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Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Branded Milk Essay

Common diligence form for income schemesUTI link computer memory UTI Floating Rate Fund s.t.p.(An open ended pure debt fund) The product is worthy for investors who atomic number 18 desire* l Regular returns for long-term l coronation predominantly in medium to long term debt as well as property grocery instruments l paltry take a chance (Blue)(An unrestricted Income endeavor) The product is commensurate for investors who argon want* l Regular income all oer short-term lUTI Credit Opportunities Fund investing in floating rate debt / gold merchandise instruments, fixed rate debt / funds market instruments swapped for floatingratereturn impression peril (Blue)(An open-ended Income scheme) The product is capable for investors who are seeking* l tenable income and capital wonderment over long-term l enthronization in debt and money market instruments a thwart different maturities & antiophthalmic factor credit rate l Low risk (Blue)UTI Gilt Advantage Fund LTP(An open-ended Gilt avoidance) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l semipermanent credit risk free return lUTI Dynamic Bond Fund(An open ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Optimal returns with adequate liquidity over medium-term l coronation in debt/ money market instruments l Low risk (Blue)Investment in sovereign securities issued by the Central Government and/ or a State Government and / or any security unconditionally guaranteed by the Central Government and / or a State Government Low risk (Blue)UTI G-SEC STPUTI Fixed Maturity send off(An close-ended Umbrella Income Scheme comprising of several Investment throws) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income for short term l Investment in Debt/ funds Market Instrument/ Govt. Securities l Low risk (Blue) 1(An open-ended dedicated gilt fund) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Short term credit risk free return . lInvestment in Central Government Securities, Treasury Bills, Call notes and Repo Low risk (Blue) gratify read overleafJuly 1, 2013UTI Liquid exchange intention(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Steady and reasonable income over shortterm with capital rescue. l Investment in money market securities & angstrom high quality debt lLow risk (Blue)UTI Monthly Income Scheme(An open-ended debt oriented scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income over medium-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-15%) and fixed income securities (debt and money market securities) l moderate risk (Yellow)UTI Mahila Unit scheme(An open-ended debt oriented scheme) This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Reasonable income with moderate capital appreciation over a long-term horizon l Investment in equity instrument (maximum-30%) and debt/ money market instruments l Medium risk (Yellow)UT I Short Term Income Fund(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Steady and reasonable income over short-term l Investment in money market securities/ high quality debt l Low risk (Blue)UTI MIS-Advantage plan(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Long-term capital appreciation and regular income over medium-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-25%) and fixed income securities (debt and money market securities) l Medium risk (Yellow)UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(An open-ended Income Scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Capital preservation and liquidity for short-term l Investment in quality debt securities/ money market instruments l Low risk (Blue)UTI Money Market Fund(An open-ended Money Market Mutual Fund) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Current income consistent with preservation of capital over short-term l Investment in short-term money market securities l Low risk (Blue)UTI Unit Scheme for Charitable & Religious Trusts & Registered Societies (UTI-C.R.T.S)(An open-ended income scheme) The product is suitable for investors who are seeking* l Regular income over long-term l Investment in equity instruments (maximum-30%) and debt/ money market instruments l Medium risk (Yellow)*Investorsshouldconsulttheirfinancialadvisersifindoubtaboutwhethertheproductissuitableforthem. peak Risk is represented as (BLUE) Investors understand that their principal will be at low risk (YELLOW) Investors understand that their principal will be at medium risk (BROWN) Investors understand that their principal will be at high riskCOMMON APPLICATION FORM FOR INCOME SCHEMES enthrall FILL IN ALL