Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lynyrd Skynyrds Song Freebird :: essays research papers

On their Gold and Platinum album Lynyrd Skynyrd produced a song titled unfreeze bird. It is a very popular song that turned out to be a big hit all over the country. It was written by band members Allen Collins and Ronnie VanZant. I recover that this is a very beloved song with good lyrics that display a lot of meaning.Lynyrd Skynyrd is a Confederate rock band that has been very popular throughout the late xix hundreds. They have produced many songs on many different albums. Songs that come to my judicial decision are Whats Your Name, Simple Man, Sweet Home Alabama, and Free bird. The two main people of this band, or should I say most stringy members were Allen Collins, and Ronnie VanZant. They did a majority of the song writing and seemed to be the two continuously in the spotlight.One of my favorite songs they produced was Free bird. I have two ideas of what I look at this song means. The first one is that I think it is about a guy who is leaving his girlfriend. He says, I essential be traveling on at a time because theres excessively many places Ive got to see. It seems to me that he wants to go because there is other things he wants to do. He wants to be a free man and get away. He also says, that if I stay with you girl things conscionable couldnt be the same. He states that he is free as a bird now and this bird you can non change. The way I kind of rede it is that maybe he has a problem and she dont give care it and wants him to change, but he knows he pitch. I think he comes to view that the only way to solve the problem is if he just leaves and lives his induce life as he wants to. I believe that goes to show wherefore he says he is a free bird that she can not change. Another way I interpreted it, was as a one-night tie-up and he was talking about what would happen the next day when he has to leave. I think he might like her, but cant change. By changing I think he cant just settle down and be with someone he loves. I think he i s too into the one-night stand thing and cant change his life-style be dedicated to having a girl friend.

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