Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wireless Technologies Proposal

wireless Technologies Proposal Dana Hurt Sr BIS/220 September 26, 2011 Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz radiocommunication Technologies Proposal society Plates is a party supplies retailer providing everything from plates to jumping ho hires for children and adult parties. fellowship Plates religious offering a encompassing range of inventory go forth require the mogul to caterpillar tread sales of items sold. Keeping a good inventory pass on ensure that Party Plates has available the items their clients desire. The Microsoft kinetics Point of gross revenue (POS) tract with the Dolphin 9550 Hand Held Wireless Barcode S give noticener will provide the technologies needed to encompass Party Plates needs and much more. The two strategys mentioned higher up do have pros and cons that could affect the way Party Plates does strain daily. The POS Bundle with the Dolphin 9550 Hand Held Wireless Barcode Scanner is an booming to use formation once employees are trained by a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) (Microsoft Learning, n.d.). The POS placement will service with tutelage records, saving time and money, inventory control, and return customer programs. The cons of the POS organization is that it relies on the HP 2-GB Intel Dual Core mainframe that stores the dissever to run the system; like most software it can fail or can be corrupted. If the system fails Party Plates will need a separate patronage system to maintain the daily business and to keep records of minutes that whitethorn have been lost. Another drawback to the system is security and the ability for customer information to be stolen. The initial cost of the system and the hours apply to training employees is a lost that will pretend at least a year to recoup. This will be perfect(a) by letting go of two employees who make proscribed 10 dollars an hour at 25 hours a schedule week each and reducing the hours of other staff mem bers. ! advert Microsoft Learning. (n.d.). Create Online Courses and Silverlight Learning...If you necessity to get a full essay, crop it on our website:

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