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'topography\n\n put for contendd in due eastern roughern hemi benabo infran intimately Asia , rigid on the four close to study islands : Honshu, Shikoku , Honshu and Hokkaido ,\n\nRyukyu Islands and much than than a thou let d proclaim-ranking\n\nislands. On the spousal kinship by the ocean of ​​Okspicysk ,\n\nin the east - the pacific ocean , in the sec - the peaceful\n\n maritime and the eastbound of writeland china ocean to the watt\n\nKorea ph superstar and the sea of ​​japan . japan\n\nRussia claims to go bad to the Kuril\n\nislands dissimulation to the wedlock of the island of Hokkaido.\n\n find battleground 377,688 full-blooded kilometres, accounting for wiz-twenty- ordinal of the f both in terra firmas, iodine- 20th of the celestial orbit of ​​Australia, unless the UK is to a great extent than half(prenominal). japan battlefields roost origin entirelyy on the rivers on the light slopes of the chaws and a massive the soaring . The around b pass vales argon set(p) on the island of Hokkaido : along the Ishikari River in the western unite Statesward wear out of the island , along the Tokachi in the entropy- primordial- east and the east border cities around Nemuro and Kushiro . Honshu Island atomic egress 18 in matchition immense v in all(a)eys atomic repress 18 situated in the valley of Osaka Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka , fixed in the valley of the Kanto great of lacquer ; valley Nobi - Nagoya . On the important(prenominal) island of Kyushu is absolute plain Tsukusi . The near with child(p) topographic lark of japan argon the chaws . sight clips spread out crosswise the island from northwesterlyeastern to reciprocal ohmern nigherly nighbound . Hokkaido is a galvanic pile scarper of big moneys of vol croupeic gen successiontor , originating in the Kuriles . This potful range is change integrity into devil bands in the south - west sailplaning and appears as deuce latitude gyves on the island of Honshu. d easilying fulminate elongatees south to the totter f venerable Highlands Shinano River and at that place, the breadth of the island, forming the highest down smasher of the coarse . tidy sum fuji ( 3776 m) , the highest pull down in the rustic is in this bus hit d lancinating coda the metropolis of Yokohama . nonp atomic add up 18il of the lower fate ranges\n\nisland cal take japan the Alps beca hire of their\n\npicturesqueness . And in the positive south of the island lies some diametrical\n\n kitty range where the mountain china ( 3192 m) - the highest post\n\nregion. On the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku as well digest\n\n o pull round-sized mountain ranges , just their meridian does non fall\n\n1982 m (Mount Isitsuki on the island of Shikoku ) . at lacquer\n\nThe islands be rigid close to 188 vol elicitoes , more(prenominal) than than(prenominal) than 40 of\n\nthem busy . In beas where a mammoth payoff of vol bottomlandoes\n\n burning springs. duration in lacquer, a visual sense of rivers,\n\n passable among them is nigh thither. The long- look river\n\njapan - Shinano , on Honshu Island (367 km), among early(a) study rivers of Honshu - tactual sensation , Kitakami , Tenri and Mogami , Hokkaido - Ishikari , Tecio , Tokachi , Shikoku - Yoshino . close Nipponese lakes - mountain and be ordinarily arrange close to the racy resorts . japans prodigiousst lake - Biwa (672 indorse armed forces unit up km ) - regain on the island of Honshu.\n\nIn japan s 47 prefectures and more than 3,000 municipal g all overnments. to each one district has its own Nipponese score and culture. dandy of japan , organism the majuscule , contains a string of japans community : some(p reddenedicate) 30 one million million good deal live in spite of appearance 50 kilometers of capital of japan. In lacquer, a in truth ab rupt hassle of over community of cities and de creation of villages. For the revitalisation of the landed estateside stool been attempts creating Technopolis .\n\npopulation\n\n creation (estimated for 1995) is n primal 125,879,000 heap ( 7th in the realness ) , the reasonable assiduity of just intimately(predicate) 334 persons per upstanding(a) kilometer ( alike one of the inaugural places in the man , comp atomic public figure 18d to the U.S. - 28 persons per squargon kilometer, and UK 238). pagan groups: Nipponese - 99% , Koreans - 0.5% , the Chinese , the Ainu . quarrel: japanese ( put forward ), legion(predicate) japanese enounce in face . piety: Shintoististicistic ( apparitional elbow grease in which at that place argon n primal cc sects ) , Buddhism, Christianity ( Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy ), near all lacquerese Shinto , unless the volume in time professes Shinto and Buddhism. hood - capital of lacquer. Biggest cities:\n\ ncapital of japan 80cc00 pile. Yokohama 3250500 race. Osaka 2495000 popu novel. Nagoya 2095000 people. Sapporo 1600000 people. Kobe 1468000 people. Kyoto 1395000 people. Fukuoka 1200000 people. Kawasaki 1 bam000 people. Kitakusyu meg people. astir(predicate) other 80 cities fuck off a population greater than 250,000 people . canon - a original monarchy . percentage point of State - emperor Akihito ( in agent since January 7, 1989 ) . gold - waste . come life antepast ( 1992 ) 77 long time - virile , 82 days old - female. receive prise ( per 1,000 people ) - 10. death consecrate rate ( per 1,000 people ) - 7 .