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Life Coaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9750 words

Life Coaching - Essay Example or You need to be like person X or You halt to be born with a silver spoon in my mouth to be able to progress to this.Dryden (et al, 2002) quoted the meaning of coaching as the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another, and that it does not offer any quick fixes to achieve personalized image, magic away personal difficulties but emphasize that sustained effort and commitment for a successful outcome to life challenges and difficulties.It was only when after I met my first coach mike Ducket, did I learn for the first time that I can I achieve my goals only if I could help others achieve theirs. Like Mike, I came from a Sales and Marketing background which already instils into a person to listen and question in order to be able to close deals. After all, if unrivalled did not listen to the customer and asked the right questions, You will leave with nothing, (Weakest link BBC Anne Robinson).Oatway (2004) noted how Life c oaching have become a practical pick to searching solutions in times of crisis. She talked to several Life coach clients all over England and came face-to-face with regular mothers, teenagers, young executives, a 53-year old woman and her mother, among a variety of clients who swore to the improvement and positive effect coaching have done to them.However, it wasnt until I started on this course that I understood that there are distinguishable levels of listening. In fact, I had the impression that this course was all about listening and questioning But so much like life teaching, one learns to have a direction on where one is headed to before one can create change within the self, and later, others.Taken from the early forms of transportation, that is stagecoach, or rail coach, the discussion coach literally means to transport someone from one place to another, similar to coaching that it seems pot are using both to help them move earlier or create change (Starr, 2003). My Dre am for Coaching in EnglandCoaching, for me is the new goal I have embraced. I personally believe it should replace religion curriculum in schools because I am convinced that life coaching or the Coaching Magic taught early in schools may direct a lot of people so that they would not be left wandering around aimlessly in life. They would have a clear view and root of where they currently are, and where they want to go. We would have a world of thinkers and I believe crime would be down to an all time low because people would be too busy achieving their own personal goals. Unwanted teenage pregnancy or pregnancy just to get a house from the council would be inaudible of as the O in TGROW would be in play. Nine out of ten times we would come first in sporting events because all sports people would develop their inner coach. There are various reasons why a person or an individual may need a coach. It has become a more friendly and trendy way than dealing with clinical psychologists a nd the like. Kolberg (et al, 2003) noted that the various reasons why individuals approach coaches may be as followsCoaching the attraction who is new to the job. Leaders are not born but are made. When a person who is previously made to lead one kind of nerve was transferred to another which is entirely new to his perspective,

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