Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Influence Of Green Groups On The Policy Of The United States :: essays research papers

The Influence of Green Groups on the Policy of the linked StatesAbstract This research examines the relationship between environmental groupsand the policies of the joined States. The United States political system hasbeen historically anthropocen-tric, or human centered. Environmental groups see been attempting to change this to a biocentric or ecocentric outdoor stage,which includes the rights of animals and the environment. These views arenature centered so unrivalledr of human centered. This study exit answer the questionof whether these groups arrest been efficient at altering United States policies.This will be done by means of with(predicate) the study of views offered by both sides. Also, asurvey will be procedured to determine whether congressmen views are consistent withenvironmentalist views. It will also present whether policy change has takenplace, and if these changes have remained intact through the study of pastcongressional decisions.Research Problem1. Re search forelandHave environmental groups strategies been successful at altering the policiesof the United States?2. rational number for the ResearchThis research will help environmental groups to identify the strong suit oftheir strategies. This is necessary for these groups to effectively alter thepolicies of the United States, which is one of the largest polluters in theworld. If their strategies are ineffective then it will be necessary for them toreassess their methods. Without the use productive methods these groups willnot be able to protect the environment. Animals, plants and the stainlessecosystem must have the same protection as humans have. An ecocentric viewpointestablishes the right of the environment to have legal standing. This givespeople the ability to guard the right of an animal to exist with the samerights as humans. Without this protection, people will be just as negativelyaffected as the environment. The humanity must be thought of as a living organism,if one part is hurt then the whole planet will relish the effects. Unfortunately,business and governments take the stance that the earth is more like a machine.That is, at times if a part is hurt it can be repaired, without it effecting thewhole system.Literature ReviewThe literature on environmental groups and their govern and activities isvast. Several themes concerning the groups influence in changing UnitedStates policy exist. The American Psychological Association has done studies onecocentric and anthropocentric attitudes (Thomas, 1994). Ecocentric set havearisen recently as environmental problems have come to the publics attention.Anthropocentric set have existed much longer. They have becomeinstitutionalized into our political and stinting system.The movement toward environmental awareness arose in the political activism inthe 60s. Although these values have recently been declining according to

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