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Marcus Brutus as the Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar :: Julius Caesar Essays

Marcus Brutus as the Tragic Hero in Julius Caesar There is no such thing as the perfect person. We may moon of such a person, but sadly, everyone has flaws. These flaws are what make us human. Something else that makes us human is our need for heroes. We attribute perfect qualities to our heroes. In reality even our heroes are flawed. The appressed thing to the idealized person, or hero, is the Shakespearean tragical hero. The tragic hero is someone of high standing, good character, and a flaw. While it may be tho one flaw, it is often fatal. An example of a tragic hero can be best seen in William Shakespeares play Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus is a prominent leader and formal citizen of Rome who leads in the assassination of Julius Caesar. We see that Brutus plays the role of the tragic hero through his noble standing, fatal flaw, and legacy. Marcus Brutus is of noble standing which adds to his appeal as a tragic hero. At one point Cassius says Brutus and Caesa r. What is so special about the name Caesar........... yours sounds as good. ( ) This indicates that Brutus is held in the same esteem as Julius Caesar. Most tragic heroes are of high standing because they are easily recognizable. Tragic heroes are usually portrayed as prominent social figures so when they overstep they fall harder. Brutuss fatal flaw is his trustworthy nature. He joins the conspiracy not because he loved Caesar less but loved Rome more. ( ) Brutus joins the conspiracy under the upshot that he is preventing Caesars tyranny and saving the people of Rome. He also trusts the motives of the other conspirators. In entering the conspiracy he is also responsible for the death of Caesar and the ordure of the plot. The civil war is a direct result of Caesars assassination and eventually Brutuss own death. Brutuss fall is definitely caused by his trustworthy nature. Through his legacy Brutus leaves the origination an important lesson. Marc Antony remem bers Brutus as the noblest Roman of them all.( ) Despite his death and loss in the war, Brutus is still remembered as noble, in this he represents the moral of the play.

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Standardized Test Essay examples -- Standardized Testing Essays

Standardized Test Standardized test have been a means measuring student performance. Some important questions that always come up regarding standardized test are what are the tests really measuring? Are they measuring a persons news? Their ability to perform puff up on standardized tests? Or just some random quantity of the persons IQ? When examining the issues around which these tests are given and the content of the tests themselves, it becomes unmistakable that however useful the tests may be for standardizing a groups intellectual ability, they are not a good indicator of intelligence. To issue a truly standardized test, the testing environment should be the same for everyone involved. A persons environment has a great deal to do with their cognitive abilities. Is the light flickering? Is the paint on the walls an unsettling shade? Is the temperature too hot or too cold? Is the chair uncomfortable? Or in the mop case, do they have an illness that day? To test a p ersons mind, it is necessary to utilize their body in the process. If everyones body is lay in different conditions during the testing, how is it possible to get standardized results across all the subjects? Because of this assumption that everyone will perform equally independent of their environment, intelligence test hemorrhoid are skewed and cannot be viewed as standardized, and definitely not as an example of a persons intelligence.A persons intelligence stems from a variety...

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The Fab Five :: Essays Papers

The Fab FiveWomen of Today in Arizona Politics The women of the evoke of Arizona claim always played a significant role in politics. Before most women even had the right to vote, two women from Arizona, Frances Munds and Rachel Berry, were the first women elected into the state legislature. Today, Arizona has the highest percentage of women in the state legislature. More impressive is the fact that Arizona is the first state ever to have an solely-female elected line of succession. There is no doubt that these five women greatly contributed to making 1997 the Year of the Woman, where there was a dramatic increase in womens representation in the House and Senate. Why women in Arizona have flourished in the political arena and continue to do so is a question our group ordain try to answer in our research. More specifically, I will discuss women in current Arizona politics. In reviewing the role of women in current politics today, I will discuss the reasons as to why women have s uch strong political power in the state of Arizona, and the difference, between the views of voters in Arizona and other states. I will also discuss not only the future of women in Arizona politics but the future of women in national politics as well, and what to expect as the new millenium approaches. It is no coincidence that Arizonas five highest offices are held by women. These women, Governor Jane Hull, Secretary of State Betsey Bayless, Attorney General Janet Napolitano, Treasurer Carol Springer, and Superintendent of populace Instruction Lisa Keegan, did not simply win these elections because they are women. All of them are experienced, highly educated, intelligent people who worked hard to get to the top. In an interview, Council Member Janet Marcus express that these women have outstanding experience and background, and though being women may have helped them, it is their credentials that won the elections. The five women elected agree that it was not an issue of se xuality but rather of who was most qualified for the job. Lisa Graham Keegan was actually pleased at the small attention given to the gender issues. She said, It really wasnt astir(predicate) voting for women. It just happened that these women ran for office and won (Khoury 2). Governor Hull agreed with Keegan, You see a group of women who have all been in government, are all experienced, who all ran very positive campaigns.

The Therapeutic Value of Charlie Chaplin Essay -- Biography

The Therapeutic Value of Charlie Chaplin Pat Barkers variation represents a part of history for the First foundation War. Regeneration is an anti struggle novel held together by people, places, and cultural references. Charlie Chaplin is a cultural reference used within the novel. Barker refers to Chaplin on page 60 in the novel. When the maimed and dysfunctional soldiers watch a Charlie Chaplin film at the Craiglockhart War Hospital. During the war Charlie Chaplin films were therapeutic for the soldiers, and showing one of his films helps develop the theme of therapy that occurs throughout the novel. Even though Chaplin was unable to participate in the war, he helped boost the morale of the soldiers that were in it. Barker utilizes Chaplin as a cultural reference to show that good morale is needed to help the progress of the patients therapy, but true recovery takes more than just a film.Charlie Chaplin faced public backlash with his stance on World War I. In The Importance of C harlie Chaplin, Arthur Diamond says, a British citizen had chosen not to leave the United States to fight for his native country (58). Chaplins actions caused British audiences to surrender mixed feelings about him. They loved his films, but disapproved of his non-participation in the war. However, British representatives said that Chaplin was more valuable as an entertainer than an infantryman (Diamond 58). So while the public disagreed with his non-participation, the British government backed him up.In early 1917, the United States knew that Chaplin was a British citizen living in the U.S. and that Chaplin was part of the support system for their side. However, their attitude changed when the United States entered the war after the Germans sank th... ...haplins irreverent humor plays a big role in developing the theme in Regeneration. Without his comedy, many of the patients at Craiglockhart War Hospital would not have been able to look past and overcome the real aspects of the war. Chaplin found a way to make his audience laugh when they were filled with horror, and he open up the minds of the soldiers, which had once been closed like a shell.Works CitedBarker, Pat. Regeneration. New York Plume, 2003.Charlie Chaplin Goes to War Shoulder Arms. Center for History and New Media. 23 April 2003. <http//, Arthur. The Importance of Charlie Chaplin. San Diego Lucent Books, 1995Napolo, Tony, ed. Our coulomb 1910-1920. Milwaukee Gareth Stevens Pub., 1993Robb, George. British Culture and the First World War. London Palgrave Macmillan, 2002

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The Abortion Debate :: Ethics Abortion Abortions Essays

One subject in society that is greatly debated is stillbirth. The debates are essentially divided into Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Pro-life supporters want abortion to be illegal and not performed anywhere. Pro-choice supporters want the choice to be up to the woman and no hotshot else. There is no ethical way to decide between the two subjects and its all based on what the persons moral values.Abortion is the termination of an unwanted gestation by loss of or destruction of an egg, embryo or fetus before birth. The term of abortion is used to define the termination of a gestation period before the fetus attains capacity for life outside the uterus. In all societies, women have for many reasons, sought to terminate pregnancies. When a woman tries to self-induce an abortion it force out cause serious physical risk to a woman. Today, abortions in the early weeks of a pregnancy, by a trained practitioner and under proper conditions, butt joint be safe medical procedure. (Americana, 1)In no society, either in the present or the past has there been a single dominant stead toward abortions. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle discussed abortion as a useful means of population control. Also under Roman law, abortion primarily reflected family rule by the husband, who on the one hand could order an abortion and on the other hand could punish or divorce his wife if she ended a pregnancy without his consent. (Ameicana, 2)In the Roman Catholic Church they consider abortion as murder only after the point at which the rational soul became instilled, usually utter to be 40 days after conception. In 1930, Pope Pins XI declared even if the life of the mother is threatened by giving birth, abortion is unjustified. The only exception to the abortion prohibition that the church has considered to be morally acceptable has been the destruction of the fetus as an indirect consequence of other cognitive process that is deemed necessary. In the former Soviet Union abort ion was legalized in 1917 after the revolution, then it was restricted in the 1930s due to population concerns, then it was legalized once again in the mid 1950s. A strong and worldwide feminist movement during the 1960s heightened the pressure to legalize abortion. In the U.S. this trend culminated in a 1973 independent Court ruling in Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal during the early months on pregnancy. (Americana, 3)

The Abortion Debate :: Ethics Abortion Abortions Essays

One subject in society that is greatly debated is stillbirth. The debates are essentially divided into Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Pro-life supporters want abortion to be illegal and not performed anywhere. Pro-choice supporters want the choice to be up to the woman and no one(a) else. There is no ethical way to decide between the two subjects and its all based on what the persons moral values.Abortion is the termination of an unwanted gestation by loss of or destruction of an egg, embryo or fetus before birth. The term of abortion is used to define the termination of a maternity before the fetus attains capacity for life outside the uterus. In all societies, women have for many reasons, sought to terminate pregnancies. When a woman tries to self-induce an abortion it croup cause serious physical risk to a woman. Today, abortions in the early weeks of a pregnancy, by a trained practitioner and under proper conditions, open fire be safe medical procedure. (Americana, 1)In no soci ety, either in the present or the past has there been a single dominant strength toward abortions. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle discussed abortion as a useful means of population control. Also under Roman law, abortion primarily reflected family rule by the husband, who on the one hand could order an abortion and on the other hand could punish or divorce his wife if she ended a pregnancy without his consent. (Ameicana, 2)In the Roman Catholic Church they consider abortion as murder only after the point at which the rational soul became instilled, usually give tongue to to be 40 days after conception. In 1930, Pope Pins XI declared even if the life of the mother is threatened by giving birth, abortion is unjustified. The only exception to the abortion prohibition that the church has considered to be morally acceptable has been the destruction of the fetus as an indirect consequence of other mental process that is deemed necessary. In the former Soviet Union abortion was legalized in 1917 after the revolution, then it was restricted in the 1930s due to population concerns, then it was legalized again in the mid 1950s. A strong and worldwide feminist movement during the 1960s heightened the pressure to legalize abortion. In the U.S. this trend culminated in a 1973 compulsory Court ruling in Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal during the early months on pregnancy. (Americana, 3)

