issue is by having a sermon between the supplier, the branch manager and the store manager. The discussion is effective to be have a bun in the ovened, as it involves a process of exchanging the ideas and opinions.The involved parties could brainwave and become more aware of the problem (Richard &038 Laughlin, 1980). Furthermore, it shows that through discuss ion allows every side to conclude the problem and able to implement the strategies to overcome the problem. Besides, the discussion would be a form of verbal warning to the supplier and other branches that this situation should not happen again in future. In case it happens, everybody would be aware of the other consequences such as the cancellation of the deal where the Hypermarket could request to change to a new supplier. . Training and Courses for Staffs Secondly, after having in depth discussion in investigating the issue of the peculiar taste of the frozen lamb, there must be other follow up solutions that need to be done in order to prevent this situation from happening again. It is important to ensure that every staff in this area are well informed about the job scope (Maher &038 Graves, 2007). Every staff ought to attend a training and courses before being employed. The training and courses are designed to enhance the quality of every staffs service.For example, every staf f needs to understand analytically on how to run change goods and frozen products. The staffs should be aware that the stocks that will be expired in a short time should be marked clearly. This is to avoid the products from being arranged and displayed in the shelves. Furthermore, the staffs should aware that expired or nearly expired product will cause negative consequences to the customer if they happen to buy them. In the case of frozen lamb in the Hypermarket, one of the possible reasons that lead to the problem is perhaps the lamb has reached the expiry date.The selected staffs must know how to manage and arrange frozen foods such as lamb in order to retain the quality of frozen lamb in the Hypermarket. This proves that through training and courses the management of the every product sold in the Hypermarket could be enhanced tremendously. These types of training and courses are also valuable in maintaning the quality of every staffs service. Apart from merely learning how to bobby pin the product in practical, there is a strong need to provide sufficient theoretical input of it to every staff. Hence, it would be beneficial to conduct a assay at the end of the training and courses.The purpose of the test is to set a standard (Hind, Moss &038 McKellan, 2007) before the Hypermarket employ somebody into the field. Therefore, every staff have to pass the test and this will somehow maintain the quality service offered by the Hypermarket. Consequently, such situation like having frozen lamb with peculiar taste could be prevented from happening again. 3. Service the Stock Storage Regularly Finally, one of the utmost important ways to solve the problem regarding the peculiar taste of frozen lamb in the Hypermarket is overhaul the stock storage regularly.It is known that stock storage is a space where all the products are being kept (Palmer, 1983). The importance of having storage is to ensure the availability of the products. In the storage, all products are being storaged according to the type of food whether they are dry goods or chilled foods. In addition, the shelf spirit and date codes of items can be determined based on the prepare storage conditions, including temperatures and labels (Doyle, Beauchat &038 Montville, 1997).For instance, food with a short shelf life in which food poisoning organisms can grow such as frozen foods are labelled with a USE BY date (Pitt &038 Hocking, 1997). It is an offense to have on display, or sell, food after the use by date has expired, even if it appears to still be fit to eat. These are some of the rules that should be followed in the stock storage. To ensure that the storage is safe for every product to be kept therefore, regular inspection and repair should be done.Regular servicing is to prevent defects and deficiencis of the products such as cockroach bites at the edge of the packaging or for chilled food, there will be bacteria in the food due to inappropriate temperature (Regeinstein &0 38 Regenstein, 2000). Doyle, Beauchat and Montville (1997) also suggested that the storage should be serviced at least(prenominal) once a month in order to maintain the cleanliness of the storage and safety of the products. Instead of servicing the storage as a whole, the place where we keep frozen foods is most important to be serviced monthly.This is due to the condition of the food like frozen foods tend to produce excessive weewee and smell due to their type of food. For example, frozen lamb will unquestionably produce blood and water but in frozen condition. These excessive waste will stay in the storage even we have taken out the food from the place. So, to clean up the storage double a month is appropriate in order to avoid contamination from happening to the frozen food. Besides, packaging and wrapping materials and catering disposables to be used for food should also be kept in clean, dry, pest and contamination free stores (Pitt &038 Hocking, 1997).Thus, in relation to the frozen lamb in the Hypermarket, heedless of the supplier, the branch manager and the hypermarket, the stock storage in every place should be serviced regularly to prevent contamination. As a result, any resultant like peculiar taste from the frozen lamb could be avoided from happening again in future. 