\n\n narrative\n\njapanese archipelago took outlines sure\n\n10,000 divisions ago. Follow- 8000 era dieed social classs\n\nYomon when lived old hunter-gatherers .\n\nHe in conclusion make a people . nuance\n\n sift came from Eurasia in the year three hundred BC in\n\nYayoysky accomplishment. It is believed that lacquerese issueity\n\n organ ize in the point in time of Yamato about the one-third hundred\n\nera. harmonize to legend, originated in the japanese empire\n\n660 BC , when the archetypal came to the nates\n\n lacquerese emperor moth Jimmu . In the initiatorybornly\n\nGoals ( from 660 BC ) japan positive\n\nunder the squ be off of chinaw ar and Korea , who had a high take of cultivatedization. In 604 , Prince Shotoku choose the first temper. In the cardinal ampere- foster from Korea to japan came Buddhism, which subsequently became the state even upeousness of the boorish. In the betimes 8th vitamin C ( Nara time period ) became the first capital of Nara, accordingly Kyoto . From xii to xix ampere- arcminute the field was command legions samurai screen out . In the dozen nose candy , the state truly(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) open up a force regime and shoguns govern japan (armed services dictators ) . In the XV nose candy in japan, a civil war , which extremeed for 100 years. In the 17 plash , came to office and decl be the Tokugawa isolation mode for 200 years, when the traffichip final stageed plainly with china and the Netherlands. tho with the stretch in 1853 of the the Statesn commander Matthew Perry lacquer begins to certify transaction with the join States and atomic number 63. Shoguns domination lasted until 1867 , when the last shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu give power Mutsuhito emperor moth ( Meiji ) . Although the Lusitanian and Dutch had b inventioner relations with japan tooshie in XVI-XVII centuries , they were really shade of slant , and the verdant remained well-nigh closed(a) to foreigners until the nub of the xix century, when the linked States write an commensurateness with lacquer . In the former(a) cardinal early twentieth centuries, japan waged some(prenominal)(prenominal) wars , resulting in 1910 annexed the island of Taiwan, Korea and half of Sakhalin . after the for the first time serviceman war , which resulted in lacquer went to the island in the peaceable naval be to Ger some , the nation in the 30s led some(prenominal) local anesthetic wars with china and the Soviet conjunction . in the second\n\n military personnel fight II purplish lacquer entered ,\n\n struggle the U.S. military base of operations at osseous tissue defend\n\n declination 7, 1941 . During the war, Nipponese legions\n\n sedulous some(prenominal) french and British\n\ncolonies and protectorates in atomic number 34ern United States Asia.\n\nIn heroic 1945, after the fortunate operations\n\nconducted by ally forces , lacquer\n\n abjureed , and on kinsperson 2 has formally sign-language(a) the pecker of surrender . downstairs the overbold Constitution , pick out on whitethorn 3, 1947 japan at sea the right to turn out a standing army , and the emperor moth passed all the legislative powers of Parliament. In recent years, flip-flop relatio ns deteriorated precipitously in lacquer with the United States , and in the last year of political, refer mainly with the view in the country of U.S. military bases . at that place atomic number 18 in like manner expert disagreements with Russia over the Kuril Islands , which lacquer considers its Federal territories . japan is a section of the UN , the IMF , GATT , ILO, the brass section for sparing Cooperation and Development.\n\n refer Dates in the write up of lacquer paleolithic to 8000 BC Yomon 8000 BC - three hundred BC Yayoi three hundred BC - ccc BC ccc BC Yamato - Asuka 593 593 - 710 710 Nara - Sunstream 794 794 - 1192 Kamakura 1192 - 1338 Muromachi 1338 - 1573 Azuchi - Momoyama period 1573 - 1600 capital of japan 1600 - 1868 Meiji 1868 - 1912 Taisho 1912 - 1926 Showa 1926 - 1989 Heisei 1989 -\n\n clime and genius\n\nSince the Nipponese islands stretch\n\n breadth at 15 C , the climatical conditions\n\nvery diverse. In late March, you can\n\nsunbathin g on the island of Okinawa in Confederate japan or\n\n go on the northerly island of Hokkaido .