Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Morality and Ethics Essay

As two members of our root word are children of sea originals, the case of Exxon Valdez oil spill was extremely arouse for our team. It demonstrates that ir answerable behavior of people can lead to the most destroy human-caused environmental disasters of the past century. Multiple concomitantors have been identified as modify to the incident.In our groups opinion, the most important are the overlord was drunk being on duty, the trine mate failed to properly engineer the vessel, possibly due to fatigue or excessive workload and finally, the Raycas radiolocation system was broken, because the company found it too expensive to fix it. To grow with, we think that due to the lodge inricted responsibilities of the crew comparing to the captain, its commitment was relatively low. Therefore the main motivation was their salary and working conditions didnt routine a role.Probably that is why sailors were ready to work overloaded shifts in order to earn as much as they could, to our mind, despite the fact that physically it was impossible. Thus the responsible sailor had to assess his ability to pass the ship before beginning the watch in this case he had no right to do that being too tired. Talking roughly the captain of the ship, our group found him being the most irresponsible somebody in this situation. He did not act according to the ethical averages.Firstly, captain is the person, who is fully responsible for the ship and the crew, but he dared to exceed the allowed norm of the alcohol. Secondly, he had to insist on the radar repair. Finally, he is the one who is responsible for the crews adequate performance. Nevertheless, Exxon is fully liable for this disaster and the ensuant oil spill being the owner of the tanker. Hence, in our opinion, the company had to conduct for the cleaning up the oil spill. To sum up, our group sees the ethical dilemma only concerning the crew. They had two choices only.On the one hand, when signing the contract they mechanically agree to fulfill their duties, that is why no one can founder to skip the watch even if he fills tired. On the other hand, the third mate had no right to expose to danger the ship and the rest of the crew by taking the watch in unacceptable condition. We would resembling to add, that despite the fact that this was the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters, it pushed the government to turn out new laws in this industry and turned to be a neat lesson for the human beings overall.

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