5. CONCLUSION In summary, this report has elaborated three main areas that should be looked at in order to solve the issue of peculiar taste for the frozen lamb in the Hypermarket which are problem, factors and solutions.The report has identified that the peculiar taste produced by the frozen lamb result several consequences to the Hypermarket. Some of them are the customers suffer diarrhea and stomach ache after eating the lamb and several complaints about similar issue have received. The Hypermarket believes that this issue should be investigated in order to retain customers. There are four factors that have been identified which are failure to follow the criteria given for eve ry product delivered, low quality product, improper checking when receiving the product and poor management of the stock storage.Thus, to solve this situation as well as address these factors, this report has come out with three solutions which are discussion, send staffs for training and courses in handling the stock and service the stock storage. It is hoped that this report will be beneficial to all parties especially the Hypermarket in addressing the issue of peculiar taste produced by the frozen lamb. To ensure the achiever of a business, everybody should play a big role in do that happen. (2780 words)

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My Family, My Everything Essay

Family is the cement the mends my life, keeps me grounded, and each(prenominal)ows me to be a part of something greater than myself. My family has always been genuinely close, we always look forward to spending time to tuckerher. We ready in general gotten along and supported each some other. Not to say we never get mad at each other, alike(p) the time my babe took my railway car without asking and accidently wrecked it, we do always work things out. Though we have not always lived near each other, my family has remained close through the extol age growing up, family holidays, and supporting each other during in effect(p) time and bad. My momma is an independent women who worked full-time, kept our family close, put dinner on the shelve and supported each of us any way she could. My mom did a spectacular job of raising us even though at times it was a struggle raising 3 children alone. Through the historic period of watching her as we grew into teenagers we gained our o wn independence close to the house, at train and in our personal lives.The great example my mom set for us wholeowed us to become successful in our personal and professional lives by making good decisions, working hard towards our goals, and taking responsibility for our actions. growth up was not always easy, because we move around a raft which meant we always were attending a new school. Having to make new friends all of the time, we learned to find friendship in each other. Over 28 course of studys ago my step fathers job transferred us to Southern Indiana. Distance could not keep us from each other, my mom and I talked to my sister and blood brother every week, if not every day keeping our family bond strong even with the miles between us. As the years went on the distance got easier, we would make the trip to Michigan often for holidays, particular events.In 2009, my mom and daughter moved to Michigan and later that year I packed up my husband and 2 other children and moved backed to Michigan. I like being able to meet all my family for dinner at my moms house or go bowling on the spur of the moment or shopping with my sister or to the beach with my niece, without having to drive seven hours from home. The thing I like the best is when we are all get together sit around and tell stories from our past and remember the good times and share laughs. I look forward to this for many years to come. When a tragedy affects soul in our family we all jump in and help without being asked. several(prenominal) months ago my sister-in-law was starting to have head aches and not feeling rise and then it began to affect her vision and balance.At first, the Doctor thought it could be something really serious and she had to keep going back and forth to the infirmary to have testing done. We all helped them out and have all taken her illness on as our own and plan to stand beside her and my brother and will continue to support them anyway they need. We do th is for each other without having to ask or feel like a burden. Through good and bad and in tough hardships and the best of times, my family has always stood together. It does not proceeds whether I am in a bad mood or busy with my life, my family comes first and they know that. They know they can always librate on me and I will be there whenever they need me. turn some families might act like a bunch of strangers, my family they are my everything.

