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A Business Proposal to Improve Production

A line of merchandise plan to Improve Productivity, Guest Experience, and Revenue Through advance(a) Use of Technology Prep argond for Freddie Johnson Vice President, Research and Marketing Boardman steering Group Prepargond by Darren Jackson Manager of Marketing Baderman Island loseMarch 7, 2012 Proposal Number RM07-01 Baderman Island Resort A Business Proposal Baderman Island Resort A Business Proposal to Improve Productivity, Guest Experience, and Revenue Executive abstract Background The Baderman Island Resort has 3 hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. While every of the logical argument entities are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman counselling Group, for each one business entity is operated independently.Each business entity was opened at different quantify and, while each entity started out with up-to-date computer hardware and software program system, upgrades of equipment and software have not been uni lay down. The word processing software in engage at the Resort is a case in point. Currently, we have * 26 computers ravel Windows XP and formulate XP * 38 computers running Windows 2000 and Word 2000 * 6 computers running Windows 98 and Word 97 While there is backward compatibility amid the various versions of the software, the older versions do not have all of the bells and whistles of the impertinentlyer versions.We are wondering what would be entailed to upgrade to a standard version of Microsoft Word or, alternatively, to switch to a word processing software application from other vendor. Currently, Baderman Island Resort is in need of addressing business risk with strong applied science. darkened and out dated Systems have the tenices to go offline when aging components fail and severalise net fall uponmenting connection dont work. Security issues can emerge and adventure the integrity of business data. All work or portions of the busine ss could try systems go offline, while other systems continue to operate normally.The current IT or Windows system in place is not up to date or easy to manage, and this is a situation that could possible set the stage for authorisation problems down the road. Objective Maintain productive smooth running business operations that are mission critical. To maintain business momentum and employee productiveness by being trained for challenges that are associated with acquiring and maintaining the most effective IT environments to bear out ongoing operations. The technology must be both inexpensive and easy to operate on a day-in, day-out basis to effectively support the business.Goals Baderman Island Resort A Business Proposal To run into the company has the skill of facing the growing entreats of todays market, supply data, and benefits to customers on a level that lead exceed the expectation of the customers. Provide each employee with the knowledge training to successfully r un and give value service information to the customer concerning the wireless service. For Windows XP to provide huge amounts of useful software on their platform, provide more RAM to increase memory, and provide general availability of hardware driver support.Improved storage capacity will render us to be better positioned to serve our customers and meet increasing demand for security and wireless connectivity. Improve corporate network security by not allowing personal information about customers or intellectual plaza on phones, be sure that access to the corporate network exploitation a smartphone be based not only on the drug users role in the business, but also on his or her location and the connection used, such as inside or removed the corporate network, or through a VPN.For example, a connection via an unbolted Wi-Fi network that is not going through the corporate VPN should be blocked. And also wireless networking benefits that will provide reliability, security and robustness service for our customers. speak to The following table presents an initial estimate of costs. Table of Estimated Cost initial Monitoring and Units Rate Total Cost ($)Information Gathering 384 hrs. 50 hr. (avg. ) $19,200 military rating of up Grades Units Rate Total Cost ($) and Instillation 288 hrs. $70 hr. (avg. ) $43,200 instruction execution of Windows Units Rate Total Cost ($) IT System 96 $50 hr. (avg. $4,800 Employee tuition Units Rate Total Cost ($) 48 $50 hr. (avg. ) $2,400 Total look Costs $52,320 Note This estimate is comprised of information based on the company by Boardman Management Group and the initial research by Baderman Island Resort. These calculations are expected to remain consistent throughout the process.Baderman Island Resort A Business Proposal Administrative Information These are the desired qualifications for technicians, requirements for formatting and submitting feedback, confidentiality cross off of aim submissions, employer refer ence requirements, contact information for clarification, deadline for proposal submission, timeframe for vendor pickax and selection criteria. Technicians need to have top-notch software and hardware skills including the ability to troubleshoot, calve problems, diagnose hardware problems and replace malfunctioning components.The requirements for formatting and submitting proposals is letter of transmission with proper identification, a brief description of your organizations sense as it relates to the services specified in this RFP, include organizations points of contact, and attach the tactile sensation Affidavit and Reference Form to the narrative portion. The cost proposal should be submitted in a separate sealed envelope with the written proposal that clearly identifies all fees to be charged for the requested services. Confidentiality notice that gives us the right to accept or reject any or all proposals submitted.Present a signed employee reference requirement. Employe r reference requirement is needed to ensure contractual expectations and requirements. The deadline date for proposal submission is 30 days form the proposal date at 12 midnight. Selection criteria for vendors to adhere to are the ability to maintain confidentiality, to work as a team, to work independently, to work under pressure, attention to detail, flexible and adaptable approach to work, initiative, organizational/ readiness skills, problem-solving ability, verbal communication/interpersonal skills and written communication skills.Closing With this new technology onboard at Baderman Island Resort, it will enable the hotel to do more than provide guests with heighten technology. Baderman Island Resort will have more ways than ever to interact with it guests in their rooms, to the mutual benefit of the hotel and the guests. Customer interaction will move to the next level with the new version of eRoomsuite is deployed. These new technology will allow Boardman Management Group en hancements that will take advantage of the new Microsoft technology, including Window Server 2010 Hyper-V virtualization technology.Server virtualization, which enables multiple virtual servers to run on a single physical machine, will enable Baderman Island Resort to install less servers at a hotel property, thereby saving space, utility costs, and maintenance overhead as well as help ensure business tenacity and more effective disaster recovery. Sincerely, Lon Ratcliff Manager of Marketing Baderman Island Resort Baderman Island Resort A Business Proposal Accepted for Baderman Island Resort By put up Signture Date

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