Friday, March 1, 2019

Culturally diverse entity Essay

tilt down the sources of my cultural programming sure opened up my eyeball to the realities that I am facing. As a person who is growing up and trying to come to terms with my identity as it interacts with the world, it is amazing to get along that there ar a lot of sources of my cultural programming. Although I cipher my family as one of the main sources of my understanding of my own world, I wee that I am also bringing in cultural renewal to my family. As a part of the new generation of people in the world, we ar different from our p arnts and much more(prenominal) from our grandparents.As such, through the engine room I use and the ideas that I come across with, I am becoming more diverse in terms of culture. There are times that several sources of my cultural programming come into conflict. I low life sentence think of several ones. The church and the morality and faith it is t distributivelying sometimes come into conflict with the kinds of movies and TV shows I watch . Quite honestly, there are times that I feel that church stuff is boring plainly when I also realize the wars, the way that people tend to kibosh courtesy and the sense of right and wrong, I feel that the church button up has something to offer.Another source of conflict is perhaps the way that my family expects me to behave in a certain way and the way in which my friends treat each other and the way that media such as television shows and movies portray the life of a teenager. There are times that I get broken in with the expectations of my parents and the way that I want to live. But I know that I have to respect them and listen to them. Culture is very broad and I think that as young people of today, we are exposed to more shapers of culture than did our parents and grandparents. That is why there are conflicts in these cultures as they are developed in me.

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