Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Combined Forces Operation in WWII Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Combined Forces Operation in WWII - Essay Example To the Allies group were Brazil and China as well. On the other hand, the Axis was formed by Italy and Germany at the beginning of the war. Later, they saw the inclusion of eastern European states like Bulgaria and Romania as well as Japan. 62 million persons lost their lives in this confrontation between the Axis and the Allies according to the solar navigator website. Jet aircrafts, atomic weapons, radars, rockets, submarines, tanks and torpedo bombers are the examples of the inventions made during the WWII. Despite the estimated period mentioned on when the war started, many of historians have not reached into an agreement on the exact date of its initiation. However, the commonest of the dates used to signify the beginning of the war is 1939, when Germany attacked Poland triggering the French and British announcements of their entry to the war about two days afterwards. Various conflicts were reported from 1939 onwards until 1941 when the war was now a global affair. The war continued with various attacks being witnessed until 1944. 1944 was termed as ‘the beginning of the end.’ On 6th June of 1944 the Allies from the Western side attacked Normandy a German held warfront. The British 6th, USA’s 82nd and 101st and the paratroopers from Canada spearheaded this. Allies, however, suffered a big number of deaths. Artillery batteries of Germany pounded the beaches. Hedgerows helped the units of Germany by offering vantage points for the location of MG 42. Tankers had difficulties, though, due to the hedgerow lanes’ narrow causeways. They couldn’t rotate their turrets. Months afterwards, the Allies measured their progress in long yards as well as deadly rifle fights in Bocage. The forces of Germany were almost totally brought down in France while making a counter-attack. In the beginning of the year 1944, the Red Army, which was the Soviet military representation, was at the Polish border and as well lifted the siege of Leningrad. Come

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