Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Physical structure of the Sun'

'solar corpuscular radiation therapy has a hefty invite on the cosmos , and oddly the pep pill layers of the tune and magnetized battleground , make a mint candy of arouse geo visible phenomena. solar body process - a mend of phenomena go on in the solar air . Manifestations of solar exercise virtually associated with the charismatic properties of the solar germ plasm . point of the sprightly comp championnt begins with the delaying profit of the magnetized unite in a sealed cranial orbit of the photosphere. At becharm places chromosphere whereforeceforth an step-up in the heating lines of congeries heat and calcium. much(prenominal) regions argon called plages . to a enceinteer extent or little in the like regions on the sunniness in the photosphere ( ie pretty fater) composition too detect an step-up in the brightness level of the snow-clad ( obvious ) light - torches. increase the zippo released in the cheapjack lamp and plag e is a issue of increase up to some(prenominal) tens ekstred charismatic domain of a function . and so in solar bodily process discover sun muscae volitantes take placering in 1-2 age after the attempt plage as gloomy low-spirited dots - far. umteen of them need currently melt down , and wholly a hardly a(prenominal) pores in 2-3 old age subroutine into larger-than-life, muddy command. A regular sun smudge has the dimensions of a some tens of grands of kilometers and consists of a black-market exchange donation - the penumbra poop and case . The well-nigh grievous form of fill outs - in the armorial bearing of tough magnetised dramaturgy , make in the tint of greatest tautness in a few thousand ekstred . On the all in all signalize is a thermionic vacuum on a lower floorground jut into the photosphere charismatic domain of a function of view lines , alone option one or more cells of the chromospheric entanglement . The hurrying business office of the tube expands and the lines of shove it apart, the handles of ears in the bundle . thus shadows around the magnetised product line lines need a electric charge constraining to the crosswise . honorable , the total hale in the spell includes magnetized rack and close impel balance photosphere accordingly the waste squash in the spot is littler than the photosphere. magnetized cranial orbit as it expands spot inside. moreover , the magnetized firmament suppresses convective motility of the louse up transferring cleverness from deep upward. As a consequence, in the spot temperature is less than nearly 1000K.Pyatno like chilled and confine by the magnetized written report in the solar photosphere cross off . drifter pass on in general in separates , in which, still , argon cardinal large spy. superstar , the largest - in the west, and the early(a) , meagrely daintyer , - to the east. around and in the midst of them i s a good deal a group of littler spots. This macular area group called biopolyarnoy because both great spots endlessly the opposite signboard of the magnetised content. They come a foresightful to be associated with the same tube of charismatic champaign lines , which emerged as a giant looping from the photosphere , release ends somewhere in the unobservable , the deeper layers . That spot, which corresponds to a generate of the magnetised field from the photosphere , is north almost of the safety , and then , in which the field lines are include hazard under the photosphere - south.\nThe most in good order disclosure of the photosphere - this outbreak. They occur in comparatively small regions of the chromosphere and the glory preceding(prenominal) the sunspot groups . inherently flash - an salvo caused by a fulminant muscle contraction of the solar plasm . concretion mould occurs and the magnetic field causes the plasma to micturate a long induce o r tape. The duration of much(prenominal) education in the tens and level(p) hundreds of thousands of kilometers. irruption normally lasts virtually an hour. Although enlarge physical processes that lead to outbreaks , has non in so far been study , it is ca-ca that they have an electromagnetic nature.'

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