Monday, January 28, 2019

Learning and Physical Activity Essay

Explain wherefore carnal bodily process is important to the short and long margin health and nearly world of nipperren. physical activity should be part of both childs life. it promotes living a healthy lifestyle and also the childs general well being. short term health- physical activity promotes a lot of diametrical areas, some of these being building sinew- helps children trend much than freely which makes them authentically enjoy physical diarrhea. developing heart and lung functions developing a drawn frame- if a skeletal frame is not developed properly it answer be a risk of many health bothers.Long term health- physical activity is very important and also plays a very big role in preventing obesity. aspects of reading 1. 2 formulate the knowledge of movement skills in raw children and how these skills affect other aspect of development movement skills hand eye coordination- is very important as we subscribe eyes and hands to work to shoother. for exam ple to catch a stumblebum requires the eyes to tell the brain that the hand need to move in order to catch the fruitcake. foot eye coordination- to kick a ball the eyes need to tell the brain tht the foot needs to move in order to kick a ball.Travelling movement- where the child moves from peerless place to other for example caterpillar tread, skipping and jumping object control movement- objects being send, recieved and travelled with for example. throwing a ball. balance and coodination control gross motor control- this blotto whole limb movements, such as moving arms, legs or the blameless bole(running, jumping) fine motor control- these are smaller actions such as picking up an object using finger or thumb or using your tounge and lips to taste. 2. 3 explain the importance of natural out-of-door enviroments for young childrens physical activity and movement skills.As well as play indoors children should be encouraged to amount in in outdoor play. outdoor play is impo rtant for mental, emotional and emotional well being. performing outdoors leave al unitary develop a childs imagination and self confidence. They forget get to experience movement and freedom and develop their muscle strength, coordination and problem solving skills. there are alot of benefits of outdoor space, some of these being play outside also makes children gain more physical skills beca employ they are training to use their bodies in a different way to what they would do indoors. fond interaction also goes on whilst playing outside this is because they are not getting as much direction of the adults. children get to take up by using their outside voicesm yelling and running. children learn what is acceptable in one setting that may not be acceptable in another playing outdoors teaches children about different types of textures, smells and sounds outdoor play encourages children to devour risks, have more imagination and to explore their own interests.Explain how the de vice meets the individul movement skills needs of children includes activities that promote competence in movement skills encourages physical play in my plan i planned to do viscid kids with the children at the nursery. sticky kids is physical play so the activity encourages children to move in physical play. As sticky kids is alot of dancing this helps children develop more of their movement skills. When I planned to do sticky kids, I tested to fit the plan around every childs individual movement skills. The children participated rattling well and the plan I did went well.There were a few children that wasnt joining in but we got them all to join in and they participated really well. My plan encouraged physical play because we got the children to get up and join in the activity but they had the chance not too. 4. 1 explain the importance of building physical activity into habitual routines. physical activity is a very important part of every childs life and should be in all their everyday routines. physical activity and exercise will increase a childs strenght and stamina which will then improve their muscle tone and muscle usage.It helps with balance and flexibility in a child and also helps develop catching and throwing skills, movivation and social skills, boosts energy, helps stop anxiety and strees, improves coordination, improves ivory strength and heart and lung capacity and has a positive affect on a childs self esteem. physical activity and movement also helps to vex the brain which is why it is important for children to have physical activitys in their everyday routines.It is also important for a child to have physcial activity in their everyday routines because it has a big impact on the childrens behaviour. For exmaple if children are running inside instead of telling them no you could say we have to use our walking feet inside but we can run when we go to play outside. Children wont learn as well if they dont get time outside especially boys this is because boys have a bigger body mass and they need more oxygen than girls. Children need oxygen to learn effectively. Boys also need to get out more because they are more active than girls are.

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