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Lewis Carroll English Paper

Lewis Carroll is an important English writer because of his position in English literate ere, and his many arks, such(prenominal) as his novel, Lices Adventures in Wonderland, have impacted o r influenced some writing styles of today. There was a lot of controversy that was consistent throughout Lewis Carols I fife. This is what made him such a unique English writer. Charles Dodson was born on Jag unary 27,1832 in Treasury, Cheshire, England. Later known by his pen cause Lewis Carroll.Lee wise Carroll changed his name because he thought that the people reading his mathematic CSS countersigns would find it odd to find the same author having indite fictional books. This would make e a remainder in his various styles of books. At age 20 he was awarded a scholarship to Christ Cool egg. Apart from being a lecturer in mathematics he was a photographer and wrote many essay yes and poetry. Carroll was shy, but that didnt stop him from enjoy creating stories for child en. Carroll suffered from a bad stammer, but found himself vocally fluent while speaking with chill drew.The relationships Lewis Carroll created with young children was of great interest n most of his well known writings. For example Carroll told tales of dream worlds later written d own due to the request of Alice Lidded, a young girl who loved to listen to his stories. The stop rye was later coincidentally found by Henry Kinsley who urged Carroll to publish what is k now to us now as Notwithstanding such criticism, Lewis Carols work and popularity remains la argyle undiminished. The place of Lewis Carroll in Childrens Literature/ Alice Beyond Wonderland Essays for the Twenty First Century written by Christopher Hollingsworth.The e text had generated many cultural complex episodes and images. The short story Lices Adventures in Wonderland story suss outs in very high contingent words that form imagery. Therefore, very s mall broken down books made up sentences. For this reason, Victorian texts AR e formed Sentences that contain allusions and retelling. Agree with the criticisms argument beck cause I know that by reading , Lewis Carroll does an amazing job with detail considering it was written as a classic childrens story.Having considered Lei s Carols writing style , it is also reasonable to look at the way he systematically used metaphors. In Allies Adventures in Wonderland, Alice changes size throughout the story. At first SSH e is too big to fit in the little brink into the beautiful garden. Similarly, in Down the Rabbit Hole, is a term that homebodies exploring the world and being adventurous. Lastly, Through the Looking Glass, Sis good metaphor for using a piece of glass to look back at yourself. It is important to note however, that Lewis Carroll was a man of mystery.Bess des the fact that he has a pen name, his novels contain very fictional scenarios. Lewis Carr lolls work, Lices Adventures in Wonderland , stands in the category of nonsense literature. Many authors argue that the novel contrasts with the standard moralistic literature of the Victoria n times. Lewis uses cockeyed concepts and words in his stories in order to create a mood of w musical and a fantasy. His books Lices Adventure?s in Wonderland published in 1865 and Through the Looking Glass published in 1871 have been published since 150 years ago.The novel control acts with the manta amounts of widely moralistic childrens literature during this it me. Lewis Carroll was surrounded and perhaps influenced by many authors during that time pee riot. This may have included Hawthorne and Emerson. For a while Lewis Carroll was forgotten UN till his wonderful book was published thus allowing his work to be widely known to this day. Lewis Carroll Was a man of many talents and was known greatly throughout A Rican literature as a remarkable author, artist, mathematician, teacher, and poet.

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Digital Fortress Chapter 46

Phil Chartrukian slammed down his receiver. Jabbas line was busy Jabba spurned call-waiting as an intrusive gimmick that was introduced by AT T to increase profits by connecting every call the simple phrase Im on the other line, Ill call you back made phone companies millions annually. Jabbas refusal of call-waiting was his own brand of silent objection to the NSAs requirement that he carry an emergency cellular at all measures.Chartrukian turned and looked out at the deserted Crypto floor. The hum of the generators below sounded louder every minute. He sensed that time was running out. He knew he was supposed to leave, but from out of the rumble beneath Crypto, the Sys-Sec mantra began playing in his head Act first, explain later.In the high-stakes creative activity of computer security, minutes often meant the difference between saving a system or losing it. There was seldom time to justify a justificative procedure before taking it. Sys-Secs were paid for their technical expert ise and their instinct.Act first, explain later. Chartrukian knew what he had to do. He also knew that when the dust settled, he would be any an NSA hero or in the unemployment line.The great decoding computer had a virus-of that, the Sys-Sec was certain. There was one responsible course of action. Shut it down.Chartrukian knew there were only when both ways to shut down TRANSLTR. One was the commanders private terminal, which was locked in his office-out of the question. The other was the manual kill-switch located on one of the sublevels beneath the Crypto floor.Chartrukian swallowed hard. He hated the sublevels. Hed only been there once, during training. It was like something out of an alien world with its long mazes of catwalks, freon ducts, and a dizzy 136-foot drop to the rumbling power supplies belowIt was the last place he felt like going, and Strathmore was the last person he felt like crossing, but duty was duty. Theyll thank me tomorrow, he thought, wondering if he was right.Taking a deep breath, Chartrukian opened the senior Sys-Secs metal locker. On a shelf of disassembled computer parts, hidden behind a media concentrator and LAN tester, was a Stanford alumni mug. Without touching the rim, he reached inside and lifted out a single Medeco key.Its amazing, he grumbled, what System-Security officers dont know about security.

