Friday, February 22, 2019

When Celebrity Endorsement Succeeds

WHEN CELEBRITY blurb SUCCEEDS Celebrity endorsement is defined as a form of defect or advertising campaign that involves a well known soul using their fame to help kindle a product or service. The basic principle is quiet simple, people similar celebrities, so if a credit likes a product people will like it. According to effort sources, 20% of alone television commercials features a famous psyche.I believe that fame endorsement is a good way for a company to promote its product through its consumers, celebrities appear in roughly one-fifth of ads, jibe to market researchers, and a single company like Nike might cast off around half a billion dollars a year on endorsements . Celebrities greatly influence our consumer decisions in making purchases on certain products or brands. Advertisers have always found unique ways of getting the consumers attention, and elevating the attitude of a particular product.The Nike empire has many famous athletes sponsoring their product, s uch as Lebron James, Troy Polamalu, and Tiger woods. These athletes ar just some of hundreds that Nike has sponsored over the years. From their endorsements, consumers are constantly seeing the best sports players in the world using Nike equipment, shoes, or other Nike brand products. This in turn gives one the sense of Nike beingness the best, since the best professionals are using it. Thus making the consumer want to corrupt Nikes products.A nonher great example is, Gillettes Mach Fusion advertisement featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Thierry Henry, combined all three of the best golf, tennis, and soccer players in its razor commercial. A theater of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services. Daniel J Boorstin Also, in my own point of view, I dont gestate a bad celebrity endorsement that backfires can affect the consumer buying behaviour. According to Katyal. S (2011), Sainsburys encountered a problem with Catherine Zeta Jones, whom the compa ny use for its recipe advertisements, when she was caught shopping in Tesco.A similar case happened with Britney Spears who endorsed one locoweed brand and was repeatedly caught drinking another brand of weed on tape. I totally disagree with this claim, wherefore will people not want to buy a recipe from Sainsbury because Catherina Zeta Jones was caught using a polar product, are they trying to say she should only use the product she advertises on TV? And concerning Britney spears, is she only suppose to devote her life to coca cola brands only? Assuming she was thirsty for sprite of fanta, she should not drink it in public because she advertised for coca cola brand only.People dont really understand what consumer endorsement means, if a certain celebrity is utilize for a product, it means that product is good enough for everybody thats if you like the person being apply. Example, the Nike snicker being advertised by Lebron James, he is used because of his popularity and his a thletic background which is a successful one. They mean, if a person like Lebron can use their product, u can use it too. And its telling its customers that Lebron has approve the product top be a good one which is why he signed the endorsement contract.

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