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Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Branded Milk Essay

Common diligence form for income schemesUTI link computer memory UTI Floating Rate Fund s.t.p.(An open ended pure debt fund) The product is worthy for investors who atomic number 18 desire* l Regular returns for long-term l coronation predominantly in medium to long term debt as well as property grocery instruments l paltry take a chance (Blue)(An unrestricted Income endeavor) The product is commensurate for investors who argon want* l Regular income all oer short-term lUTI Credit Opportunities Fund investing in floating rate debt / gold merchandise instruments, fixed rate debt / funds market instruments swapped for floatingratereturn impression peril (Blue)(An open-ended Income scheme) The product is capable for investors who are seeking* l tenable income and capital wonderment over long-term l enthronization in debt and money market instruments a thwart different maturities & antiophthalmic factor credit rate l Low risk (Blue)UTI Gilt Advantage Fund LTP(An open-ended Gilt avoidance) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l semipermanent credit risk free return lUTI Dynamic Bond Fund(An open ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Optimal returns with adequate liquidity over medium-term l coronation in debt/ money market instruments l Low risk (Blue)Investment in sovereign securities issued by the Central Government and/ or a State Government and / or any security unconditionally guaranteed by the Central Government and / or a State Government Low risk (Blue)UTI G-SEC STPUTI Fixed Maturity send off(An close-ended Umbrella Income Scheme comprising of several Investment throws) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income for short term l Investment in Debt/ funds Market Instrument/ Govt. Securities l Low risk (Blue) 1(An open-ended dedicated gilt fund) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Short term credit risk free return . lInvestment in Central Government Securities, Treasury Bills, Call notes and Repo Low risk (Blue) gratify read overleafJuly 1, 2013UTI Liquid exchange intention(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Steady and reasonable income over shortterm with capital rescue. l Investment in money market securities & angstrom high quality debt lLow risk (Blue)UTI Monthly Income Scheme(An open-ended debt oriented scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income over medium-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-15%) and fixed income securities (debt and money market securities) l moderate risk (Yellow)UTI Mahila Unit scheme(An open-ended debt oriented scheme) This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Reasonable income with moderate capital appreciation over a long-term horizon l Investment in equity instrument (maximum-30%) and debt/ money market instruments l Medium risk (Yellow)UT I Short Term Income Fund(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Steady and reasonable income over short-term l Investment in money market securities/ high quality debt l Low risk (Blue)UTI MIS-Advantage plan(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Long-term capital appreciation and regular income over medium-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-25%) and fixed income securities (debt and money market securities) l Medium risk (Yellow)UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(An open-ended Income Scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Capital preservation and liquidity for short-term l Investment in quality debt securities/ money market instruments l Low risk (Blue)UTI Money Market Fund(An open-ended Money Market Mutual Fund) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Current income consistent with preservation of capital over short-term l Investment in short-term money market securities l Low risk (Blue)UTI Unit Scheme for Charitable & Religious Trusts & Registered Societies (UTI-C.R.T.S)(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income over long-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-30%) and debt/ money market instruments l Medium risk (Yellow)*Investorsshouldconsulttheirfinancialadvisersifindoubtaboutwhethertheproductissuitableforthem. peak Risk is represented as (BLUE) Investors understand that their principal will be at low risk (YELLOW) Investors understand that their principal will be at medium risk (BROWN) Investors understand that their principal will be at high riskCOMMON APPLICATION FORM FOR INCOME SCHEMES enthrall FILL IN ALL COLUMNS IN CAPITAL LETTERS providedPLEASEUSESEPARATEFORMFOREACHSCHEMESr. no 2013/Registrar Sr. No. (PLEASEREADINSTRUCTIONSCAREFULLYTOHELPUSSERVEYOUBETTER) DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION (only empanelled Distributors/Brokers will be permitted to distribute Units) (refer instruction h) ARN adduceofFinancialAdvisor SubARNCode SubCode/ Bank Branch Code MOCode EUINo. UTI RM No.BDA / CA CodeARN 11770E020436UpfrontcommissionshallbepaiddirectlybytheinvestortotheAMFI/NISMcertifiedUTIMFregisteredDistributorsbasedontheinvestorsassessmentofvariousfactorsincludingtheservicerenderedbythedistributor. I/We confirm that the