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Poem Interpretation

The poems of Robert icing reflect a journey, his deliver soulal journey. further more than that, it describes a period of Ameri end exploration. quit Places, filet by Woods on a Snowy level and The Road Not Taken reveals the poets thoughts ab extinct the occurrence of changes during his m. It is a revolutionary period for the united States. The Industrial Development is under path, and it fuels a red-hot age in American Hi account statement. A rude is on its carriage towards progress, and so is Robert hoarfrosts claim in the literary circle. IN A CAPSULE thither is an emotional attachment found in the poem, Desert Places. It may describe a situation direct in the cold simply interior scentings become a far-reaching instrument on what the poet thinks round functions. The portrayal of loneliness is best described in a deserted place on a duskiness and clean nonethelessing. T variant the highroad alone brings a heavy feeling. No one is on legal opinion plainly there is much to overcome. The inner get out is far hard to tame than the elements a recollective the means. Mr. ice points turn out that the actions to deal with certain situations ar up to the individual. While there atomic number 18 external factors and influences to con boldnessr, what hold backs the event in check remains a own(prenominal) decision.The poet exemplifies a brave post to neer succumb to outside inhibitions while at the same time controlling his inner hero-worship. In Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost brings his loneliness into the scene. He is deep in the woods that the snow is still there. His horse is there to keep him company. The place is dark alright, maybe darker than what is seen in the Desert Places, but fear to move onwards has been controlled. Lovely woods is a great translation for keeping things in control. But what makes the poem variant is that, it is about move dreams and keeping controls.The individual doesnt stop for anything. His travel continues. His appreciation for what he sees in the woods may bear been inspired by the dreams and promises. With those things in mind, he respectable keeps going and going if only to bring whatever truth to what he requests to light upon. The Road Not Taken is a piece about choosing sides. It is about options. The poet may shoot been crossing different paths during his time that he partake ins his views on what road to take. Robert Frost may have recalled a fateful decision that he made in the erstwhile(prenominal) which had a profound impact on his later life. nonp beil important observe that the poem emphasizes is staying true to something that has already been decided. there be no explanations to consider. lonesome(prenominal) a statement rings true that taking a side has brought a positive outcome. The poem goes straight to the context of hitting the mark. There ar no complaints and no explanations are necessary to back up the road earlier chosen. EVOKING IMAGES A shadow of doubt is cast initially among the tether poems. It reveals how human Mr. Frost is to harbor hesitant and uncertain feelings. He goes on to describe the difficulties of finding dreams and making things happen.The literary pieces evokes feelings of being missed in the storm and managing to locate the right track and come out of it all, non necessarily unscathed, but nevertheless victorious. Perhaps hatful can sympathize what all three poems depict. There is a understanding of requisite to do things. A variety of feelings will lead an individual to the unpredictable and the unspeakable. But it is the inner conviction that wins it in the end. A determination withstanding the faces of bowl over and difficulty as portrayed by the falling snow and the dark nights will be the vital factor to turning things around.Emotions frequent the poems of Robert Frost. Individuals share in the experience of braving the odds and gaining victory against advers ity. Peoples inner selves vary but all feel the same way. It is how a person responds to the challenges and the tides of the times that make his life worthy. The poems are timeless, and can be a source of inspiration for generations to come. But it is up to the reading public how they hear Mr. Frosts lyric poem. Literary masterpieces such as the three poems have a whole lot of sum to consider. It is as deep as many other pieces can be. It is what makes spate human.And it is what keeps the poet man as well. The lyric itself can bring forward fire and fury. E reallyone is on familiar ground. Mr. Frost fuels that desire to conquer and achieve things beyond peoples dreams. This is what binds individuals together. Goals are shared. It is inspiring to address the powerful and brilliant message that the poet instills in the minds of the ordain literary enthusiasts. Fear is still felt by the individual. Mr. Frost points that out in the Desert Places. The line which states that They cannot scare me with their empty spaces, evokes a sentiment of being afraid.It is a common feeling. But the biggest difference among readers and followers is how to dish out or react to that type of situation. Even the horse in the Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening wondered about the individuals doubtful and untrusting attitude towards adversity. Numerous challenges are everywhere. It can be devastating all of a sudden but making dreams come true can be worthwhile. REPRESENTING THE WORLD near masterpieces inspire people. A poet reveals his thoughts and feelings to many for the purpose of helping others cope up with situations. It is more than poetry.There is nothing more frightful than being stalked out of ones goals. It all begins with the road. Hardships come and unveil the true geek of the individual. Robert Frost seems to be putting the words into his mouth. It can be that his poems are all a reflection of his actions but it can also be that he is putting on a challenge fo r the quietus of the people to follow. He is nevertheless showing the way, showing his emotions to be used as the basis for everybody to look into and get motivated. It is Mr. Frost who gets to speak in his poems but in reality, he is representing each and everyone.People share common dreams. People feel the same fear. The same difficulties lie before. The same situations present itself in workaday life. The only denominator is the nestle an individual makes while undergoing the various scenes that the poet has depicted for the rest of the people. His marvelous words are written for everybody. If there is a thing in this world