Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pumping Iron: Women and Sports :: Movies Television Film Females Essays

Pumping cast-iron Women and SportsEver since capers has been introduced into our ball club it has always been sexual activity specific. Today, sports argon still gender specific but not as much as ahead due to the change in social norms. Many people roll in the hay playing sports. For some it may be the competition, for others it may be for the cope of the game. It has been difficult for individuals who enter non-traditional sports for their gender. Women micturate especially struggled with this matter until the Title 9 was issued. Before Title 9, many women were not allowed to participate in cutting and other sports that were not considered feminine. During the Victorian Times, women were only allowed to play sports that didnt make them impression sweaty, tired or secure messy. They had to stick to the norm of macrocosm right and looking proper. Can you imagine, they had to even wear skirts for baseball and other sports? How bottom of the inning you be comfortable and play well in that kind of an output? When it came to tennis, they had to look graceful like a ballerina. The main concern in playing a sport is enjoying it and playing it well. It never had to do anything with universe part of a beauty contest. Women were given limitations into what sports they could participate in. However, realistically women were just as good as their counterpart when it came to playing sports in which they were not allowed to play.Being a female and seriously competing in a non-traditional sport is an arduous task. Many individuals question your sexuality, race and class just because you have decided to participate in a non-traditional sport. However, the main fact that is being disregarded here is that everyone has the capability of playing any sport that they regard to play. There should not be any boundaries to anything because of gender. It is unfair because there ar certain things that are acceptable and unacceptable in society which puts a lot of press ure on people that are into non-traditional sports. The question is, why does being accepted matter so much in society? Why is it so hard to be accepted for something that you want to do? I mean you are not hurting anybody yet you are made to feel guilty for trying to be good in a non-traditional sport. For this essay, I would like to use the movie Pumping

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