COLUMNS IN CAPITAL LETTERS providedPLEASEUSESEPARATEFORMFOREACHSCHEMESr. no 2013/Registrar Sr. No. (PLEASEREADINSTRUCTIONSCAREFULLYTOHELPUSSERVEYOUBETTER) DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION (only empanelled Distributors/Brokers will be permitted to distribute Units) (refer instruction h) ARN adduceofFinancialAdvisor SubARNCode SubCode/ Bank Branch Code MOCode EUINo. UTI RM No.BDA / CA CodeARN 11770E020436UpfrontcommissionshallbepaiddirectlybytheinvestortotheAMFI/NISMcertifiedUTIMFregisteredDistributorsbasedontheinvestorsassessmentofvariousfactorsincludingtheservicerenderedbythedistributor. I/We confirm that the EUIN box is intentionally remaining blank by me/us as this is an execution-only transaction without any interaction or advice by the distributor personnel concerned or stock-still the advice of in-appropriateness, if any, provided by such distributor personnel and the distributor has not supercharged any advisory fees for this transaction. ( PleasetickandsignbelowwhenEUINboxisleftblank)(referinstructionv).Signature of foremost applicant / withstanderSignature of 2nd applicantSignature of third applicator feat CHARGES TO BE PAID TO THE DISTRIBUTOR (Please tick any one of the below) (Refer precept i) Existing Unit Holder information IAMAFIRSTTIMEINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS 150willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof 10,000and above ORScheme call forthIAMANEXISTINGINVESTORINMUTUALFUNDS 100willbedeductedastransactionchargesperSubscriptionof 10,000andaboveFolio NumberAPPLICANTS PERSONAL details F I R L S A T SM/s. M m I m D y D y L y E y* Denotes Mandatory FieldsName of First applicant / Other mentally Handicapped Persons (for UBF / MIS) and Adult Female Persons (For MUS) (as appearing in ID proof give for KYC)Date of BirthMandatory for nonagedsFirst Applicants Address (Do not repeat the name) Name & Address of house physician relative in India(forNRIs)(P.O.BoxNo.isnotsufficient) Village/Flat/Bldg./Plot* Street/ alley/Area/Post urban center/Town* State block** tear apart OF 1st APPLICANT (whose particulars are give in the form) EnclosedAADHAR identity card NO.Know Your Customer (KYC)* Acknowledgement Copy Please () pan off Card CopyOVERSEAS ADDRESS (Overseas a ddress is mandatory for NRI / FII applicants in addition to mailing address in India) City* State surface area* Zip/Pin* Mr. Ms. Mrs.NAME IN FULL OF THE FATHER (OR) take/ GUARDIAN (If Minor)$ / Contact Person And Designation For institutional Applicants / Alternate Applicant ( in en cause of UBF / MIS / MUS)Proof of date of birth and proof of relationship with minor to be attached or else sign the declaration on the set aside ( Refer instruction f).OPTION FOR DESPATCH OF STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTApplicants address (for NRIs) At my Overseas address as mentioned above / To be despatched to my resident relatives address in India as given above dilate OF OTHER APPLICANTS Name of 2nd Applicant F I R *PAN of 2nd Applicant Name of third Applicant F I R *PAN of 3rd Applicant PAYMENT DETAILSCheque/DD/NEFT/RTGS Ref. No. / Unique concomitant No. (For Cash) bank note No. Date Bank Branch Amt. in words Amt. of investment (i) DD Charges if any (ii) Net amount paid (i-ii) Please mention the appli cation No. on the reverse of thecheque/DD,NEFT/RTGSadvice.Cheque/DD must be drawn in favour of TheNameoftheScheme & crossed A/cPayeeOnly Investment amount shall be Rs. 2 lacs and above in case of payments through and through with(predicate) NEFT / RTGS.BANK PARTICULARS OF 1ST APPLICANT (MandatoryasperSEBIGuidelines) Bank Name Address City write up type (please ) Account No. Savings Current Pin* NRO NRE Branch MICR Code (thisisa9-digitnumbernexttoyourchequenumber) IFS Code (this is a 11-digit number)Received from Mr / Ms / M/s An application under alongwithCheque/DDNo.$ /Cash Drawnon(Bank) for (infigures) $ Cheques and drafts are subject to realisation. quotation (TobefilledinbytheApplicant)datedSr. No. 2013(scheme name)StampofUTIAMCOffice/ Authorised Collection CentreINVESTMENTDETAILS(For need PLANPleasetickhere UTI-BOND FUND UTI-MAHILA UNIT SCHEME UTI-CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES FUND UTI-MONTHLY INCOME SCHEME&tickScheme,Plan/Optiongivenbelow)(Referinstructionj) UTI-CRTS UTI-DYNAM IC BOND FUND Dividend Payout UTI-G-SEC FUND-(STP) egressionDividendReinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption)UTI-FIXED MATURITY PLAN every year Series (YFMP) HalfYearlySeries(HFMP) every quarter Series (QFMP) Regular Plan Growth Dividend Payout Dividend Reinvestment (Use go to pieces form for each series) Cheque/DDshouldbedrawninfavourofUTI-FixedMaturityPlanYFMP(mm/yy)/HFMP(mm/yy)/QFMP(mm/yy-PlanNo.)