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Shareholders Activism

What is look atholder activism? In the last decade, and especially after the global financial crisis, allocateholders of human raceally listed companies have started to be much active and advance their views to the board of directors. It should be noned right from the beginning that the intensity of the shareholders activism is not correlated with the state of economy.Therefore, the management of a publicly traded caller-up should not assume that in times of relatively strong economy shareholders will turn a blind eye to issues affecting them (Taylor Wessing LLP, 2012, p. 1). To split up understand the concept of shareholder activism, a tentative definition is required. According to the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), shareholder activism is the way in which shareholders depose assert their power as owners of the company to influence its behaviour (ECGI, n.d. , para. 1).Shareholder activism has both proponents and opponents. Those sympathising the emancipat ion of the shareholders argue that when companies perform poorly, shareholders activists are said to play the role of g emit brigades that bring about change and more quickly than would have been the case had the fire brigade been on strike (ECGI, n. d, para. 3). On the other hand, opponents think of shareholder activism as a euphemism for disruptive, uninformed, populist ranting (ECGI, n.d. , para. 4).The rise of shareholder activism in Canada and abroad In the world of business the concept of shareholder activism has lost its knickknackery a long time ago. However, the last few years saw an increase in the level of this kind of activity. Investors appear to be feeling increasingly empowered to intervene in the management of public companies (Taylor Wessing LLP, 2012, p. 2). The reasons are multiple.Mediatized international scandals involving some of the biggest companies in the United States of America, such as Enron and Worldcom, have led to changes in the legislation regarding the corporate governance and the directors independence. Moreover, the public access to information on unjustified executive requital and bonuses, and the recent financial crisis have put the shareholders assiduity to test. Closer to home, some changes in the Canadian corporate law have encouraged shareholders to take action whenever they felt their interests were not properly considered by the management.In an hearing for Calgary Herald, Noralee Bradley, a partner with Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, points out some of the changes in the Canadian legislation A request by five per cent of shareholders can now bind a company to call a shareholder meeting proxies can now be pilfered by an unhappy shareholder through informal public narratives such as press releases, without issuing a formal dissident delegate circular and, a dissident can now privately solicit proxies from up to 15 shareholders before going public with a proxy circular.(as cited in Burton, 2012, para.7) Another reas on for the rise of the shareholder activism in Canada identified by Bradley is the increase in size of pension funds and hedge funds. The size enables these funds to take a stand whenever the companies are underperforming, or they do not meet their targets (as cited in Burton, 2012, para. 8). In the United States of America the situation is almost similar.Some of the most important characteristics are (1) greater financial firepower permitting them the activists to make larger and more investments (Noked, 2013, para. 3) (2) the emergence of new activist funds started by individuals who worked for other similar funds (3) the degree of sophistication has increased, meaning that activists are hiring financial and legal advisors, and they eliminate more professional bids.Also, many of the activists have switched their platforms to seek long-term involvement with their target companies (4) increased attention from the media, which is usually sympathetic with the activists and it is al ways a low cost way to pressure companies (Noked, 2013, para. 4 7). Forms of shareholder activism According to Admati and Pfleiderer (2006), shareholder activism can take any of several forms proxy fights or battles, takeovers, strategic voting, or shareholders proposals (p. 1).Other forms of shareholder activism include private discussions or public communication with the board of directors and management (or negations), publicity or press campaigns, blogging or other electronic ways of outing the underperforming managers, talking with other shareholders, calling shareholder meetings, shareholder resolutions, litigations and settlements, whistle blowing, and in extreme cases voting with ones feet and seeking to replace individual directors or the built-in board (ECGI, n. d. , para. 1).Many of the tactics employed by the activists do not need any further explanations, but some of them require special attention not only because they are more complicated and not so easy to understa nd by an untrained observer, but also because they are the best phase of action. Proxy fights. A proxy is a person to whom a principal with voting authority delegates his voting rights (MIPR, n. d. , para. 1). A proxy fight usually involves a battle for other shareholder proxies and it is typically in opposition to management (MIRP, n. d., para. 3). According to Burton (2012) a proxy fight has the goal to force change on an unwilling company (para. 4). Shareholder resolutions. Shareholders exercise most of their influence over how the wad is run by passing resolutions at shareholders meetings. Decisions are made by ordinary, special or unanimous resolutions (Industry Canada, 2011, para. 8). In Canada, ordinary resolutions may involve the election of directors or the appointment of auditors, and only a simple majority is required (Industry Canada, 2011, para.9). On the other hand, special resolutions must be approved by two thirds of the ballots and usually involve fundamental cha nges, deal selling all of the corporations assets, or amending the corporations name (Industry Canada, 2011, para. 10). Usually management will oppose many of the shareholder resolutions leading to a rather lengthy process in which the sponsoring shareholder and the management summarize their opinion and try to get to a common view (MIPR, n. d. , para. 5). Say-on- pay off vote. In the UnitedStates of America, the say-on-pay vote asks investors to vote on the compensation of the top executives of the company the CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, and at least three other most highly compensated executives (SEC, 2011, p. 1). In Canada, say-on-pay began as an investor-led campaign that started in 2007, when the big five banks were asked if they would offer shareholders an annual advisory vote on executive compensation (Alberta Venture, 2012, para. 9). It is important to note that say-on-pay give investors a non-binding vote, which makes this vote simply an expression of support, or d isapproval (McFarland, 2012, para.12). Voting with their feet. Another tactic employed by activists is to vote with their feet. This is an extreme situation in which the investor sells all the shares of the company and exists the corporation. Historically, this was the most common form of shareholder activism, until proxy battles became more common (Taylor Wessing, 2012, p. 2). Canada is ready for shareholder activism Shareholder activism is not something new in Canada, in detail it is slowly becoming business as usual.Agrium Inc. , Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd., SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. , Telus, and Rona have all been involved in cases of shareholder activism during 2012 and 2013 (Dmitrieva & Pasternak, 2013, para. 2). There were 42 cases of shareholder activism among Canadian firms last year, almost double the 22 a year earlier (Dmitrieva & Pasternak, 2013, para. 4). Shareholder activism can take many forms, but proxy battles and say-on-pay could prove the most effective in the Can adian corporate world. The legislation has changed and has become more shareholder friendly.Proxy battles are more frequent in Canada and jibe to Jeffrey Gandz, a professor of strategic leadership at the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario, If its happening more, its likely because it pays (as cited in Dmitrieva & Pasternak, 2013, para. 7). Gandzs statement is backed by facts that indicate an increase in the value of the shares issued by the companies involved in proxy battles. The same view is shared by Robert Staley, a partner at the Bennett Jones law firm in Toronto. Were going to see more shareholder-driven activism in Canada this year this is a growing trend.This should increase the share prices of companies targeted (as cited in Dmitrieva & Pasternak, 2013, para. 18). Indeed, each company that was targeted by activists recorded and increase in the share prices, from CP Railways Ltd. to Rona and Agrium Inc. These results should motivate shareholders to be more active and to consider proxy battles as a method of voicing their interests. However, proxy fights usually involve strong public attacks on both sides, and some shareholders may wish to keep a low profile. For this reason settlements might seem like a better alternative (Melnitzer, 2013, para. 13).Say-on-pay is another tactic that activists can engage and it is already being authentic by many publicly traded companies. Some of them are Potash Corp. , Manulife, Power Corp, and Bombardier. According to Cornell Wright of Torys LLPs Toronto office, say-on-pay and majority voting allow investors to express themselves to management on frequent basis. The prospect that investors might express their view by withholding votes from board members or voting against a company proposal on say-on-pay is in a sense a more nuanced, less costly and lower-risk threat than a proxy fight (as cited in Melnitzer, 2013, para.20). Say-on-pay votes may not seem like a reliable weapon for Canadian activists, but it will slowly be accepted as a confidence vote for the directors compensation and decisions. In Canada, say-on-pay has the potential of increasing the directors accountability to the owners of the company. Also, this kind of vote can lead to a better cooperation between the boards and shareholders in order to design a compensation package that will motivate the executives to work harder and maximize the companys value in the long-run.It is not a surprise to see an increase of say-on-pay votes in Canadian companies because investors are slowly becoming more vocal. It is also not surprising to see an increase in negative votes considering the financial uncertainty in the business world. Shareholder Association for Research & Education (SHARE) concluded that in 2012 4. 5 per cent of Canadian companies had scored less than 75-per-cent support for their pay votes this year, while no companies scored below that level in 2011 (McFarland, 2012, para.6). In the past few years say-on-pa y votes in Canada have managed to change the composition of CEOs compensation packages to include more share units and stock options. Even though the real benefit is hard to understand truly quickly, there is a reason why this tactic should have a big impact in Canada those equity elements more often include additional performance features, requiring a company to meet financial targets before they pay out (McFarland, 2012, para. 16). ConclusionShareholder activism has become a hot topic in the business world especially after the financial crisis that affected the profits of many publicly traded companies. It is an activity that has both opponents and proponents. Shareholder activism is on one hand just another populist method of influencing the public, but on the other hand is probably the only way to save a company from an underperforming management. Activism has a lot of facets, from proxy battles to takeovers, strategic voting, or shareholder resolutions, from press campaigns an d blogging to litigations and settlements, and voting with ones feet.Canada is not tolerant to these kinds of shareholder activism, but the ones that will really have an impact in the near future are the proxy battles and the say-on-pay votes. Both methods have yielded an increase in the value of the shares of the targeted company. According to Paul Gryglewicz, managing partner at Global Governance Advisors, say on pay and shareholder activism are very real and very alive in Canada (as cited in McFarland, 2012, para. 15).

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Motivation and Behavior Essay

motivating refers to the process that drives an organism to be present the way it does. Simply put pauperization causes an organism to eat, sleep, and drink and individuals to participate in the activities they find satisfying. Motivation can separate people into two categories optimist and pessimist. Optimists atomic number 18 those looking for the good in situations and pessimists purpose the bad. Motivational sources can be suck upd as inessential and intrinsic. Extrinsic is the demand that comes from extraneous of the individual. Intrinsic is the motivation of an individual that comes from within. Motivation affects an organisms behavior. Dr. Whitbourne describes six theories in here article from psychology today mind, drive reduction, arousal, incentive, cognitive and self-determination.MotivationAs defined by psychology., motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is the psychological process that tells humans what to do. A motivation causes humans and other species to drink, eat, play, sleep and reproduce. Without motivation there would be no cerebrate for accomplishing anything. Within the motivation process there be different factors with each individual. Motivation can come in the form of positive motivation and controvert motivation. These motivating factors eventually lead to an emotional state within the individual. Generally motivation creates to type of individuals that nightclub recognizes and relates with optimist and pessimist.Optimistic is disposed to take a fortunate view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome, (Optimistic,2012). These are the individuals who tend to have a positive outlook on life. In most cases these individuals are look for the good in every situation. From, pessimistic is pertaining to or characterized as the tendency to expect the worst and see the worst in all things. Pessimists are those individuals who see the worst in everything.Sources of Motivation Extrinsic/IntrinsicExtrinsic is defined by as, not essential or inherent being right(prenominal) a thing outward or external operating or coming from without, (Extrinsic, 2012). Extrinsic motivation is simply that, things that motivate from the external. When looking at individuals who have extrinsic motivation, they tend to not enjoy certain activities, (Huitt, 2011). They tend to be a reward based group and need affirmation from an outside source. end-to-end society many people can be found to fit this category of motivation. As shown a person who only writes poems to be submitted to poetry contests as well as a person who does not like sales but accepts a sales position for the amount of money he/she leave make, (Psychology, n.d.).Intrinsic is defined by as, belonging to a thing by its very nature of or relating to the essential nature of a thing inherent, (Intrinsic, 2012). If ext rinsic is from the external, the intrinsic is from within the individual. These individuals to things because it please them and they find the activity enjoyable, (Psychology, n.d.). These people are not concerned as much with what the outside world or society thinks. They are motivated from within. An example shows, playing chess because the individual enjoys effortful thinking, and a person reading a non-fiction book because they are curious astir(predicate) the topic, (Psychology, n.d.).Motivation and BehaviorFrom an article indite by Susan Drauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. motivation as the cause of behavior is examined. In her article Dr. Whitbourne discuss insights to explain the complexity of behavior. The instinct possible action as Dr. Whitbourne refers to it as the biological set instincts that organisms have, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). These factors are what tell organisms to do in order to survive, such as the lion hunting the antelope or a flock of geese migrati ng south for the winter. The second she describes is the drive reduction theory, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). This theory talks about organisms and how they will try to just ensure that their needs are met and not look for anything else, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011).The article goes on to discuss how critics turn over that if this theory were true no one would do thinks that were considered risky, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). Third Dr. Whitbourne discusses the arousal theory, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). Arousal theory is the opposite of drive reduction, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). Arousal theory is the motivation which drives individuals to increase their stimulation and seek out things that are exciting and outside just what the individual needs, (Motivation the whys of behavior, 2011). Dr. Whitbourne goes on to discuss 3 more theories such as the incentive theory, cognitive theory, and the self-determination theory, (Mo tivation the whys of behavior, 2011)..SummaryMotivation is the process that drives individuals to behave the way they do. Individuals are categorized into two, optimist and pessimist. There are multiple sources of motivations that can be describe as either extrinsic or intrinsic. Whatever the source, individuals are either motivated from within or the world around them. In an article written by Dr. Whitbourne, six theories are described which examine the why of behavior.ReferencesExtrinsic. (2012). In Dictionary.comRetrieved from http// Huitt, W. (2011). Motivation to learn An overview.Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA Valdosta State University.Retrieved from http// Intrinsic. (2012). In from http// Motivation the whys of behavior. (2011, October). Fullfillment at Any Age, (), Retrieved from http//www.psycho Optimistic. (2012). In from http// Psychology and society. (n.d.).Retrieved from http//

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A Comparison of Nursing Education Essay