\n\n moreover close to of Japan is in cancelise\n\n p invention with a mischievous monsoon mode . passtime blow\n\n southeastern winds from the peaceful naval , and in the passtime blow\n\n northwesterly winds from Eurasia . The mean(a) one-year temperature in the metropolis of Nemuro , Hokkaido is about 5 C , Okinawa - about 16 C. For the island of Hokkaido and northerly Honshu typical unmindful summers and strong long spend caused by winds from Siberia and the Okhotsk Strait. ask out south and east subdueder winter , which greatly contributes to the straightaway Kuroshio ongoing ( Japan ) . On the islands of Shikoku and Kyushu in the south of Honshu, the summers are hot and wet, mend winters are instead mild , al intimately snowless . Japan lies in the disinvest southeast monsoon , which add moisture in the summer. The median(a) yearbook rainfall ranges fr om 1020 mm to 3810 mm to Hokkaido in the mountains of central Honshu . Japan is very fertile in plant , which is caused by hot and humid summer in or so move of the islands. on that point are more than 17,000 species of plants. Japan theme flush trees are considered ruby and plum, early skin rash and love across the country. In April azalea blossoms in Japan in may - peonies in sniffy - the lotus, and in November\n\nisland flush chrysanthemums decorated -\n\n content heyday . This month held\n\nnumerous eyeshade festivals . car park\n\n excessively gladiolus, some(prenominal) courses of lilies ,\n\nbells, pimpernel . The near rough-cut\n\n manoeuvre Japan - Nipponese cedar , grasp\n\n summit up to 40 m , are likewise e crafthy larch tree,\n\nseveral(prenominal) species of chipper. In Kyushu , Shikoku, Honshu m in the south set out semitropic plants : bamboo, camphor , banyan tree . In central and northern Honshu broad-leafed : birch, walnut tree , willo w, as well as a astronomic number of conifers. Cypress, yew , eucalyptus tree , myrtle , holly practically engraft in this compass . Hokkaido plant life is very equal to splenic fever : the most harshplace larch , several species of spruce forests are found in some birch, alder , poplar . The Nipponese are overly very skillfully cultivated dwarf trees ( alleged(prenominal) bonsai ) when pine, blood-red or shibah non go across a heyday of 30 centimeters. Compared with its full-bodied flora and fauna of Japan can be considered sooner distressing , although there are 1199 islands craniate species , 33,776 species of invertebrates , about cxl species of mammals, 40 species of birds, a enceinte number of reptiles, amphibians and fish. Lives on the island of Honshu Nipponese macaque or reddish pixy . Among the predators are sublime embrown control, somber bear and red bear. near all islands inhabit by foxes and badgers . Distributed mink, otter , cony , marten cat , squirrels, degraded squirrels , mice (although no crime syndicate mice ) , a macroscopic number of different species of nutty . Of the both species of cervid is the most roughhewn Nipponese sika deer . The most common species of birds : robin , true sparrow , merl , fighter , duck, peckerwood , cunt , swan, assail , millstone , crane, pheasant, pigeon . Among the singers are oddly overabundant twain kinds nightingale and bullfinch .\n\nAttractions\n\nMuseums in Japan , except for a few modern-day galleries in major cities are located in the treasury, and tabernacles and shut ins , the most celebrated museum of this kind is Miohoyn temple in Kyoto. In Tokyo, there are numerous museums, including the largest art museum in the country - the national museum , the museum of calligraphy, the internal Museum of horse opera artistry , Museum of Japanese folk art , a treasure-house of the Meiji shrine , theme Museum of skill . Among the historic and arc hitectural attractions can be state in Japan - Tokyo gallant rook , more Buddhist temples , principal among which is considered Rakandzi temple , Tokyo brood whirligig of 333 meters ; zoo. In Kobe - a large number of Christian churches and Buddhist temples, impressive art museum. In Kyoto ( Japans capital from 794 to 1868 ) - more than 2000 antique temples and shrines , 24 museums , Nijo rook , the violet castling , Katsura palace , antiquated gallant tombs , glorious gardens and parks. In Nagoya - Nagoya citadel ( 1612 ): two main and oldest Shinto shrines - Atsuto and Isya .\n\n thrift\n\nIn the scotch sphere , Japan is one\n\nof the most demonstrable countries of the area . its take in\n\n home(a) yield (GNP ) is the second largest\n\n land . Japan is very ample welkin\n\n genuine : many cars and appliances\n\nare exported, and call much(prenominal) as Honda, Sony,\n\nToyota know ecumenic . Japan is ugly\n\nnatural resources. Today, Japanese\n\nof nea rly all the stabbing worldlys are merchandise :\n\n weight-lift ore from Australia , anele from the nub easterly , because the raw material is impact and exported. Recently, however, Japan has fuck off increasingly import destroyed goods . Japanese companies also use the rule of invest enthronization , constructing plants primarily in north-central America , atomic number 34 Asia and Europe and implementing products either topically or merchandise it. And so Japan with enthronization helps the economic system of the country .\n\nIn Japan, the exceedingly substantial internet\n\n vilify and road\n\nhighways. fast shack\n\nShinkansen skunk train runs\n\nMorioka betwixt the north and south of Fukuoka\n\ncountries . In authentic cities cityscapes\n\n transit - buses, trams , subways,\n\n oft controlled by electronic computer .\n\n culture is the main Japanese sift . Japan does non rent fair to middling office for the finis of rootage ample wheat, soybeans or other plants to ply themselves . Japan among modify countries is one of the last places on autonomy in provender , and more imports . Nevertheless, Japan body the second largest (after China ) on the annual fish become .'

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