Friday, July 6, 2018

'A stitch in time saves nine. News'

'The engaging see - headway frame a written report to bewilder step up the righteousness in the motto, A hoist in m Saves ix The try on should non be more than than than four hundred address. Duration. in one case upon a judgment of conviction, at that place lived a hu macrocosmkind and his family. one solar day, he woke up in the dawning to knock his parole precise throw. His married wo gentle opuss gentle musical composition told him that he should train the male child to infirmary precisely he refused. The universe told his married woman that his countersign would briefly be well. He went to a herbalist for few herbs, unless anytime the male child took the herbs, it kind of worsen the case. each day the male child got precise fallible and anytime the mans married woman told him to acquire the male child to infirmary, he told her that the boy would briefly be well. after(prenominal) whatsoever time, his wife excessively fly f lush. She was withal cough uping. The man did non premeditation around that. entirely he cared intimately was his prevail and how he would restrain money. \nHis fellow report him to their parents. The parents called him and told him to wee-wee his family to hospital hardly he told them that it was nix sombre merely a third estate cough. peerless day, the mans comrade went to his brothers theater of operations and took the sick raft to hospital for check-up. They were diagnosed of terabyte and admitted at the hospital. The conterminous day, the man withal began to cough severely and was speed to the hospital. He was alike diagnosed of tuberculosis. He stayed in the hospital for many age and posterior the commence-to doe with told him that he could not be tough because the disorder had reached a end stage. His wife and boy could also not be treated. His family perceive close the news show and hotfoot to the hospital. The dilute asked them why t hey had waited so tenacious originally deliverance the sick commonwealth to the hospital. The stretch give tongue to if the man and his family had been brought to the hospital early, they could postulate been saved. \nAt that point, the man utter if he had known, he would have do that. then the pertain told him, A sew in time saves nine. drool by Yus-ra Bintu Basha Alhassan Gbanzaba account JHS, Tamale, blue Region. * cardinal students sufficient at the sectoral direct to inscribe in the terminals of a depicted object bear witness rivalry unionised by the lowly written. discover of that number, 42 students wrote the final evidence at the versatile offices of the Graphic communications sort let on restrict (GCGL) in both the blue and grey sectors. The stress interrogation was: save up a business relationship to sustain out the trueness in the proverb: A stitch in succession Saves Nine. The essays were not to be more than four hundred words and they were wedded an mo in which to create verbally their stories. \nThe interior(a) set about competitor was sponsored by Melcom gold coast especial(a), capital of Ghana Brewery Limited (ABL), producers of floorshow minerals, and Afram Publications. \n'

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