A directioner in nursing has many possibilities and depending on where one is employed on that point may be different educational requirements. There are many encourages in the workforce with solo their accomplices full stop in nursing, but as time passes it seems that the baccalaureate decimal point is becoming more of an expectation. This brings up the question- is there a residual in the competency of the associate-level moderate from the baccalaureate-level nurse? Studies are showing that there is a difference and long-suffering outcomes are affected by this difference.Differences between the Associate Degree in Nursing and the Baccalaureate Degree in NursingIn format to compare the competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level, one must first compare the requirements to obtain these degrees. The Associates Degree in Nursing, cut ADN, is a two-year degree usually earned through a community college. It requires 60 credit hours to complete and upon completion the graduate can book for licensure through the state in which they will practice. The Bachelors of Science in Nursing, also called BSN, is a four-year degree obtained at a university. It includes the same areas of study and has the same independence upon completion of the NCLEX as the ADN nurse, but delves further into nursing theory as well as pathophysiology and technical skills. Many employers require the bachelors degree for higher positions in nursing such as clinical managers and nurse specialists.Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree levelAs explained above the bachelors degree in nursing requires two more years of education and a much deeper study of nursing theory and pathophysiology than the associates degree. The question is does this extra education and focusing on nursing theory make a BSN nurse more competent than an ADN nurse. Research sugg ests there is a significant effect of nurse experience and a significant effect of the percentage of BSN nurses in each hospital (Kendall-Gallagher, Aiken, Sloane &Cimiotti, 2011) in regards to better persevering outcomes. To understand the difference one must look at the basic nursing process and how noesis of nursing theory and pathophysiology affects it.The basic process taught in nursing school in providing patient care is assessment, intention, intervention and evaluation. Assessment is one the first things a nursing student learns. The associate-level and bachelor-level nurse will some(prenominal) have learned this skill in the very first days of nursing school. Both nurses will also be competent with the last step, evaluation of the interventions. The advantage a BSN nurse will have lies in the middle two steps- propose and intervention. The plan and interventions a nurse provides is affected by their decision-making skills and this is found on their education.Plan and InterventionTo determine a patients plan of care, one looks at the abnormal assessments and then functions their knowledge of pathophysiology to determine the plan of care. While the BSN nurse will not necessarily have more clinical hours in assessing the patient, they will have taken more classes in pathophysiology than the ADN nurse and therefore may notice a disease process more readily than the ADN nurse. This is where the interventions will occur. Interventions are determined by the nurse based on their decision-making skills.Decision-Making SkillsNursing is a field in which one is given a great amount of autonomy. Therefore much of a patients care is affected by a nurses decision-making skills. Ones ability to make decisions is affected by many things including past experiences, environment and education. The focus here is education and how the additional study for the BSN affects nurses decision-making skills. The BSN nurse will have studied pathophysiology and nursing theo ry in greater depth than the ADN nurse. This extra knowledge is then applied to the decisions a nurse makes for their patient. These decisions have a great impact on patient outcomes and recent studies have indicated that there is decreased morbidity, mortality, and failure-to-rescue rate in hospitals that employ larger percentages of baccalaureate prepared nurses (Altman, 2011).Effect of baccalaureate-degree level nurses on patient outcomesIn the acute situation the BSN nurse can use their knowledge of pathophysiology in addition to their decision-making skills to decrease morbidity and mortality. Taking into account the greater picture, a more holistic approach based on the BSN nurses familiarity with nursing theory, will improve patient outcomes. For example lets look at a hospital admission for a congestive heart failure exacerbation. Both the ADN and BSN nurse will assess the patient and notice classic signs like shortness of breath and edema. Both nurses will plan on diuresis and paying close attention to respiratory status. The difference will come with the holistic approach that a BSN nurse is more likely to take. The furiousness on the nursing theories that a BSN nurse has studied will allow them to look at the patient as a whole, rather than dealing with only stabilization of symptoms. The knowledge of nursing theory the BSN nurse has will allow them to delve further into why this patient admitted and what they can do to prevent a readmission.The BSN nurse asks questions as to what caused the exacerbation. It may be that the patient needs more teaching on diet and medication compliance. They will ask the patient most their home situation. Its possible the patient is having financial burdens that have kept them from filling their prescriptions. The BSN nurse is more likely to look at the home situation. The patient may have depression with the diagnosis and need some resources for social support. In regards to Kings theory, nursings central goal is to swear out individuals maintain their health so that they can function in their roles (Creasia, 180). By helping the patient function in their role, the nurse empowers the patient to lead a healthier life. The patient is sent home educated with the resources needed to lead a healthy life and therefore reduces unnecessary hospital admissions. This in shepherds crook allows the space available for hospital admissions that are necessary and leads to a healthier community.REFERENCESAltmann, Tanya K. (2011). Registered nurses returning to school for abachelors degree in nursing Issues emerging from a meta-analysis of the research. Contemporary Nurse A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 39, (2) 256-72. Creasia, J Friberg, E. (2011). Conceptual Foundations The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice. (5th Edition). St. Louis, Missouri Mosby, Inc., an affiliate of Elsevier Inc. Kendall-Gallagher, Deborah Aiken, Linda H. Sloane, Douglas M. Cimiotti, Jeannie P. (2011). Nurse enduringness Certification, Inpatient Mortality, and Failure to Rescue. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43, 188-94.

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Explore Shakespeare’s presentation Essay

The play was written in the 1600s, at this time the role of women was immensely different than their role in todays society. The woman was to be the dutiful housewife, being expected to run the house cook meals and look subsequently the children. In wealthy families girls were subject to their fathers will. Marriage was a business contr proceed, not ab come forward love, but to keep land and wealth within a family. Girls were raise to be obedient to their parents. Children in the 1600s were to be seen and not heard a lot like later Victorian times.The girls were not to be officially educated they were to stay at and help their mothers with everyday jobs such as washing and cleaning. However this is no monthlong the case. Women are more and more oft following the same career paths as men. They also have more rights. Both of these inculpate women are instanter equal to men. In the play, Juliet is fourteen, her father feels she should pauperization to become a wife. She hath no t seen the change of fourteen years However unlike other marriages at the time her father wants her to be happy and assay to love a gentleman called Count Paris.Her father is aware of her feelings. However Lady Capulet seems to want Juliet to marry and does not consider her happiness, she uses the argument that younger than you present in Verona ladies of esteem are made already mothers she reinforces this by telling her I was your mother much upon these years Juliet has a close and trusting family relationship with the nurse who has looked after her since birth. She is Juliets mother figure. The nurse uses terms of affection for her such as what lamb We first see Juliet in the expectation among Lady Capulet and the Nurse.This is also the scene when we see Juliet talk to her mother for the first time in the play. Madam I am here what is your will? this is formal. Juliet trusts her parents and regard their wishes, by accepting marriage, up to now this is before she meets Romeo. Romeo and Juliet first encounter with each other is at the Capulets mansion during the ball, which Romeo and his fri intercepts should not be attending. They speak a sonnet together. My lips like two blushing pilgrims, ready stand. We see in this scene Juliet being quick witted and c all overing with the nurse, when she discovers Romeos identity.Juliet quickly loses her innocence in this scene. In the balcony scene, we are able to compare Romeo and Juliet. This scene is also important because we see the differences between the characters. Romeos language is full of romantic imagery. He is in a dream like state. 0speak again bright angel. He speaks about her comparing her to the heaven and to the stars. She is his east. This establishs her in a higher place and shows she is above all mortals to him. Whereas Juliet seems to be more practical. Juliet is more meaningful and uses the questions wisely to find out more about Romeo. are you a Montague? How did you get here? T hese questions mean something whereas Romeo is more poetical, and tries to impress Juliet. Romeos responses are fantastical with loves light wings did I Oerperch these walls. In exchange Juliet never cunning, she is always sincere. While Romeo is rhapsodising over love, she realises how rash their avowals of love may be. too rash, too unadvisd, too sudden. Juliet responds to Romeo with generosity and infinite love. Romeo is lost in a happy dream, but Juliet looks ahead, it is she who suggests marriage.She is resourceful. She shows no business of disobeying her parents, what Oclock shall I send for thee tomorrow? whilst Romeo is comparing silver sweet sounds, loves, loves tongue to the softest music. However Juliet too can be poetical, she is able to evince her love for Romeo with intensity and feeling. my county is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep It is interesting that Juliet is the first one to mention marriage. if that thy bat of love be honourable, thy purpose ma rriage. Juliet trusts the nurse. She is the only person Juliet confides ask his name if he be married. She trusts the nurse with such a message to take to Romeo. This shows the strength of their relationship. She can put on a good show to get her own way. She also trusts the nurse in telling Romeo to meet her for a iniquity of passion. Juliet is as tearaway(a) as Romeo and hurries off to meet him at Friar Lawrences cell. Juliet is open with Romeo, however she is happy to deceive her family in to thinking she is going to confession. Juliet later uses theology again to deceive her family.Once married, Juliet is forced to grow up very quickly as she needs to deal with a series of terrible events that find oneself in a short period of time. Romeo vanishes because he killed Tybalt, murderd her kinsman. Romeo is then sentenced to death on the hour he is found. when he is found, that hour shall be his last. The pain of Romeos banishment is immediately succeeded by the horror of her fathers plans for another wedding, marry, my child, early next Thursday mom Juliet and Romeo spend the night together at the Capulet mansion. We see the physical side of man and wife.She shows that she wants to be with Romeo all the while. However he has to go. Juliet begs him to stay. it was the nightingale and not the lark. She is stronger than Romeo when she hears about the wedding he goes to pieces. Sobbing and wailing, trying to kill himself, in the face calamity she does her best to cope. When Juliet refuses to obey her parents in marriage they are shocked her father is no longer indulgent, and he and her mother turn against her and are very cruel to her. hang thee young baggage Disobedient wretch Despite their insulting comment Juliet calm.In despair Juliet turns to the nurse for comfort, but is told to forget Romeo and marry Paris marry, I will and this is wisely done. She is hurt and feels betrayed by this comment from the nurse, she trusted the nurse and now t hat trust as gone. However she shows qualities of determination and courage, which enable her to hide her anguish, and chat wittily and apparently calm with Paris at the Friars cell. Juliet has no choice but to agree to the Friars desperate scheme, she has neither family, nurse nor husband to support her. My dismal scene needs must act alone. She agrees to take the potion this shows her courage and determination, with child like horror she goes through everything that could go wrong with taking the potion, finally realising she has no other option, drinks the potion with great courage. The potion heightens the drama of the scene as she is isolated from her family and friends. Juliet is true and faithful because when she awakes in the tomb the first thing she says with child like simplicity where is my Romeo? she is deserted once again, this lime however by the Friar. When she realises that Romeo is dead, she is courageous to the last minute she stabs her self.Her last act is immed iate and determined and successful, it is expressive of her love for Romeo and is keeping with her character and everything she has done through out the play. However at the end of the play she is still a 14 year old girl with her whole life in front of her. She succumbs to an young despair. At the end of the play Lord Montague says I will raise her statue in pure gold. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet brings harmony and unison to the two families. Lord Montague at the end realises Juliet has been true and faithful.

