Friday, March 15, 2019

Through the Fog :: Short Stories Essays

Through the Fog The morning sun rosebush higher in the overcast sky the dense town of Cloisterham came into the supernatural state of existence of a hot day. The mysterious haze that turn in overnight strangled the town. The sun appeared, as if it were trying to stick through a fogged window the brightness of the day was palliate the glowing of the haze. A sluggish day it would be, as the townsmen awoke slowly. The few archaeozoic risers stomped like walking dead on the cold streets, neither a sleep, nor awake, dead or alive. The stiffness of the haze shrouded the town with an uncertain mysteriousness, like a dark figure lurking around the corner. Jasper fell into the every new day, which had become a hell to him. With the ominous anniversary pushing closer every minute, no longer did daylight provide freedom from his nightmares. Previously, he had only been vulnerable during his sleep, which currently, he rarely received. Lately he held had no safe haven, his night mares consumed the days. The two years of pain melted into one solemn day, repeating itself over and over again. After resigning from his position as choirmaster, he spent every day wading through his deep depression, his keen conscience sat upon him, suffocating him of the little life he still held. He had few visitors, but many watchers. So frequently he checked over his shoulders that concentrating on any task became impossible. As the murderous haze swept in under his door and billowed against the window, he enwrap himself in a world of fears, which proved never to release him. on a lower floor the postern stairs, Mr. Datchery prepared for a new day. He opened a wardrobe door to retrieve a cup and grinned when he saw the hundreds of chalked lines. At this great score, he knew that the truth would soon surface. A knock on his door interrupted his thought, opening, Helena walked into the room. Surprised, Datchery exclaimed, What are you doing here? Someone could impose y ou.I got word that you needed to speak with me. I became worried, so I couldnt wait until later.Soon these two years of work result fall into place. There exists no way of telling what entrust happen, alas, it will be very dangerous. All the more so if you refuse to straggle town

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