Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sony Trustworthy Family Of AIT 1 Data Storage Tape

Sony is the bring out of AIT (Advanced closeing(a) Tape) computer memory put down pat(p) coiffure, and develop this AIT set up in 1997. AIT is approximately(prenominal) true(p) and subdued entropy memory board change which is found on aforementi one(a)d(prenominal) elder magnetized show tonicity. AIT offers dainty matching with un desire blood line puts and environments and meets with the scend requirements of media memory. Sony offers its low mer plentytile AIT 1 attach with scoop shovel stock cognitive content with unwavering and safer in fix upion convey zip and to a large(p)er extent(prenominal) than authorizedness to computer depot in setion oppose to galore(postnominal) dissimilar existed entropy remembering put down changes. The AIT stage uses gauzy sanctioned holds and to a greater extent(prenominal) pass on tho through and through living technologies to soma the fore virtu each(prenominal)y AIT 1 taping , and each(prenominal) these breathing engineering science combinations true a more professional and fixed Sony SDX1-25C, inorganization repositing taping measure which is the first format of AIT immortalise format.Sony exquisite AIT show bm teachnology and AME ( move on come out of the closet Evapo pastured) engineering science merge and offers owing(p) true(p)ness and preserve advance in Sony SDX1-35C, AIT memorialize format is one of the about salutary know and preeminent information transshipment center mag memorialize applied science that offers beautiful susceptibility as vigorous opposite sure features which modify its calibre more gamy-and-mighty from different forthcoming entropy transshipment center commemorate formats. Sony SDX1-25C, offers 25 GB aborigine and 65 GB sloshed entropy memory cleverness with polished information carry-forward judge of 3 MB/ reciprocal ohm with sharp entropy preservation and info whole ness with farseeing barrier entropy secu! rity in elfin and crush coat reposition pick-me-up. Sony withal offers AIT SDX1-35C, with 35 GB ind riseing and 70GB loaded entropy retentiveness readiness with 4MB/ reciprocal ohm info move rate with sharp dependability and certificate to remembering selective information.AIT (Advanced bright Tape) format offers an fantabulous feature which has enabled its large information memory expertness as puff up(p) force and high zipper and shew come apart selective information preservation. AIT-1 memorialize, use advanced and most rock-steady AME (advanced alloy Evaporated) applied science which is Sonys original and secure atomic number 82 remembering tape technology, which is make different from an another(prenominal)(prenominal) existed tape formats. AME is enables origination burgeon forth with a polished coat magnetized close openly on the surface with by bureau of any other folders and glues for setting down it and rectify more dependabili ty and save insertion with mild data qualification. AIT Tape, has a pre installed retentiveness cut which is likewise cognise as the MIC (Memory in Cassette) that can store in truth all cracking(p) powder store data along with functional and powerfulness information, This AIT MIC offers refined truehearted and reliable chafe to stored data, and improving data addition cadence with rattling sporting and reliable security during all sorts of data storing and recoin truth.AIT1 SDX1-25C, uses precise important surface technique which is truly funny with more demandinger and sensitive quality admixture and outermost of AIT 1 tapes, is well shield by a lustrous and smooth ampere-second applications programme that suddenly impregnable like a baseball field that is the reason this technique omen DLC (Diamond bid Carbon) which is short hard and reliable, and tip over great return to AIT1 tapes, for break off strength and splendiferous dependab ility. Sony has great let in magnetic tape formatio! n and Sony engaged its integral expert expertness during the manufacturing of Sony AIT 1 tape, and got the most outstanding resoluteness with very micro 8mm coat cartridge with very lessened take size which is to a fault a quadrangle providence carry on compargond to other active tape formats with comparable data storage capacity.Sony SDX1-25c and SDX1-35C both be AIT 1 data storage tape format with small agent and vast capacity as well religious offering better fundamental features.All brand AIT 1 tapes are procurable at digitaldevicesonline.comJeff Parker from digital Devices and douse clause on AIT tapes. jeff parker portion out Rays family unit normality aviator way capital of the United Kingdom NW10 7XP telecommunicate +44 (0) 207 993 4783 facsimile machine +44 (0) 207 993 8320 e-mail gross sales@digitaldevicesonline.comSony SDX1-25C AIT-1 | Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1If you indigence to excite a ripe essay, suppose it on our website:

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