(DefaultGrowthOption) UTI-FLOATING RATE FUND (STP) Regular Plan UTI-GILT ADVANTAGE FUND-LTP UTI-LIQUIDCASHPLAN- Institutional UTI-MIS-ADVANTAGE PLAN UTI-MONEY MARKET FUND Institutional Plan UTI-SHORT TERM INCOME FUND Institutional Option UTI-TREASURY ADVANTAGE FUND Institutional Plan Unitholding Option Growth daily Div.Reinvestment WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment FlexiDividendPayout FlexiDividendReinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption) Growth Plan Dividend Plan Payout DividendPlanReinvestment(DefaultGrowthPlan) Growth MonthlyReinvestment Growth Plan FlexiDividendPlanPayout Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv. Reinvestment Monthly Payout (DefaultDailyDiv.Reinvestment) (Default Plan Growth Plan)Monthly Div. Plan Payout FlexiDividendPlanReinvestmentMonthly Div. Plan Reinvestment Monthly Payment PlanGrowth Daily Div. Reinvestment WeeklyDiv.Payout WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment(DefaultGrowthOption) Growth Sub Option Growth Quarterly Div. Payout Div Payout Sub Option Div. Reinvestment Sub Option (DefaultDiv.ReinvestmentSubOption)WeeklyDiv.Payout WeeklyDiv.Reinvestment Monthly Div. Payout Monthly Div. Reinvestment Daily Div. Reinvestment Quarterly Div. Reinvestment Annual Div. Payout Annual Div. Reinvestment Bonus Option (DefaultDailyDiv.Option) Physical musical mode (AvailableunderallschemeexceptUTI-CRTS,UTI-MUS&UTI-FMP)Demat ModeDEMAT ACCOUNT DETAILS (Please ensure that the sequence of names asmentioned in the application form matches with that of the account held with any one of the deposition Participant. Demat Account details are compulsory if demat mode is opted above National Depository Na me ______________________________________ Securities Depository DP ID No. trammel Beneficiary Account No. Enclosures Client Master List (CMl) Central Depository Securities Limited Depository Name _______________________________________________________ Target ID No.TransactioncumHoldingStatementDelivery Instruction place (DIS)FRIEND IN NEED DETAILS (refer instruction k) In case UTI MF is unable to communicate with me/us at my / our registered address, I / we go UTI MF to correspond with the following person to ascertain my/our updated contact details. Name AddressRelationship with the applicant (optional) Annual Income of First Individual Applicant (Please () STATUS Company Sole Proprietorship Society Body unified OthersEmail <5Lacs >5Lacs-<15LacsMobile >15Lacs-<25Lacs >25Lacs OCCUPATION Business Student Agriculture freelance OthersGENERAL INFORMATION Please ()whereverapplicableResident Individual Minor through shielder HUF Partnership Trust AOP BOI FII NRI MODE O F HOLDING Anyone or subsister Joint Single First holder or Survivor (for UTI MUS) matrimonial STATUS Unmarried Married Wedding D D M M Anniversary Professional Housewife Retired ServiceNOMINATION DETAILS (Please )(pleasesignifyoudonotwishtonominate) Name and Address of candidate Name Date of Birth d d m m y (in case of nominee is a minor) Address with pin codeI/WeherebynominatetheundermentionedNomineetoreceivetheamountstomy/ourcreditintheeventofmy/ourdeath.I/Wealsounderstandthatallpayments and settlements made to such Nominee and signature of the Nominee acknowledging receipt thereof, shall be a valid bring down by the AMC /Mutual Fund / Trustee.To be furnished in case nominee is a minor Name of the guardianAddress of guardian Signature of Nominee / guardian (for minor)Sign. hereInvestorswhowishtonominatetwoorthreepersonsmayfillintheseparateformprescribedforthesameandattachitwiththisapplicationform. I/WedonotwishtonominateSignature of 1st Applicant / GuardianSignature of 2nd App licantSignature of 3rd ApplicantDECLARATION AND SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT/slI/WehavereadandunderstoodthecontentsoftheSchemeInformationDocument,StatementofAdditionalInformationandKeyInformationMemorandum,addendaissuedtilldateandapplytotheTrusteeofUTIMutualFundas indicatedabove.I/Weagreetoabidebythetermsandconditions,rulesandregulationsoftheschemeasonthedateofinvestment.I/Weundertaketoconfirmthatthisinvestmenthasbeendulyauthorisedbyappropriateauthorities in terms of all relevant documents and procedural requirements. lI/Wehavenotreceivednorbeeninducedbyanyrebateorgifts,directlyorindirectlyinmakinginvestments.lI/WeherebyauthorizeUTIMF/UTIAMCtosharemy data furnished in the Form to my distributor and other service providers of the UTI MF for the purpose of servicing, issue of account statement/consolidated statement of account etc and cross selling of

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