Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Undergraduate Education in Advertising Essay -- Major Advertising Coll

undergraduate Education in AdvertisingNext spring I bequeath be receiving a bachelor of arts in journalism at the University of Arkansas from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. My focus in journalism is in existenceize and public relations. Most schools separate the advertising and public relations departments and both(prenominal) schools even place them in the business concern school. My phase in the journalism department has benefited me because my grooming seems to be more well-rounded than most college degrees. What criteria should be placed on a degree in advertising and public relations? By comparing my undergraduate education at the U of A to the same degree at the University of Texas at Austin (the front school that Ive attended), the approach behind two different curriculums groundwork be compared. To students who are on the path to receive a degree in advertising or are thinking ab forth it, a solid comparison of the degrees will give you a better report of what you are getting from your college education. Evaluating your education will allow you to see wherefore you need certain courses, what skills youll need as a prospect smell for a job once you graduate, and what knowledge youll gain from a college education that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Advertising is part of the American culture. For example, who wouldnt write out these slogans Just do it Nike Its finger lickin good. KFC M-m-good -Campbells Soup Its the in truth thing -Coca Cola Advertising agencies realize how influential advertisements are on people. They are responsible for the catchy slogans and jingles that are forever stuck in our minds. These creativ... ...nd extra to a certain number of students. Both schools will give you a well-balanced education in order to get the most out of your college degree. The main thing that I have received from my education is a better und erstanding of the world around me. I have develop more open to different opinions and attitudes and have seen many sides of diversity. A well-rounded education has allowed me to learn about many other subjects that I wouldnt have if I wouldve followed my first idea to get a business degree. I opted for the advertising/public relations route because it was more fire to me, but mainly because I enjoyed all of the classes that I would be winning with this degree. I have also received good specialized learn that will help me in the business world. So overall, I tone of voice that my education at the U of A has been a very domineering experience.

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