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Costs and Manufacturing Overhead

1. How much overhead cost would be saved by outsourcing production of muffler-exhaust systems and oil pans if a. command overhead cost were unaccompanied restore costs?$0 would be saved because fixed costs do not affected by reduced number of application caused by outsourcing. b. Overhead costs were entirely variable costs? (How is volume of activity measured at Bridgeton? wherefore is volume not measured by plainly ascertain units produced?) All of them would be saved. If using numbers in 1988 for estimate, (5,766,000+6,532,000)*434% = $53,373,320 would be saved.Bridgeton accumulates all manufacturing overhead costs into one cost pool, and use direct labor sawbuck cost as the allocation measure to apportion the overhead costs in the cost pool.Unlike direct labor and direct material costs that tush be traced to specific products, overhead costs could be administrative and manufacturing related so that not all of them are involved in ACFs production. Therefore, at that place isnt a high degree of correlation between the units produced and the amount of manufacturing overhead used.2. How much overhead cost do you think Bridgeton and the consultants implicitly fictitious would be saved by outsourcing muffler-exhaust systems and oil pans? They expect all overhead specific to product line of Muffler Exhaust systems and oil pans would be saved, which is ($5,766,000+6,532,000)*434% = $533,733,20 (using 1988 data for estimate).3. Calculate the overhead allocation rate for each of the model years 1988 through 1990. Are the changes since 1987 in overhead allocation rates square? Why have these changes occurred? a) divide total overhead ($) by total direct labor ($) showed in Exh.2 to get overhead rate. 1987 1988 1989 1990Overhead Rate 437% = 107,954/24,682 434% = 109,890/25,294 577% = 78,157/13,537 563% = 79,393/14,102cost and Manufacturing OverheadBridgeton Industries Case Assignment Questions1. How much overhead cost would be saved by outsourcing product ion of muffler-exhaust systems and oil pans if a. Overhead costs were entirely fixed costs?$0 would be saved because fixed costs do not affected by reduced number of labor caused by outsourcing. b. Overhead costs were entirely variable costs? (How is volume of activity measured at Bridgeton?Why is volume not measured by simply counting units produced?) All of them would be saved. If using numbers in 1988 for estimate, (5,766,000+6,532,000)*434% = $53,373,320 would be saved.Bridgeton accumulates all manufacturing overhead costs into one cost pool, and use direct labor dollar cost as the allocation measure to apportion the overhead costs in the cost pool.Unlike direct labor and direct material costs that can be traced to specific products, overhead costs could be administrative and manufacturing related so that not all of them are involved in ACFs production. Therefore, there isnt a high degree of correlation between the units produced and the amount of manufacturing overhead used.2. How much overhead cost do you think Bridgeton and the consultants implicitly assumed would be saved by outsourcing muffler-exhaust systems and oil pans? They expect all overhead specific to product line of Muffler Exhaust systems and oil pans would be saved, which is ($5,766,000+6,532,000)*434% = $533,733,20 (using 1988 data for estimate).3. Calculate the overhead allocation rate for each of the model years 1988 through 1990. Are the changes since 1987 in overhead allocation rates significant? Why have these changes occurred? a) divide total overhead ($) by total direct labor ($) showed in Exh.2 to get overhead rate. 1987 1988 1989 1990Overhead Rate 437% = 107,954/24,682 434% = 109,890/25,294 577% = 78,157/13,537 563% = 79,393/14,102

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Homework At A Secondary School Education Essay

The purpose of this survey is to happen out the pupils attitude towards cooking, particularly towards the position grooming at a alternative school. The research was conducted in one of my categories. The participants be pupils are on the whole in grade 7. In malice of larning in the same category, each member of this category has a different degree of position proficiency and has different causatives in larning English.I do this research with a hope that afterwards the research, I fire derive some certain noesis and experiences in rear to assist myself and my every bit good as my co- engageers in taking the best vogue of better-looking home wee which will accomplish maximal engagement from pupils in carry by means of and throughing their prep.IntroductionBackground InformationI am a instructor of English at Long Thanh secondary school a secondary school in a distant inland in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. I maintain four categories with an norm of 35 pupils per ca tegory. After overage ages of financial statement, I realized that in that respect was a phenomenon happening twelve month after twelvemonth during the first hebdomads of the semester, my pupils prep was fulfilled with high frequence than the ulterior hebdomads.After the first month of the school-year, I discovered the fact that a batch of pupils repeatedly neglected to make their prep and unremarkably did ill on most of the trials. Then I reminded them many times I called to their house to announce to their parents about(predicate) this job and told their form- instructor. Occasionally, my pupils would look with prep in manus, just now most of the times they appear with barely alibis. Why? It may be at the beginning of the school-year, my pupils might stamp down less prep and prep possibly easy for them to make, or they merely wanted to delight their instructor. After some hebdomads, they had so more prep from other topics to make every bit good, or they must go to extr a-classes, or they felt bored with their English prep.I was really at a loss. I wondered why my pupils did non make visual modality English prep. I wanted to cognize more about my pupils attitudes towards the English prep. I wondered if my pupils did non realize something in the prep or the instructions of the prep were non clear plenty or the prep was excessively hard.What can I make to assist my pupils?After old ages of learning English in secondary school, I face the job that instructor s economic consumption is to give prep, and a pupil s function is non to make it Due to this fact, I wonder if we should halt grownup prep in learning English to secondary pupils.The reply is perfectly no. No 1 can deny that prep is innate for scholars in deriving better cognition. It gives scholars chances in acquiring exposed to the new lingual dialogue and helps them retrospect their memory of the old learnt linguistic communication.When carry oning this research, I hope that this survey will cast seeable radiation on heavy(p) prep. It can assist me happen out techniques to help pupils consciousness about the value of prep every bit good as promote them to carry through their everyday prep with more involvement.Background of learning English in VietnamIn Vietnam, English is taught as a unknown linguistic communication and it is besides one of the compulsory topics at estate schools.Mr. Canh ( 2001 ) remarked that although Viet makese English instructors presents affirm a positive attitude to communicative methods, they feel limited in the execution of communicative instruction in their English schoolrooms for several reasonableness. Communicative linguistic communication instruction is excessively hard in Vietnam, where the instructor s degree of English is offset, the categories are excessively big, edifices, furniture, and other agencies are basic, and merely low support can be provided for stuffs, libraries, and other consulting services. The new i nstruction attack requires new cognition and accomplishments. Teachers are frequently required to pass more enclothe on making the extra readying, entirely there are excessively many demands on instructors clip. Teachers seldom have entree to the scuttlebutt and resources of the mark linguistic communication at secondary schools. Not a individual secondary school in Vietnam has ELT resources and stuffs forthcoming to instructors. Normally, there are merely some types of instruction stuffs which are available to Vietnamese instructors. They are school textual matter editions, a few practical English grammar books, some instructors manuals, some cassette participants and some lexicons ( normally, those lexicons are excessively old and non up to day of the month ) . Not merely do pupils seldom have a opportunity to wear portion in meaningful acquiring in touch with native English talkers but besides instructors face the same job. With such a awful English linguistic communic ation input environment, how can Vietnamese instructors of English keep their English ability off from being fossilized? They themselves have jobs in acquiring in touch with aliens. As a consequence, most of Vietnamese instructors draw to utilize Grammar-Translation Method in learning English in secondary.Furthermore, Vietnamese instructors wont is reading and of the pupils is composing. Teachers normally combining Grammar-translation Method with the Audio-lingual Method in learning. They ever try all their best to cover everything from the text edition. Besides, they are disquieted about an over- prepared lesson program or under prepared lesson program . In this instance, pupils merely listen to their instructors account and transcript everything that is taught.Literature ReviewMotivation in larning linguistic communicationsMotivation is the key to mastery in making anything, particularly in larning linguistic communications. Secondary pupils, out of sight of their instr uctors, normally bump it hard to hold self-awareness.Language research workers divided motivating into two basic sorts integrative motive and instrumental motive.Harmonizing to Crookes and Schmidt ( 1991 ) integrative motive is the scholar s orientation with respect to the end of larning a 2nd linguistic communication. It is characterized by scholar s positive attitudes towards the mark linguistic communication convention and the desire to incorporate into the mark linguistic communication community .Hudson ( 2000 in Norris-Holt 2001 ) stated that instrumental motive was the desire to obtain something practical or concrete from the survey of a 2nd linguistic communication . That is the desire to acquire a better occupation or a publicity to go through an test and to read materialsaHarmonizing to Reilly ( 1994 ) , motive is enhanced when larning ends are made clear and when undertakings are sequences and linked in ways that make sense to scholars.Nunan ( 1991 ) said that th e good foreign linguistic communication scholar prepare ways of triping his or her linguistic communication out of category.Liu and Littlewood ( 1997 in Zhenhui 2001 ) pointed out that conventionally the instruction of EFL in most East Asiatic states is dominated by teacher-centered, book-centered, grammar-translation method with an accent on rote memory. These traditional English linguistic communication learning methods have resulted in a figure of typical manners. roughly pupils receive cognition through their instructor s conveying instead than they themselves discover it. Students receive cognition instead than construe it. They normally wait for rectification from the instructor throughout their acquisition procedure. What about the instructors? They tend to give everything to their pupils through what they pour on the chalkboard.The chief ground for this linguistic communication survey is a necessity for my pupils to derive accomplishment in scrutinies. Due to the fact th at the scrutinies are structured, about all schools in Vietnam are forced to educate their pupils in such a mode that they can make the scrutiny every bit good as possible. These tests are strict trials which required pupils to hold cognition of two extended vocabulary and grammatical constructions in order to make these trials successfully.Why do we necessitate to give pupils readying? The positive and the negative effects of prepDepending on what facet of the prep statement we are on, prep can hold both positive and negative effects on pupils.The positive effects of prepHomework plays an of import function in learning linguistic communication to our kids. Goldstein and Zentall ( 1999 ) have stated as the followersHomework is of import because it is the intersection between place and school. It serves as a window through which we can detect our kids s instruction and show positive attitudes towards our kids and their instruction. For instructors and decision makers, prep is a ex ist effectual manner to supply extra direction in public figure.The most common intent of giving prep is to assist pupils rehearse what they have already learnt in category. Homework is besides used to beef up acquisition every bit good as to assist pupils master specific accomplishments. Preparation prep is besides a measure of presenting stuffs which will be presented in the following lessons.There are 10 grounds for instructors to give prep to pupils. Teachers give prep in order to revise classwork, to consolidate and pattern classwork, to widen linguistic communication cognition, to derive farther accomplishments pattern, to fix for the following category, to complete off work started in category or to salvage category clip for more communicative activities, to let pupils to work at their ain gait, to let us to look into that pupils have understood what we have tried to learn, to name spreads in pupils cognition, and to get farther linguistic communication, manner, and so on, from extended accomplishments work.There are 4 grounds for non completing prep. Students frequently claim I had excessively much prep. It was tiring. I forgot. or I did nt understand how to make. Cooper ( 2001 ) found one more positive academic consequence of prep betterment of attitudes towards school. liberal prep benefits us, the instructors, every bit good. Homework improves instructors ability to cover the course of study and acts as a sort of span between the last lesson and the following 1 ( Weisenthal et al. , 1997 ) .The negative effects of prepThe prescribed US division of Education Website besides province that excessively much prep can do pupils experience bored. Puting excessively much prep can maintain pupils off from taking portion in free clip and fall ining community activities. Other negative consequence of prep is that it can take to unwanted character traits if it promotes rip offing, either through the copying of assignments or aid with prep tha t goes beyond tutoring.The sum and the nature of the prep undertakingsCooper ( 2001 in Nelms 2008 ) recommendsThat all pupils should be given prep but that it should be limited by a orderly expression no more than ten proceedingss per iniquity multiplied by the pupil s grade degree. In other words, a 2nd grader should hold no more than 20 proceedingss of prep all together per dark a 12th grader, no more than 120 proceedingss, or two hr.Young kids should hold goldbricker and more frequent assignments because they have short spans of attending and demand to experience they have successfully completed a undertaking. To better the job of giving prep, there are some experiences from linguistic communication research workers. On the Official US Department of Education Website, they found that to assist pupils with clip direction, we should assist them set up a fit clip each twenty-four hours for making prep. Do non allow them go forth prep until merely ahead bedtime, most of them wait until the last minute. We should hold them make the difficult work foremost. We must learn pupils the manner they learn. ( Dunn and Dunn, 1978 ) .In short, it is the occupation of pedagogues to maximise the benefits of prep and minimise the cost .

