Monday, February 11, 2019

The Post-Soviet Reemergence of the Russian Empire Essay -- essays rese

The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union signified an end to Russias confine everywhere its Middle Eastern Empire. Many of its states seceded and founded new earths and Russia lost authoritative power over the region. The new Russian Federation, in an effort to mend Soviet supremacy, has launched a neo-imperialistic campaign to once again have semi policy-making, scotch and security control over the area today known as the Caucasus. Principally, Russia wants to have political control over the area consisting of the lands of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Chechnya as thoroughly as the Caspian Sea. Furthermore, it is an objective to reap profit from this resource-rich area to brace Russias economy. Additionally, Russia wants to ensure the security of its power in the Middle East. In order to achieve these motives the Russian Government has used divers(a) strategies involving political legerdemain, economic exaction and military operations. After years of weak ness following the dislocation of the Soviet Socialist government, Russia has once again sought to expand its empire over all of its successor states. The Russian government has used various tactics to assert power over the Caspian region as well as to achieve its political motives. Russias position in the economic sphere has been a valuable strategy to obtain political ends. capital of the Russian Federations main lever of power, then as now, was its pipeline system, a remnant of the centralized Soviet economy in which all rock oil and natural gas from the Caspian first traversed Russia before passing on to the West. (LeVinne, 1999) Russias control over this pipeline has meant that it has direct control over the Caspian nations resources and can use this to their benefit. One such example was... ...influence indoors the space of the former Soviet Union a determining reflection in the future of Russian statehood. The entities surrounding the Caspian Sea are too the focus of m any vital economic prospects which would contribute to Russias hegemony over the Southern Tier region. In a textbook example of neo-imperialism Russia has cover all its bases included the impending threat of enemies resulting from Moscows political and economic exploitation. Russia has proved that it will use any means practicable such as military conquest and political and economic hegemony to its advantage to extend its control over the territory, political systems and economic profits of the nations forming the Caucasus. The Russian government has certainly demonstrated its resurgent imperial ability and unwavering determination to ultimately see the reemergence of a powerful Russian empire.

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