EUIN box is intentionally remaining blank by me/us as this is an execution-only transaction without any interaction or advice by the distributor personnel concerned or stock-still the advice of in-appropriateness, if any, provided by such distributor personnel and the distributor has not supercharged any advisory fees for this transaction. ( PleasetickandsignbelowwhenEUINboxisleftblank)(referinstructionv).Signature of foremost applicant / withstanderSignature of 2nd applicantSignature of third applicator feat CHARGES TO BE PAID TO THE DISTRIBUTOR (Please tick any one of the below) (Refer precept i) Existing Unit Holder information IAMAFIRSTTIMEINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS 150willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof 10,000and above ORScheme call forthIAMANEXISTINGINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS 100willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof 10,000andaboveFolio NumberAPPLICANTS PERSONAL details F I R L S A T SM/s. M m I m D y D y L y E y* Denotes Mandatory FieldsName of First applicant / Other mentally Handicapped Persons (for UBF / MIS) and Adult Female Persons (For MUS) (as appearing in ID proof give for KYC)Date of BirthMandatory for nonagedsFirst Applicants Address (Do not repeat the name) Name & Address of house physician relative in India(forNRIs)(P.O.BoxNo.isnotsufficient) Village/Flat/Bldg./Plot* Street/ alley/Area/Post urban center/Town* State block** tear apart OF 1st APPLICANT (whose particulars are give in the form) EnclosedAADHAR identity card NO.Know Your Customer (KYC)* Acknowledgement Copy Please () pan off Card CopyOVERSEAS ADDRESS (Overseas a ddress is mandatory for NRI / FII applicants in addition to mailing address in India) City* State surface area* Zip/Pin* Mr. Ms. Mrs.NAME IN FULL OF THE FATHER (OR) take/ GUARDIAN (If Minor)$ / Contact Person And Designation For institutional Applicants / Alternate Applicant ( in en cause of UBF / MIS / MUS)Proof of date of birth and proof of relationship with minor to be attached or else sign the declaration on the set aside ( Refer instruction f).OPTION FOR DESPATCH OF STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTApplicants address (for NRIs) At my Overseas address as mentioned above / To be despatched to my resident relatives address in India as given above dilate OF OTHER APPLICANTS Name of 2nd Applicant F I R *PAN of 2nd Applicant Name of third Applicant F I R *PAN of 3rd Applicant PAYMENT DETAILSCheque/DD/NEFT/RTGS Ref. No. / Unique concomitant No. (For Cash) bank note No. Date Bank Branch Amt. in words Amt. of investment (i) DD Charges if any (ii) Net amount paid (i-ii) Please mention the appli cation No. on the reverse of thecheque/DD,NEFT/RTGSadvice.Cheque/DD must be drawn in favour of TheNameoftheScheme & crossed A/cPayeeOnly Investment amount shall be Rs. 2 lacs and above in case of payments through and through with(predicate) NEFT / RTGS.BANK PARTICULARS OF 1ST APPLICANT (MandatoryasperSEBIGuidelines) Bank Name Address City write up type (please ) Account No. Savings Current Pin* NRO NRE Branch MICR Code (thisisa9-digitnumbernexttoyourchequenumber) IFS Code (this is a 11-digit number)Received from Mr / Ms / M/s An application under alongwithCheque/DDNo.$ /Cash Drawnon(Bank) for (infigures) $ Cheques and drafts are subject to realisation. quotation (TobefilledinbytheApplicant)datedSr. No. 2013(scheme name)StampofUTIAMCOffice/ Authorised Collection CentreINVESTMENTDETAILS(For need PLANPleasetickhere UTI-BOND FUND UTI-MAHILA UNIT SCHEME UTI-CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES FUND UTI-MONTHLY INCOME SCHEME&tickScheme,Plan/Optiongivenbelow)(Referinstructionj) UTI-CRTS UTI-DYNAM IC BOND FUND Dividend Payout UTI-G-SEC FUND-(STP) egressionDividendReinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption)UTI-FIXED MATURITY PLAN every year Series (YFMP) HalfYearlySeries(HFMP) every quarter Series (QFMP) Regular Plan Growth Dividend Payout Dividend Reinvestment (Use go to pieces form for each series) Cheque/DDshouldbedrawninfavourofUTI-FixedMaturityPlanYFMP(mm/yy)/HFMP(mm/yy)/QFMP(mm/yy-PlanNo.)(DefaultGrowthOption) UTI-FLOATING RATE FUND (STP) Regular Plan UTI-GILT ADVANTAGE FUND-LTP UTI-LIQUIDCASHPLAN- Institutional UTI-MIS-ADVANTAGE PLAN UTI-MONEY MARKET FUND Institutional Plan UTI-SHORT TERM INCOME FUND Institutional Option UTI-TREASURY ADVANTAGE FUND Institutional Plan Unitholding Option Growth daily Div.Reinvestment WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment FlexiDividendPayout FlexiDividendReinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption) Growth Plan Dividend Plan Payout DividendPlanReinvestment(DefaultGrowthPlan) Growth MonthlyReinvestment Growth Plan FlexiDividendPlanPayout Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv. Reinvestment Monthly Payout (DefaultDailyDiv.Reinvestment) (Default Plan Growth Plan)Monthly Div. Plan Payout FlexiDividendPlanReinvestmentMonthly Div. Plan Reinvestment Monthly Payment PlanGrowth Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv.Payout WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption) Growth Sub Option Growth Quarterly Div. Payout Div Payout Sub Option Div. Reinvestment Sub Option (DefaultDiv.ReinvestmentSubOption)WeeklyDiv.Payout WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment Monthly Div. Payout Monthly Div. Reinvestment Daily Div. Reinvestment Quarterly Div. Reinvestment Annual Div. Payout Annual Div. Reinvestment Bonus Option (DefaultDailyDiv.Option) Physical musical mode (AvailableunderallschemeexceptUTI-CRTS,UTI-MUS&UTI-FMP)Demat ModeDEMAT ACCOUNT DETAILS (Please ensure that the sequence of names asmentioned in the application form matches with that of the account held with any one of the deposition Participant. Demat Account details are compulsory if demat mode is opted above National Depository Na me ______________________________________ Securities Depository DP ID No. trammel Beneficiary Account No. Enclosures Client Master List (CMl) Central Depository Securities Limited Depository Name _______________________________________________________ Target ID No.TransactioncumHoldingStatementDelivery Instruction place (DIS)FRIEND IN NEED DETAILS (refer instruction k) In case UTI MF is unable to communicate with me/us at my / our registered address, I / we go UTI MF to correspond with the following person to ascertain my/our updated contact details. Name AddressRelationship with the applicant (optional) Annual Income of First Individual Applicant (Please () STATUS Company Sole Proprietorship Society Body unified OthersEmail <5Lacs >5Lacs-<15LacsMobile >15Lacs-<25Lacs >25Lacs OCCUPATION Business Student Agriculture freelance OthersGENERAL INFORMATION Please ()whereverapplicableResident Individual Minor through shielder HUF Partnership Trust AOP BOI FII NRI MODE O F HOLDING Anyone or subsister Joint Single First holder or Survivor (for UTI MUS) matrimonial STATUS Unmarried Married Wedding D D M M Anniversary Professional Housewife Retired ServiceNOMINATION DETAILS (Please )(pleasesignifyoudonotwishtonominate) Name and Address of candidate Name Date of Birth d d m m y (in case of nominee is a minor) Address with pin codeI/WeherebynominatetheundermentionedNomineetoreceivetheamountstomy/ourcreditintheeventofmy/ourdeath.I/Wealsounderstandthatallpayments and settlements made to such Nominee and signature of the Nominee acknowledging receipt thereof, shall be a valid bring down by the AMC /Mutual Fund / Trustee.To be furnished in case nominee is a minor Name of the guardianAddress of guardian Signature of Nominee / guardian (for minor)Sign. hereInvestorswhowishtonominatetwoorthreepersonsmayfillintheseparateformprescribedforthesameandattachitwiththisapplicationform. I/WedonotwishtonominateSignature of 1st Applicant / GuardianSignature of 2nd App licantSignature of 3rd ApplicantDECLARATION AND SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT/slI/WehavereadandunderstoodthecontentsoftheSchemeInformationDocument,StatementofAdditionalInformationandKeyInformationMemorandum,addendaissuedtilldateandapplytotheTrusteeofUTIMutualFundas indicatedabove.I/Weagreetoabidebythetermsandconditions,rulesandregulationsoftheschemeasonthedateofinvestment.I/Weundertaketoconfirmthatthisinvestmenthasbeendulyauthorisedbyappropriateauthorities in terms of all relevant documents and procedural requirements. lI/Wehavenotreceivednorbeeninducedbyanyrebateorgifts,directlyorindirectlyinmakinginvestments.lI/WeherebyauthorizeUTIMF/UTIAMCtosharemy data furnished in the Form to my distributor and other service providers of the UTI MF for the purpose of servicing, issue of account statement/consolidated statement of account etc and cross selling of

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Developing Early Warning System for Peace and Security in Nigeria Essay

1. Brief Demographic Background of NigeriaThe demographic characteristics of Nigeria set the platform for an mind of the case for contrast found National primeval monition placement. A historical analysis of major conflicts in Nigeria since independence points to strong linkages to its demographic composition. It has been unarguably regarded as the most populous country in the Africa and similarly accounts for half of the entire people of West Africa. The last census answer in 2007 conducted by the Nigeria Population Commision (NPC) put the countrys population at over 140 million.(NPC, 2006).Politic altogethery, it practices a three tier federal system of govern manpowert comprising the Federal, State and Local Government Councils which implies relative levels of self-direction in governance as well as oversight and get wind which galore(postnominal) polity-making analyst has attributed as a mixture of British Parliamentary and U.S Presidential system of governance. I t has 36 articulates with a Federal expectant Territory at Abuja. These be further deputize-divided into 774 semi-autonomous local government councils. For policy-making and economic exigencies of governance and training, it is segregated into what is referred to as sixsome geo political zones which complicate the North Central, North East, North West, confederation East, S knocked out(p)h South and South West.With over 240 ethnic groups spread across the country, the challenges of representation, equity in political representation as well as economic accessibility has been the fundamentals of many diverse conflicts in the country. This is further complicated by the involved mixture of Christian and Muslim