Saturday, December 22, 2018

'Americanization in Poland\r'

'These days in Poland we can nonice that the process of Americanization has proceeded. each step we take, we face the influence of the American gloss in our country and it does non surprise anybody or we do non even surmise that we take offset in this phenomenon.\r\nFirstly, I have discover that to a greater extent than 90% of the medicine I listen to is in English. Even if the bands distinguish from Sweden or Hungary the lyrics of their songs are still in English, usually in American English. both(prenominal) people say that it overshadows Polish music a bit but it in addition makes us study the language to catch foreign lyrics. What is more, most of the movies I h grey back are American. They are from Hollywood and the peal of each movie is also American. It makes our subject area movies tone a bit poorer than these from the ground forces but we have to admit that some of the American motion pictures are astonishing.\r\nHowever, in truth bad tendency is that we ea t more and more junk food. Fast-foods are chaste but really unhealthy, full of carbohydrates and fats which in too big amounts can be dangerous for our lives.\r\nAll in all, the phenomenon of Americanization is drive home in Poland. Its’ influence on our culture is huge but we can not define it as unequivocally penny-pinching or unequivocally bad. It has a view of good aspects but also some(prenominal) disadvantages.\r\nTomasz Tomaszewski painting exhibition â€Å"Rzut beretem”\r\nEvery novel person who likes photography should visit the photo exhibition of Tomasz Tomaszewski called â€Å"Rzut beretem” which can be seen in CK Zamek in PoznaÅ„ from the 6th to the 26th of February, 2009. It is the stocky of all the photographer’s build that he did in 2008 when he was traveling around Poland.\r\nAs soon as we enter the hall of CK Zamek, we can honour that all the photographs are black and white. That brand was done deliberately to make the ph otos look more amazing and to lay out the subject of the exhibition as best as possible. All of the 60 most interest photographer’s pictures show the disregarded places in Poland such as old villages, homesteads, etc. It refers to the name of the exhibition, which means that the places shown on the pictures seem to people who live in the city to be far international from them but the truth is that they are near being undiscovered and underestimated.\r\nPhotographs presented on the exhibition are of incredibly high quality, the discriminate is also high and the frames are considered, they were not made accidentally but to present the photographer’s point of view.\r\nI recommend this exhibition to every boyish people interested in photography. â€Å"Rzut beretem” is cost seeing it to discover the forgotten and underestimated places in Poland.\r\n'

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