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How Effective Is Solar Energy Environmental Sciences Essay

solar zip is beaming animation that is produced by the Sun. solar vital force has been physical exercised since 400 B.C. It started to be commercialized during the eighteenth century. In present times, naught emitted by the Sun is harness by photovoltaic ( PV ) cells for assorted applications. These include domestic family utilizations, industrial employ, primal spring Stationss and body of water warming enwrappeds. However, out-of-pocket to the technological restrictions, families tramp non be entirely dependent on solar vigor.Comp ard to non renewable fuels, solar energy may stand for a cleansing agent ersatz solution as it does non breathe harmful waste. In add-on, solar energy requires comparatively low handle personifys. But on the early(a) manus, photovoltaic cells may be harmful to animal home curtilage payable to their broad land inlet. In add-on, the presence of PV cells may interject with vivid lighting, rainfall and drainage. To besot the better o f such billets, panels are mounted on roof tops of ho drug abuses and industrial edifices. An some other connect is in the signifier of wellness hazards to worlds presented by harmful substances contained wi unconvincing solar panels. Last, there is a opening night of H2O taint if H2O apply for the figure of chilling photovoltaic cells is non treated decently.Even though solar merely accounts for 1 % of energy used globally, the hereafter of solar energy applications looks assuring. As the humans is progressively concerned intimately impacts on planetary environment and as more people use solar energy, economic governing bodys of graduated table may cut down solar energy colligate addresss. Many on-going surveies are concentrating on ways to annex the efficiency of photovoltaic cells every rubbish best as to process onwards electrical energy from solar energy at lower costs. Such betterments would do solar energy more feasible in the hereafter.History/ terra firma o f Use and TechnologyBackgroundsolar energy is beaming energy that is produced by the Sun. Every twenty-four hours the Sun radiates an tremendous nub of energy. Yet, merely a little part of the energy radiated by the Sun into infinite strikes the Earth. About 15 % of the Sun s energy that hits the Earth is reflected back into infinite. Another 30 % is used to vaporize H2O. solar energy is be looks absorbed by workss, the land and the oceans ( The Need Project, cc8 ) . The remainder could be used to fork over our energy indigences.History 1 Peoples afford harnessed solar energy for centuries. Equally early as the seventh century B.C. the ancient Greek and Native Ameri give the bounces were the outset to utilize solar power to their gain. Peoples used ingenuous magnifying spectacless to concentrate the visible radiation from the Sun into beams so hot they would do wood to catch fire. The first solar aggregator was built in 1776. The solar H2O warmer gained popularity early in mid-twenties and was in replete swing merely earlier World War II. This growing lasted until the mid-1950s when low-priced natural gas became the primary fuel for warming. The populace and domain authoritiess remained mostly apathetic to the possibilities of solar energy until the oil deficits of the 1970s ( Solar zero History, 2006 ) . Today, people use solar energy to heat edifices and generate electricity. mend solar power is normally used today than any other clip in history, the basicss are about the same as they have ever been. The photovoltaic engineering has been updated so that the panels are thin and smaller but the engineering is fundamentally the same.Uses and Technology 2 In past decennaries, solar energy was used widely in different Fieldss of life. Back in 400 B.C. , Native Americans and ancient Greeks built their houses into the side of hills to take advantage of the heat storage from the Sun during the twenty-four hours that would so be released during the dark . On the other manus, Romans were the first to utilize glass Windowss to pin down the heat of the Sun in their places. They were focussed about the saving of solar energy that they erected glass houses to make the right conditions to turn workss and seeds.During the eighteenth century, legion discoverers came up with different thoughts of merchandises that facilitate use of solar energy. The first solar aggregator built in 1776 would so execute undertakings like infrigidation and motive power. The steam engine built in 1861 used carbon % solar energy. In 1880, the first visible radiation change overing photovoltaic cells were made from Se. 10 mature ages subsequently, the first commercial H2O warmer was introduced. In the 1990s, solar power was seen as a peachy alternate to oil and crude oil merchandises. Therefore, it has been and is being utilised with the aid of engineering in deal frontwardsing power.Presently, solar energy is used around the creation. It has been introduc ed and used extensively in industrial applications, residential places and primeval power Stationss. veritable Uses and Issues of Solar vimThe Earth s atmosphere absorbs about 3.85 ten 1024 Js per twelvemonth, however merely a little portion of this energy can be harnessed by worlds due to technological restrictions. Nowadays, solar energy has many applications in around the universe and they are traveling to be discussed along with the issues they can do.Applications 3 Residential HomesIn recent old ages, there has been a fast growing in the figure of installings of photovoltaic ( PV ) panels on to edifices that are connected to the electricity grid. This country of demand has been stimulated in portion by authorities subsidy programmes and by green pricing policies of public-service corporations or electricity service suppliers. In these grid-connected systems, PV System summate electricity to the edifice and any day-time surplus may be exported to the grid. Batteries are non required because the grid supplies any excess demand. In most states implementing the engineering, a insurance policy called the Feed-In-Tariff ( FIT ) has been implemented in the system. This policy allows consumers to bring forth their ain electricity utilizing the PV system and to plow it to the grid. This has the possible advantage of cut downing their monthly electricity measure.The chief drawback of this application is that the monetary cling to of electricity lead finally lift as the bring forthing companies testament hold to maintain up their income and therefore the consumers testament stop up paying more than they were paying before put ining the PV panels. Furthermore, the PV system can non bring forth adequate electricity at a stable rate for an mount place to depend on it. Hence, houses can non be wholly dependent on solar energy with the current engineering.Industrial ApplicationsSolar energy has been the power supply of pick for many industrial applications, w here power is required at distant locations. These applications are economic and without subsidy. Examples of such utilizations are powering microwave repeater Stationss, picture and wireless, telemetry and wireless telephones. Solar energy is besides often used for transit signalling. For illustration, offshore pilotage buoys, beacons, aircraft admonishment visible radiations on pylons or constructions, and progressively in route traffic warning signals.The great benefit of solar energy here is that it is extremely dependable and requires small care so it is ideal in topographic points that are difficult to acquire to. However the PV panels may non be able to bring forth adequate electricity to carry through the electrical demands of the applications on cloudy or envisionery yearss. Therefore, these Stationss have to be connected to the grid or be equipped with generators working on oil or some other fuel.Cardinal Power StationsSolar energy can be harnessed utilizing PV panels to bring forth electricity. The largest solar power station can bring forth 354 MW of electricity. However to bring forth this sum of energy, people have to put in life-sized Numberss of solar panel on a big sum of land, about 6.5 km2. This is really dearly-won. Furthermore, solar energy is intermittent and besides the solar panels have to be invariably adjusted so as to maximize the solar energy harnessed. pissing warmingSolar hot H2O systems use sunlight to heat H2O. In low geographic latitudes ( below 40A grades ) 60 % to 70 % of domestic hot H2O with temperatures up to 60A AC can be provided by solar thawing systems. The usage of solar hot H2O warmers is ideal if full Sun exposure is available and the use is traveling to be moderate.The cost to put in a domestic solar hot H2O system may be more than the money protected by non utilizing electricity from the grid for warming the H2O. Furthermore, the Sun is intermittent and therefore a uninterrupted supply of hot H2O can non be provided.Environmental Impact and IssuesTo cover with the issue of planetary heating and other jobs raised by non-renewable lines, solar energy represents a clean, alternate power solution towards the universe s energy job. adept of the chief grounds that make solar energy favorable compared to other is that it is environmental friendly, and the more in effect it is consumed, the more opportunities of it replacing fossil fuels as a chief antecedent of energy. Although the after-effect of solar energy is mostly positive, the overall consequence should be to the full studied as attempts to expose its possible to travel frontward ( Vaux, 2010 ) . Some of the impacts and countries of concern are land perturbation, infinite consideration, risky role disposal and impact to H2O resources.To bring forth a perceivable sum of energy, a big figure of PV cells are required, which can take up a comparatively tremendous sum of infinite. For the intent of bring forthing electricity at a comm ercial graduated table, the building of solar energy installations requires relatively big countries for solar radiation aggregation ( Vaux, 2010 ) . Such big graduated table installings may interfere with natural sunshine, rainfall, and drainage, which could hold a assortment of effects on works and carnal life. This translates to an extra job where wildlife protection is concerned. Besides that, solar installations besides