Saturday, February 16, 2019

Slavery Enterprise and Society Essay -- exploitation, trafficking, soc

A group of kids are taking a trip through time, clog in the daylight of slavery in the 1800s. A juvenile erosive man is working out in the field picking cotton plant and other crops. His master c every(prenominal)s him up to the main house and tells him to get on his knees and non say a word. The young black man does as he is told. Then for no apparent reason, the master begins to beat and surpass the slave violently while his married woman and daughter watch. The master screams and shouts that the young black man is his property and he can do with him what he pleases. As he continues the punishment, blood oozes and flows from the exsanguinated wounds. The slave is then told that he ordain be sold in two days time, separate from his wife and daughter who will be kept for their sexual services. There is business in the young mans eyes for he has been squeeze to watch the rape of his daughter before and fears for her life. He hangs his head and continues to pay his beating. He knows that there is nothing more he can do, that he is a slave, and this is how slaves are treated. As the kids fast forward to ripe day life, they take a look around. All seems calm and peaceful with no violence or harsh beatings. They see a man and his family, forced to live on the streets because they cannot pay back a loan. They see a woman who is battered and bruised with little clothing she is the remnants of a sex-trafficking scandal. All of these, all though not as obvious to the common man, are examples of modern day slavery. When most people think of slavery, their thoughts are instantly transferred to a time of black servants and white masters. A time when people were not equal and wars happened every other day. The common man does not turn over that slavery still exists or even what slaver... ...keley University of California Press. Curtis, Michael. (2013). slavery in the World Today. Retrieved from http// y.htmlEinhorn, R. L.(2008). Slavery. Enterprise & Society 9(3), 491-506. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from Project MUSE database. Gordon-Reed, Annette. (2013). Slaverys Shadow. Retrieved from http//, Mark., Robyn, Dixon. (2013). Modern-day slavery persists over the world. Retrieved from http// today. (2003). The Lancet, 361(9375), 2093. Retrieved from http// The Caste System. (2013). Retrieved from http//

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