Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Convenience Store and Causeway Bay Essay\r'

'My favourite obtain centre is Times Square. It’s in Causeway Bay. I usually go there with my family on the weekends. I akin to go with my family because I manage to fell time with them, so we can turn in each other even better, diagnose our love and care deeper too. Weekends are the outperform time to go because we don’t take in to go to school and incomplete does our father need to go to work.\r\nIt has a lot of facilities similar a cinema, 4 floors of restaurants and photo sticker machines to remember that well-favored moment!! It also has shops with the newest and trendy brands like clothes, jeans, mobile phones and even toys. The also have some jewellery and bag shops which I like to buy. They have some thingumajig stores, like 7-eleven and circle k. Where we can respect snacks after shopping because you do check tired holding those bags. I usually take the 8P bus because it’s at rest and cheap.\r\nThey also hold some concerts or parties for special occasions like: Halloween, Christmas or Easter. I think it opens some 8 or 9 in the sunup and closes at about 12 or 1 at night. I like it because it’s fun to shop although it could be expensive! Or just pose to watch the movies and have dinner with your family or friends. I remember I was around 3 years old when I first went there, because at that time I lived in Causeway Bay, just future(a) to the Times Square!\r\n'

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