Monday, February 4, 2019

Islamic Religion :: essays research papers

Todays Muslims are branded as terroristsor fudamentalist. But their righteousness is a gentle religion. Onthe Arabian Penninsula, home of the Arabs, was isolatedand they were fitting to develop their civilization withoutoutside influences. It is about 1 million miles square, that is find between the Red sea and the Persian Gulf. Thereare twain distinctive regions. The first has well-wateredvalleys between mountains and the second is arid plainsand desert. Grass grows readily during the showes of therainy season. In ancient times the Arabs were bedouin(nomads that hersed sheep, goats, and camels. and lived intents do made of felt from camel or goat hair.) They atefresh or dry out dates and drank milk from their herds. Onspecial occasions they ate mutlon. their tribes were made of related to families. They valued family ties becuase becausethey ensured they ensured protection and survival. Theyhad a chief (sheikh). The sheikh ruled as long as the tribeallowed him. They had a cou nsil of elders. There waswarfare all over waterholes and pastures. Their way ofpunishment is an eye for sn eye and a tooth for a tooth. Toimprove warrior skills they had camel and horse. They hadstory telling in frount of the campfire. They had poetryabout battles, desert, camels, horses, and love. In 500A.D. they started a town called Makkah, which was fiftymiles inland of the Red sea. shell out was mostly of animalproducys for weopeans dates grains, spices, jewels ivory,silk, and perfumes. They had caravans travel there from asfor china. Arabs had and worshipped umpteen ditied seamties were replaceing family ties, and old tribal laws were notadequat Byzantine and the Persin armies were threatining toconquer them. The tribes had the slightly language but theyhad no central goverment, or sense of unity, The Arabssearched for newfangled beliefs. The prohet of Islam wasmuhammad. He was born in Makkah in 570 A. D. . Hewas orphaned at an early age and was adopted by hisuncle. He w orked as a carovan leader on a trade route. Hewas know to be honest and able. His employer khadija ,aweakthy window if age 40, put him in charge of thisbusiness and proposed marriage to him. He went to a caveoutside the city in 610 A.D. to pray and fast reveloution(vision) there. He was told to recite. "Recite in the name ofyour lord, the causation who created man from clots ofblood. Rwcite Your lord os the most bountiful one who bythe pen has taught mankind things they didnt know.

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