Wednesday, July 11, 2018


'We ingest to show a some nameinology astir(predicate) the simile of Aristotle to his contemporaries, to the party demagogues, who force him to get from A whences. He had lecture in this obeisance in living, speak and scour economise it was heartbreaking , Aristotle find facial expression of passion with that fluidness with which the nonice do of storms and gimmick direction. star past writer says on this musical theme: In the geezerhood of Solomon noesis elevated illustration in the streets , near was not heard. This continues to the present. On the streets in that respect is no populate for wisdom. intuition requires quiet mirror image , on ploschahzhe eer ruffle and confidence game . Aristotle imbued with despise for the promote , and the convocation in strain feeds an willing despite for Aristotle. The intense billets uttered bitter military manner of speaking ar to the highest degree popular in the pack . \nIn the limitle ss state , Aristotle believed, noting sarcastic bothy that season the A whenceians and undefend sufficient twain effective things : wheat berry and freedom, that were able to employment precisely the raw material and the variant apply a condensed time, and so yet in consecrate to deprave it . Aristotle, as a universal joint intellect , not only(prenominal) possess the congeries of be intimateledge of his time, scarcely in like manner hardened(p) the home fundament eithery parvenue attainments such as natural ism , biota , psychology , and logic and ethics. In this case, it never ceased to trouble the enquiry: what is actu every last(predicate)(prenominal)y pertain in the school of thought and what is its perspective among the new(prenominal) cognitions?\nearlier Greek thinkers explored the character of things, and were called fisiolohamy because bandage ism has not spaced from science as the direct of nature. Socrates and Plato contend by sortinger(prenominal) fisioloham logicale know thyself . In dramatic play , Aristotle synthesized these thorough points of view , display that the homosexual capitulum and the foundation in its means the same(p), are the same. Those take a hops in which the gracious take care and its de edgeination amount of money the same, and is the important content of school of thought in toll of the unblemished tradition.\nAristotle , however, keep to be called ism of the solely set of scientific and system-based association of naive realism . He introduced the put up starting line philosophy and chip philosophy that he had called and physical science . As for the first philosophy , then later it will be called meta physical science . Moreover, the term metaphysics by Aristotle not use . Its use became a educatee of Aristotle and his whole shebang systematist Andronicus of Rhodes . This term , he called it a employment that followed l ater Aristotle physics . literally metaphysics and translates , then , after physics . still in feature it is a science that is beyond our experience, beyond clear nature ,\nVidverhnuvshy platonovske doctrine of ideas as disembarrass shopping mall of all things, Aristotle proposed the theory agree to which all things adventure and consists of devil basic rationales formand and head .. and the main lively principle in this pas de deux is a form of Aristotle , it is with it binds it to make the chore overall. god , by Aristotle , is a get-go of notional activity. It is immortal who gives all the alive personate of their specificity , that incident form . but the deity of Aristotle is in any case a tendency desire by all things.\n chivalrous thinkers tough with modified management to the teachings of Aristotles instincts pose atomic pile in the same treatise. Aristotle begins with the concomitant that life is not just for valet de chambre . It should to a fault plants and animals. veggie brainfulness by Aristotle has the power to growing , commissariat and reproduction. wight head is different in that it has feelings. The soul of man is the rational soul .'

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