may interfere with bing land utilizations, such as farming. One practical solution for all these jobs could be to take advantage of fresh infinite on the roofs of houses and edifices and in urban and industrial tonss ( Vaux, 2010 ) .Photovoltaic panels may incorporate risky immobilises. Although risky constituents are good unaffectionate under the solar operating system, there is a potency for environmental taint if improperly given up over of ( Solar energy Development Programmatic EIS Information centralise ) . For illustration, liquids such as hydrauli c fluids, coolants, and lubricators which normally use in most industry installations may show a spill hazard. Other issues are wellness concerns due to the risky stuff used such as arsenic, Si, and Cd. Inert Si can be unsafe if inhaled. Cadmium is elevatedly toxic and can a cumulate in a given ecosystem if it is non monitored ( Vaux, 2010 ) .Other than land usage impact and risky disposal, H2O resources could besides be affected excessively, in particular the H2O that is required for the chilling of conventional steam workss used to bring forth electricity. In other words, addition in the demand for solar energy would necessitate a immense sum of H2O which could strive available H2O resources. Furthermore, if the chilling H2O is non appropriately treated, pollution of H2O resources could happen. However, this hazard can be minimized by good operating patterns ( Solar energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center )Current Future Outlook of Solar EnergySince the Sun is an ultimate energy beginning, the hereafter of solar energy seems assuring as no other beginning of energy may last forever. Solar power non merely promises a honest and non-polluting energy but besides a renewable beginning of energy ( Locsin, 2009 ) . However, the cost of using this solar energy is comparatively heights ( Locsin, 2009 ) . While monetary determine for electricity from photovoltaic cells may non go widely competitory compared to sweeping monetary determine for electricity from conventional bring forthing engineerings within the following 25 old ages, they may be competitory with high retail electricity monetary values in cheery parts ( EIA a, 2009 ) . In cheery countries, the cost can be every bit low as 23 US cents per kilowatt-hour. EIA s 4 Annual Energy Outlook 2009 undertakings that, by 2030, nightlong capacity costs for new bring forthing workss utilizing solar photovoltaic cells will be 37 % lower than the 2009 costs ( pertain to calculate 1 ) .The sum of Su n energy that is presently able to be converted to electricity is comparatively low, about 7 % -17 % ( Bellis, 2010 ) . The possible energy that could be extracted from solar radiation is really big. Some experts estimate that the Sun can bring forth 10,000 times every bit much energy as the Earth used at the tress of the twenty-first century ( Ellis, 2010 ) . Entire U.S. installed solar thermic capacity, presently 400 megawatts, is projected to increase to 859 megawatts in 2030 ( EIA a, 2009 ) ( refer to calculate 2 ) . Therefore, to be ideal and remain sustainable in the hereafter, world is suggested to in effect reap the energy from the Sun.As stated in the article, Make Solar Energy Economical ( 2008 ) , solar energy merely accounts for 1 % of the entire portion of energy consumed. Yet, the chances for bettering solar efficiency are assuring. Current criterion cells have a theoretical maximal efficiency of 31 % . But, add-on of new stuff may foster heighten the efficiency up to 34 % ( Think Solar Energy, 2009 ) . Another flair of bettering the efficiency involves a nanotechnology development which proposes that C nano-tubes may duplicate the efficiency of solar cells ( Think Solar Energy, 2009 ) .The use of solar energy is expected to increase with society s turning concerns towards planetary heating and other issues related to planetary environment. In other words, to make a more sustainable universe, a great hope is laid on the solar energy. Research workers are besides working on developing engineerings that may let solar energy to be used in H2O electrolysis. The H from the H2O can so be used in fuel cells for transit and other utilizations ( The optical Society of America, 2008 ) .Efficiency additions, coupled with other technological progresss, have been proven to cut down the cost of solar photovoltaic capacity from about US $ 300 per W in 1956 to less than US $ 5 per W in 2009 ( EIA a, 2009 ) . The efficiency of solar photovoltaic applications is expected to better farther as the engineering continues to be developed. As such, U.S. solar photovoltaic bring forthing capacity is projected to increase from 30 megawatts in 2006 to 381 megawatts in 2030 ( EIA a, 2009 ) ( refer to calculate 2 ) . Scientists are encouraged to carry on more research in developing cheaper and more compatible solar panels with better efficiency that can contend with that of fossil fuels or other beginnings of energy to hike solar energy aspiration in the hereafter. visualize 2 -Net Generating CapacityFigure 1 -Projected Solar Capital CostBrief Comparisons of Various Sources of Energy in the FutureThe current hereafter mentality for solar energy ingestion and demand show that it will non be the lone turning energy beginning. In the IEO 5 2009 survey, universe coal ingestion is besides forecasted to increase by 49 % from 2006 to 2030 and from 127.5 quadrillion Btu in 2006 to 190.2 quadrillion Btu in 2030 ( mention to calculate 3 ) . ember s portio n of universe energy ingestion will increase from 27 % in 2006 to 28 % in 2030. The growing rate for coal ingestion is reasonably even over the period, averaging 1.9 per centum per twelvemonth from 2006 to 2015 and 1.6 per centum per twelvemonth from 2015 to 2030. In the electric power sector its portion declines somewhat, from 42 per centum in 2006 to 40 per centum in 2020, and so increases to 42 per centum in 2030 ( EIA B, 2009 ) ( refer to calculate 4 ) .Yet, behind the promising future mentality, over a span of clip and in the visible radiation of turning planetary heating argument, many consumers would make for an surrogate more environmental friendly beginning of energy. Chiefly because of harmful coal emanations every bit good as the issue of militias handiness in the hereafter. Advancement in engineering is expected to push down the use costs of solar energy to the breaker point where it is able to vie with coal and consumers will slowly get down devouring more solar ener gy.Figure 4 Universe burn Share ConsumptionFigure 3 World Coal ConsumptionWorld liquids ingestion for the intent of electric power beginnings at the same clip is reported to increase in the IEO2009 mention shell from 85 million barrels per twenty-four hours ( 173 quadrillion Btu ) in 2006 to 107 million barrels per twenty-four hours ( 216 quadrillion Btu ) in 2030, notwithstanding universe oil monetary values that remain above US $ 100 per barrel ( in existent 2007 dollars ) from 2013 through the terminal of the projection period ( refer to calculate 5 ) . In the mention congressman, the mean universe oil monetary value rises from US $ 61 per barrel in 200911 to US $ 110 per barrel in 2015 and US $ 130 per barrel in 2030 ( US $ 189 per barrel in nominal footings ) . In the low monetary value instance, oil monetary values average US $ 50 per barrel in 2030 ( US $ 73 per barrel in nominal footings ) , compared with US $ 200 per barrel ( US $ 289 per barrel in nominal footings ) in the high monetary value instance ( EIA c, 2009 ) ( refer to calculate 6 ) .Sustained high universe oil monetary values due to proficient trouble, bad and really expensive polish undertakings including those located in ultra-deep H2O and the Arctic, in combination with the draining of fuel militias and the pollution job will in the long term force consumers to transpose to cheaper, cleaner, and more eco-friendly energy such as solar.Figure 6 Universe Oil Monetary valuesFigure 5 World Liquid ConsumptionLast, in the IEO2009 mention instance, natural gas ingestion in non Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) states in peculiar is reported to turn more than in two ways every bit fast as in OECD states. Worldwide, entire natural gas ingestion will increase by an norm of 1.6 % per twelvemonth from 104 trillion three-dimensional pess in 2006 to 153 trillion three-dimensional pess in 2030 ( EIA d, 2009 ) ( refer to calculate 7 ) . Despite its turning demand s and ingestion in the hereafter, keeping the premise of universe oil monetary values that remains high through the terminal of the projection of 2030, consumers would choose for the relatively less expensive natural gas for their energy demands whenever possible ( EIA d, 2009 ) . Natural gas has besides wrench an attractive pick for new bring forthing workss for its comparative fuel efficiency and less C dioxide produced compared to flash or crude oil.However, in the long tally, the handiness of the recoverable natural gas militias will besides be of concern and costs will non stay as they are but will increase over clip hence driving consumers towards the use of solar energy as an surrogate energy that has greater length of service.Figure 7 World Natural Gas ConsumptionDecisionSolar energy has been used for centuries. It is a cleaner energy beginning with great potency for a universe where assorted steps are being taken to follow greener, more sustainable patterns. Intermittent Sun, high operation costs and ongoing research into efficient engineerings limit current solar usage. Research into methods of increase harnessed energy from the Sun will in bend addition solar energy usage which presently is a infinitesimal part of the universe s entire energy usage. There are environmental concerns but these can be minimised with equal handling.To be more sustainable, mankind are suggested to efficaciously reap energy from the Sun. Although the cost of using this solar energy in comparing with of other non renewable beginnings of energy is still comparatively high, through promotions in engineering and research, it is projected to diminish to a degree where it is able to vie with other beginnings of energy such as coal, fuels and natural gas. The Sun, unlike any other energy beginning, is an ultimate energy beginning that may last everlastingly assuring a simple and non-polluting energy.

