Friday, October 18, 2019

Metaphor Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Metaphor - Article Example The recent political scandal in UK is MP’s expenses. A huge upheaval regarding the misuse of allowances and exploitation of claims has been in the limelight of late, evoking questions about MP’s role in democracy. Media is the watchdog in democracy. It has already started investigating into the scandal and is attempting to make up for any flaws in the democracy. There are accusations against a significant number of MPs. What does this imply? Is politics power? Where does the money come from? The public who elect the representatives pay for them. Allowances are nothing but the taxes that the public of their constituencies pay. If an MP exploits parliamentary allowance, he/she is answerable to media as well to the public, the money exploited is theirs. MPs spending for their personal needs are neglecting their promise towards their constitution and people. Government should come down hard on the MPs who misuse their position for their personal gains. Subsidy is for the public and not for the government and the people who are part of it. Unless they live a normal life of a common man, how can they relate to the problems and needs of their society and cater to it? But MPs consider their position as money breeding opportunity and not as a responsibility to serve the public. They look upon themselves hardly as public servants but go after luxuries for themselves. MP’s expenses are not alone a scandal but a sign of the times. Can there be any additional evidence for the deterioration of democracy and exploitation of authority? Ask the MPs, how best the tax can be used? Should there be any question at all about how they use the allowances? Why not? It is after all the public’s

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