religion saliently polarised between the Christian sulfur and Muslim Northern region. (op cit.)The population of traditional religion is sparsely located across the six geo-political zones of the country.Despite the immense rich graphic re ancestrys in the country, c rude oil located at the south south, south east and south west geo political zones of the country remain the major revenue source for the country and also the major source of dissimilar causative factors of conflict in Nigeria which has direct to its reference in many affectionate science research cycles as the resource curse to the close that the country is now considered one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. Over 70% of the population is classified as poor, with 35 percent living in absolute poverty. This is especially severe in rural areas, where social service are limited or non existent.2. The Peace and certificate Dimension in NigeriaIn contrast, Nigerias complex political, socio-cultural and economic diversity has been a source of varied and multiple levels of conflicts and humankinditarian crises with implication to sustainable peace, shelter and developing at heart the country and the West Africa sub region. A retrospection of these conflicts highlights six basic conflict types that have pervaded the country in the last dickens decades. These include communal conflicts, chieftaincy conflicts, ethno-religious conflicts, oil link conflicts, preference related conflicts and agro-pastoralist conflicts.These conflicts are the outcome of the deep settle downed causal factors of poverty, poor/ good-for-naught governance and inequitable distribution of resources and development across the country. Between 1999 to 2010 for congressman on that point has been an estimated death of 14,000 people from various levels of these conflicts across the country and nigh 750,000 850,000 Internally displaced persons.(Internal Displacement Monitoring, 2007) Based on the lack of apparatuss to address the root cause of these conflicts, it has continued to reoccur, intensify and impact negatively in Nigerian societies to the extent of creating viscious cycles of violence and complex humanitarian crises. Communities experiencing these conflicts have rema ined vulnerable and usually face the risks of further conflicts and distablity. Based on the recurrence of these conflicts,the communities have been tagged, flashpoints of conflict, unusually disaggregated across geo political lines or constellations.3. The concept of archeozoic specimen for Peace and protective coverBased on the negative impact of conflicts to development and human security, there is increasing paradigm shift from conflict resolving apparatuss regarded as reactive to conflict legal community mechanisms which is seen as more proactive and has the capacity to prevent or mitigate destructive conflict or humanitarian crises globally. As core element of conflict prevention, untimely type has increasingly gained prominence, credibility and efficiency as a preventive mechanism and solution to conflicts in societies.By definition, Early Warning has been described as a process of communicating judgements about threats ahead of time enough for decision-makers to r ender action to deter whatever outcome is threatened or impuissance that, to manage events in such a way that the worst consequences are mitigated (WANEP 2008).Dmitrichev Andrei defined it as organizational procedure or mechanism for the structures and systemic collection and analysis of info, and the subsequent communication of results of this analysis to policy makers in a form that would be easily recognized and understood.The course credit and appreciation of the opportunities inherent in this system resulted in the kickoff coordinate platform for the systematic development of the early warning system led by the Forum on Early Warning and Early reception (F.E.W.E.R.) in 1997 in response to the Rwandan genocide of 1994. It blossomed to become the largest global profits of over thirty five (35) organisations across the world that catalysed the creation of the early warning and response net whole works in the Caucasus (led by EAWARN/Russian Academy of Sciences), dandy Lakes Region of Africa (led by the Africa Peace Forum) and West Africa(led the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding) WANEP. besides impetus to the adoption and institutionalisation of the early warning system was boosted by the causation Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan when he stated that, For the United Nations, there is no larger goal, no deeper commitment and no greater inspiration than preventing armed conflict. The prevention of conflict begins and ends with the protection of human life and the promotion of human development. Ensuring human security is, in the pass onomeest sense, the United Nations cardinal mission. accepted and lasting prevention is the means to achieve that mission. (Koffi Annan 2001)This further gave rise to the UN Security Council Resolution 1624 of 2005 with the following core declarations1. Reaffirms the need to adopt a broad strategy of conflict prevention, which addresses the root causes of armed conflict and political social cris es in a comprehensive manner, including by promoting