Wednesday, February 27, 2019

God and His Mission

Eileen Paulino One of seven virtues of ancient Hellenic fourth dimensions was credence. Faith is complete trust or confidence in some whizz or something. Regardless of where we are in our lives we always economize faith that we will either advance in life or things will simply get break in. I myself didnt always gain faith I didnt think that if I wanted something bad abounding it would happen for me. I always looked around at my surroundings and saw myself as a Hispanic female with goals and ambition who no matter how hard she worked wouldnt amount to untold because to most of the universe around me I was simply that a Hispanic female from the Bronx.There was in spades a time when I lost all faith in myself my world seemed to be crashing follow through right before my eyes. On majestic 11th of 2009 I lost someone who was very important to me, my uncle. We were so much alike sthrong personalities and two people who wanted more in life and had faith that somehow or some wa y we would pull up stakes better for our families. I was much younger but losing him caused me to want to hand up I didnt understand why it was that he had been taken from me he was one of a couple of people of who had faith in me and how far I could go in life see Ive always had a passion for fashion.For along as I gage remember it has been a great part of me. When I lost my uncle I felt as though I hadnt done enough while he was around and that now I was being penalize with having to deal with his lost and a family who was devastated. My fix had lost her brother and my grandma her eldest son for so long their faces had no idea as to what a smile was and seeing my mother and grandmother so subject caused great change in me.I no seven-day was doing well in educate and for the first time in my life I stop drawing and fashion wasnt as important to me anymore. As time progressed I wasnt getting any better I had essay to make myself believe that my uncle was still on vacation in the friar preacher Republic and that he would be back but these unrealistic hopes as time went by became just that I was being faced with the feature that he was gone. My mother soon enough began to see me giving up on my fantasy and that I was not doing well in school anymore and it started to tear her apart.My mother was and still is my biggest cheerleader when I didnt fetch faith in myself she did so why was I letting her down? At some point it hit me that everything happens for a reason and that my uncle was in a better place he as no longer suffering and no matter he was looking down on me and he wouldnt put up liked for me to give on my dream so I needed to have faith in myself that I could go on and that regardless of how the rest of the world perceives me I can draw someone.Theres no reason to lose faith because life pass me a tough time I realized this should motivate me to have more faith in myself and who I believed I was destined to be. I began to do better in school and started to draw again, fashion is my name and I shouldve never lost faith my myself. Till this day although Im still very young have so much more to learn and I havent accomplished my dream I dont lose faith in that one day I will and thats all give thanks to my mother.My mother was born and raised in the Dominican republic and she always had faith that her life will someday turn around and when she had her family she would provide them with a better life then she was given and till this day she hasnt failed us, shes been the best mother anyone could ever ask for and for my lifetime Ill be grateful she never lost faith in me because thanks to her I didnt lose faith in myself and Im still fighting for my dream.The first reading I came across with my prof this semester was Sherman Alexie The Joy of Reading and Writing Superman and me, this is a short fiction about a Spokane Indian whos will to be better and great faith in himself allowed for great success to come his wa s regardless of the challenges he faced in his earlier life.

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