Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My Philosophy of a teacher Essay

What makes a good instructor? There are lots of factors, which determine the answer to this question, and one of the most important aspects of universe a good teacher is, I regard, the teaching strategy of a teacher. I think that teachers play a very important spot in molding the guardianshiper of a student emotion eachy, technically and intellectually. A good teacher is a person who works with a unmarried powerful goal in mind working for the best cheers of all the students, which help them, heed socially and academically. I certainly dont agree with the statement made by Dunny that a good teacher is retributory about knowing the curriculum and forcing the stuff on the students without taking much interest in it. I think that if this thought of dunny materializes, I cant imagine the level of deterioration in acquisition and true cognition in the students. being a good teacher does not mean a person with all the bookish knowledge hit it to the students without taking a personalised interest in the subject. Involving your integral self into the subject and helping the students to realize the main morale of the business office follows true knowledge and not the cramming of books. Also, I think that if a teacher pays greater attention to every students personal interests, it result help them to succeed in their career intellectually as headspring as morally.Besides imparting the curriculum on the students, a teacher has the responsibility of shaping the youths of their class with the knowledge and social experiences they will conduct to improve their future, so it is very important for a teacher to go beyond the curriculum and impart true knowledge. How can you expect a senior year student to succeed in college if he/she hasnt got any preparation for the transition by the high school teachers? A true teacher in that case would bring a college exchangeable atmosphere into the classroom, which would help the students prepare for the way things w ould be in college. This is comely a small example of what teachers are for, to educate students on more(prenominal) than just books or academics but on life. Teachers are more than just people who relay information about a certain subject.Being a teacher means being a mentor to someone who desperately needs amentor providing love and understanding to someone who may not receive it at home taking care of someone who is hurt teaching students to be a success in life and being responsible for their future. The personal satisfaction of giving a new hope to the future citizens of the country greatly surpasses all the minus and strenuous aspects of the job. Learning needs to be fun and hands on as much as possible in order to observe the children interested and eager to learn and this is solo possible if the teacher takes personal interest in the curriculum he/she teaches. If students are taught in a way that they will remember, then in the future they will be able to put this kno wledge to use practically.If a teacher follows the Dunny loom in class, the students will grow rebellious eventually they may deed up to cursing and screaming in class due to the miss of enjoyment in the knowledge they are being imparted. This results in parenthesis of the schools main goal To make their students succeed in life. Finally, I believe that the real duty of a teacher is to foster love for learning and take true interest in the knowledge he/she is imparting to all the students. This includes allowing students to take ownership of their learning, shape their instruction and ultimately give them the choice of success or failure depending on their own consciousness of responsibility. Thus, I believe that to be a successful teacher, not only one has to impart the knowledge in the curriculum but in addition prepare the students for life and this is only possible when the teacher takes personal interest in his/her subject while teaching and helps every student to succeed in academics as well as Life, because what matters finally is Life.

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