that needs changing, it is solely the character of man. People have to be reminded every now and then about certain ideas and tuition which regards to daily living. Almost always, life is being taken for granted.Robert Frosts words are secure in time to voice inborn lessons repeatedly into the minds of many individuals. While his poems are written in t he past, the set contained on it are as valuable today as it has been yesterday. One thing worth taking note among Mr. Frosts poems is the way his masterpieces are told doesnt complicate things further. It may not bring forth the light of enlightenment but at least it puts a sense of purpose to everything it says. The patronages of the poems possess a degree of hiding the content a bit. Desert Places marks that inner fear inside most individuals.But until reading those words until the last stanza, the reader will wonder what Mr. Frost is up to in the first place. Literally, many people will think that the title may correspond to some scenery in the Middle East. But it is not. The reading public must therefore think in collection for the poets words to sink in. The Road Not Taken keeps people which path the poet choose. His idea of bringing the main thought of the poem is to reverse things a little to allow thinking. There is a twist but never to a level of great difficulty. Mr.Fr ost has taken the less travelled road which leaves many wondering what happened to the other path. In Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, the poet again is diverting the aid from the true focus of the lines. Perhaps many are waiting for his story about the reason why he stopped during a snowy situation. But the answer to that may have led the readers to Mr. Frosts effort to keep going in order to make his promise a reality. Poems may be a mind-twister. But it allows individuals to look deeper. There are details that lead some lines astray.However, it is meant to be as it is just to make the poem a remarkable journey and adventure. SYMBOLISM The three poems are written as biographys. Perhaps based as personal experiences of the poet, a story from each is learned. But always, Robert Frost is hiding something in amidst the lines. It is not necessarily on purpose, however, there is a need for the reader to uncover some contents of the poem which allows a greater understanding of th e piece in its entirety. There are thoughts in between the lines which can be interpreted as mere distractions.The truth is, the ideas are supporting the content of the main thought. There is a real significance behind most words in the poems of Mr. Frost. Loneliness must never be taken as it is, literally, that is. It can be an emotion of somebody craving for attention. It can be a personal journey. It can even be finding oneself in the process. There is whole lot of meaning to the words in between the lines. The familiarity of the poems can be attributed not merely that all are written by the same poet. Robert Frost presents an approach which an individual can relate to in real life.By being in the middle of a snowy night, anybody can put himself on that situation. By being along and driven cold, most individuals press on to achieve their goals. The poems of Mr. Frost are founded on simple yet understandable narrative which presents a scene for readers to follow. It can be that t he readers are themselves the heroes in their very own situations. Over overture difficult situations are present in the Desert Places where the poet not minding the danger presented by the snowy night in the woods continues on with his trip to somewhere.A similar scene is depicted in the Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening where the individual plunges on no matter what. The Road Not Taken tackles two paths along the way. Still the difficulty of choosing and going ahead with the decision is clearly seen and observed. Robert Frosts poems uncover scenes of overcoming adversity. It is a symbol of what America stands for, a country on its way to prosperity and development. For always, the room for improvement is being adjudge in this country. America is a work in progress.The Industrial revolution during the 18th and 19th Century propels the United States to its seat as a world leader and superpower. With a mixture of different cultures, it continues to thrive amidst the pressures co ming from numerous differences among the races within its domain. America is constantly innovating and developing. Robert Frost portrays the need to prosecute dreams and turn them into reality. When a person comes to America, his ideals become a symbol of what the poet says. Everybody who goes to the United States is looking for something bigger. That someone is making the best of everything to live a cheerful life.Along the journey towards progress await the hardships and difficulties of making it big. During the Industrial Revolution, people mission out and risk doing things to reach the American dream. It is the age of inventions. Industries are revolutionized, and lives will never be the same again. That progress continues until today. And it continues to inspire through the words of Robert Frost. In search for a better life, immigrants are knocking on the American doors annually. While new to this country, visiting citizens blend well with their counterparts in doing things no matter how hard they are.To achieve dreams, taking risks mean everything. Mr. Frost points to hard work as the vital factor in prosecute goals and objectives. Roles and responsibilities must play its part to build dreams a reality. The poet is on plenty to guide the rest of America into staking their claim for a place in the United States of America. CONCLUSION The deep woods and the falling snowy are very much a part of American culture. Simply said, the way these things are describe in the three poems reflects Robert Frosts upbringing. He walks through the woods on a snowy night just like any American.How heavy and hard it is to trek the roads ahead make no difference at all as long as the individual marches on in search for his place in a progressive world, one which America and Mr. Frost represents. BIBLIOGRAPHY accrual of Robert Frosts Poems Retrieved kinfolk 13, 2007 from http//www. everypoet. com/Archive/poetry/Robert_Frost/robert_frost_stopping_by_woods_on_a_snowy_even ing. htm Poems of Robert Frost Retrieved September 13, 2007 from http//www. poemhunter. com/poem/desert-places/ Poems by Robert Frost Retrieved September 13, 2007 from http//www. internal. org/list_poems. phtml? authorID=7

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