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Analyst Apple 4ps

summary, class and marketing merge of orchard apple tree Introduction The aim of this report is to snap the live position of the partnership which eachow ins the merchandises, current strategic position, and current financial strength. Different types of marketing tools argon employ in this report. PEST analysis and Porters five force work for flavor into the bring outer environment. SWOT analysis for feeling into the internal environment of the organization.This report besides looks into market segmentation and the marketing mix of the product. apple was first off introduced by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976 to market and sell the apple individualised computer kit. The first computer kits were hand built and was kept for a public display first at the homebrew computer lab. This computer kit consisted of Motherboard with RAM, CPU, and some video chips.Since then apple wee-wee come a long mode in the market all e verywhere the worl d and they are one of the leading companies in electronic products. This give notice be kn deliver with the info given below Current Strategic Position orchard apple tree believes in continuous improvement and they look into all the bring out sectors the likes of environment, health and safety management systems and the quality of our products, processes and services.Looking into the Principle and goals of Apple, Apple has set out their let principles where they look to meet all the health and safety requirements, promote energy efficiency, and their briny goals are macrocosm is the most important thing for apple, to augment the trope of sales of the product in the education field, providing peeled and user friendly software for the customers, and last but not the least providing high quality products to the customers.Looking into the current strategic position of Apple, with the introduction of its possess operational system, hardware, software application, and with a co mpletely immature design, Apple looks to meet all the customer requirements like new products, ease of use, and an sophisticated design of the product. Apple is shortly focusing on, brand sense and improving the product by increasing the financial investment on marketing and advertisement, they are looking at expanding the retail segment by opening to a greater extent number of stores all over the world, they are looking at keeping it up with the opposition by mplementing a cost leadership dodging, and they are looking to continue the reputation of being the leader in installation for new technology by implementing product differentiation strategy. Looking into the current finance position of Apple, on October 19, 2009 Apple announced the financial results for the year 2009. The company posted revenue of $9. 87 billion and a gelt quarterly profit of $1. 67 billion. These results flush toilet be compared to the revenue of $7. 9 billion and net quarterly profit of $1. 14 billio n in the previous year quarter. International sales also helped 46% of the quarters revenue.Gross margin is 36. 6% when compared to the previous year quarter which was 34. 7%. Apple reached 17% affix when compared to the previous year quarter by no-hitly selling 3. 05 million macintosh computers during the quarter. PEST analysis and Porters five forces are in truth important tools to establish the external environment of Apple PEST Analysis Political F runors Different countries feature different rules and regulations which can act as a positive or a negative barrier which can result in restricting the companies or lend opportunities to the company.Good thing for Apple is NAFTA, European Union and other regional workmanship open doors so that the company can have a wider market in Europe, Asia, Latin, and America which can offer enormous potential to the company. Beatles lawsuit against Apple can affect the reputation of the company in a negative way. There is a direct impact o n the overall business of the company (Apple) due to the political uncertainties caused by terrorism. Apple relies on the government to give a grant and sharp property obtained from third parties. Economic FactorsApple has been affected in the last year by the slow scotch and that resulted in low consumer spending. However the current economy shows consumer spending, some amount of improvement, and investment might increase as well. In US due to the weak economic condition the educational segment is encountering a large loss in many states. Hence this has caused a negative impact over the Apples sales in the educational segment. With respect to sales of product Apple having a ecumenical market can be affected by currency exchange rate and by world(prenominal) trade regulations as they obtain the components of the product from foreign suppliers.Social Factors Apple have designed their induce computers and their own softwares which will help this generation as the computer and i nternet usage is quick growing worldwide. With the introduction of macintosh throng have more information, gain more knowledge well-nigh different types of computers and becomes a entire source of opportunities for the Apple computer industry. Education has become the primary proceeds for the new generation which is a key factor for the companys business. Social factors also include internet revolution, shopping online, Brand awareness of the company. Technological FactorsTechnology is experiencing a rapid boom in this generation, and people appreciate more and more innovative changes in their systems and are switching over to the new information appliances and Apple have been prospered in providing new appliances. There is a rapid reaping in the usage of the internet which is also a good opportunity for the company. The traditional desktop is becoming overaged with new products coming into the market like Mac laptops. This new technology can be used in schools, collages, and by professionals as they will be able to gain the more knowledge and this in turn increases the demand of the product.Porters five forces Porters five forces model is an excellent model to use to analyze a particular environment of an industry. In this report we are entering the PC industry and hence Porters model will help us to find out about Competitive Rivalry Competitive rivalry for Apple is rattling high as it is a competition among the big companies and it is fierce as e genuinelyone is aiming at a larger market share, intensive expense cuts and changes. PCs are differentiated as hardware / software configurations. Competition is mainly based one cost. The main competitor for Apple is Microsoft.Microsoft also has their own operating system but is providing it to the customers in a very cheap bell when compared to Apple. Hence I can say that thither is a fierce scathe competition. Bargaining Power of suppliers. (Low) Looking into Apple, the company is highly dependent on component suppliers. If the supplier wants to increase his profits he can put pressure on the market by supplying the components at a higher equipment casualty. Apple is running at a higher risk than other as they are working with only few selected suppliers. Bargaining Power of customers. Low) In the PC world there is high number of suppliers in the industry and Apple being a part of it, has its product price higher than the other company products. Hence there will be lot of options for the customers to buy the cheapest and the outperform product. Threats of substitutes. (Low) In the present generation PCs represent 90% of the market share as they have quadruple configurations, performance and price ranges. Looking into Apple they have their own operating system called as Mac and there is no product competing in the market. Threat of new entry.In the world of PCs any company that has a new technology that is efficient in terms of price and performance is considered as a terror to the industry. Looking into Apple there is no threats from any new entrants as there is no product competing in the market. Apple has a very good brand image and it will be very difficult for the new entrants to pose a threat to the company. SWOT analysis is also a very important tool which will help in establishing the internal environment of Apple SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a market tool which helps to understand the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in a business.During the strategic readiness process the most commonly used tool is SWOT. STRENGTHS Corporate reputation is high. Apple manufactures have their own product and their own operating system hence they have a good control over the product. Leader in innovation and product differentiation. Apple has a very good strategic trammel with HP. Creativity style. WEAKNESSES Apple has set high prices on their products. Apple has high inventory in their products. Apple has problems in distribution of their produc ts. Apple has too many product lines. OPPORTUNITIES Demand for innovation. Internet. Growing industry.Employee benefit programme. chance to create a new software markets and selling the hardware in those markets. THREATS There is fierce competition among the PC industry. Loss of market share. Price competition. Increase in supplys costs. Market cleavage The market segmentation includes Demographical bases. Geographical bases. Behavior bases. Psychographic bases. 2. 1 Demographical bases (age, family size, life cycle, occupation) Looking into Apple, the Demographical market segment is successful because they are developing products on the age, life cycle, occupation of the people.They are distributing their products into various places and the PCs are categorized on age, family size, for example they would have more games and entertainment in the PCs for the kids and a professional PC with all the in style(p) softwares. 2. 2 Geographical bases (states, regions, countries) Looking i nto the geographical bases of Apple they have established their business all over the world like U. S. , South America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Recently Apple chose to implement a upright piano growth strategy and began expanding their own retail stores.The company also sells its product via third-parties dealers, or via internet through with(predicate) their own website or through the iTunes online music stores. 2. 3 Behavior bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, and responses) In this market segment Apple providing good product knowledge to the customers by advertizing on search engines, T. V. as they have a very good brand image. Using this brand image they are continuously coming up with new ideas and products and attracting the customers. Apple has got a very good response rate as many of the customers are looking for new designs and innovative products which Apple is successfully delivering. . 4 Psychographic bases (lifestyle, values, personality) Looking into Ap ple the psychographic market segment is successful because they are developing products on the lifestyle of the people such as Mac book for the junior generation. Apple having a very good brand image has very good value for its products as they are different and innovative. Looking into the personality (style) sector Apple is providing their products with different colors for the people who like fancy colors. MARKETING MIX Marketing mix is the combination of the product, the price, place and promotion. These are popularly cognize as Four Ps.When the marketing condition like political, social, economic, and technological factors change even the marketing mix has to be changed. The four Ps are listed as below 3. 1 Product Apple is connected to sell original, good looking products that have an easy-to-use interface. The company offers a range of personal computing products, think devices and various third party hardware-products. In addition, the company offers software products (M ac OS X), server software and related to solution professional application software and consumer, education and business oriented application software.Apple has been very innovative by finding new usages for its Mac computer, such as desktop publishing and strong artwork/animation capabilities. The Mac functionality for managing multimedia files from cameras, DV recorder and MP3 devices has been very popular and successful. 3. 2 Price Apple price is known to be above average in the industry. The company is using a differentiation strategy and focuses more on innovation, and quality. This strategy is justifying their premium prices.Lately, however, their new technology and their high cash flow allowed them to get off their price and to offer more discount to certain markets such as the education market. This new price strategy may help Apple to compete better with the non-Mac user market but might cause some issue with the brand image/recognition. 3. 3 Place Apples operating segme nts are comprised of U. S. South America Europe Japan Australia. Recently Apple chose to implement a vertical growth strategy and began expanding their own retail stores.The company also sells its product via third-parties dealers, or via internet through their own website or through the iTunes online music stores. 3. 4 Promotions The best in the Apple Mac is that songs can be played only from iTunes and hence Apple In 2003, formed a strategic adherence with PepsiCo. The Pepsi iTunes music promotion calls for people to use the winning code found under the Pepsis bottle caps products to redeem songs from Apples iTunes music Store. This promotion has already been successful for both companies and increased the awareness of the iTunes presence in the market.In 2003, Apple also announced marketing partnerships With America Online that are aimed at crusade iTunes use deeply into the mainstream. Apple computers could play a song only from the iTunes. Apple and America Online have agree d to put iTunes buy this song buttons next to every song thats listed in AOLs music service, which its 25 million subscribers can access. Clicking the button will automatically launch the iTunes music jukebox and begin downloading the song billing will be handled through the customers existing musical arrangement with AOL.Apple has a joint venture with Hewlett Packard. Apple has produced an iPod for PC users and the success of this product was a good way for the company to capture non-MAC users. The company also drew on endorsements from music stars. In 2005, Apple computing machine has initiated a partnership with Wal-Mart that saw the iPod shuffle featured at Wal-Mart discount locations around the country. Read more http//www. ukessays. com/essays/marketing/analysis-segmentation-and-marketing-mix-of-apple-marketing-essay. phpixzz2QZbbQKIn