sustainable development, poverty eradication, case reconciliation, good governance, democracy, gender equality, the rule of law and respect for and protection of human rights2. Recognises the need to strengthen the important role of the United Nations in the prevention of violent conflicts, and to develop effective partnerships between the Council and regional organisations, in particular(prenominal) the African Union and its sub regional organisations, in order to change early responses to disputes and emerging crises3. Affirms the UN commitment in plump foring regional and sub regional capacities for early warning to help them in working out divert mechanisms to enable prompt action in reaction to early warning indicators4. Recognises the important supporting roles played by civil society, men and women, in conflict prevention and the need to take into account all possible contributions from civil society5. Supporting regio nal and sub regional capacities for early warning to help them in working out appropriate mechanisms to enable prompt action in reaction to early warning indicators6. Promote coordination with regional conflict management machinery in Africa which provide the Security Council with additional reliable and timely discipline to facilitate rapid decision-making7. settle the capacities of civil society groups, including womens groups, working to promote a nicety of peace, and to mobilise donors to support these efforts(UN 2005)4. Developing Institutional Platform for conflict Early Warning System Reflecting on WANEP-Nigerias ExperienceThe participation and commitment of the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) to the FEWER platform strengthened its capacity and hands on skill for civil society based analysis and response mechanisms towards the prevention or mitigation of conflict especially within the great lake region following the post Sierra Leone and Liberian Conflicts of 90s. This deepened its regional expertise as the reference point for early warning system in the West Africa sub region and subsequently the network of pickaxe for the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) in the implementation of the regional based ECOWAS Early Warning and Response Network (ECOWARN). The system principally works through three basic components of reporting/data gathering, analysis and information dissemination utilised to facilitate response to issues of peace and security within the ECOWAS sub region.WANEP became the civil society partner with ECOWAS in the implementation ECOWARN since 2006. As part of the WANEP regional network, WANEP-Nigeria was mandated as the national civil society central point to report into the online ECOWARN system. Its task was to provide weekly and daily reports to the relative incidence and situation reporting template as intentional into the online system. This was to give ECOWARN an up to date civil society perspective of the peace and human security threats and opportunities in Nigeria.With the participation of Nigeria in this process came ominous challenges.1. The first was the nip from the focal points at Lagos secretariat of WANEP-Nigeria to deliver credible reports in copulation to the size of Nigeria2. With the size of Nigeria, the focal point concentrated in getting information from national newspapers, television and radioFor the focal points who were mental faculty of WANEP, it was include as part of their job responsibility. They relied on making phone calls to members of WANEP at the state levels for local or peculiar peace and security information that was not reported in the national media. However, these information were reluctantly or half-hazardly given and also cost intensive to the staff as they often bore liability for these calls.This challenge was partially cushioned when ECOWAS resolved to afford reporters communication allowance in 2007/2008. Inspite of this, the feed back from member organizations providing information at the state level was still half hazard and questionable. To redress this challenge, the program team up at the national secretariat organized a brainstorm concourse to develop a framework for a workable national early warning system that not only ensures commitment of member organizations to support the system but also is both functional and cost effective. The first trial system was developed for the Nigeria 2007 elections. An Information, Communication and Technology (I.C.T.) consultant was active that worked directly with the program team to capture specific indicators to monitor election related conflicts in what was referred to as the election barometer. The cost of developing the barometer was completely borne by the secretariat while the election monitoring was performed by staff who volunteered to report into the system as an experiential learning process to put forward their understanding of the EW system.The exper ience motivated the secretariat to consciously send off for a conflict intervention intention which includes an aspect of a sustainable/operational national early warning system. The submission and approval of the proposal by international partners led WANEP-Nigeria to develop the first locally designed and operated conflict focused National Early Warning system.