Friday, October 18, 2019

Sequel to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Essay

Sequel to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw - Essay Example The play commence when Mrs. Eynsford Hill with her daughter, Clara, wait for her son, Freddy to hail a taxi raining weather. Freddy notices the flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, selling a flower that had fallen down and paid for by a mother and a son to a man (Shaw, 8). Henry Higgins, a phonetician was taking notes in a phonetic script on the conversation Eliza had. The gentleman Eliza had propositioned names himself as Colonel Pickering to Higgins. The note taker gives Eliza a handful of coins and later part together for a dinner. Eliza visits Higgins and Pickering in a laboratory the subsequent morning. She surprises the two phoneticians by asking for an English lesson (Shaw, 59). Pickering challenges Higgins that he cannot convert Eliza into a compelling duchess in 6 months. Later, Eliza sits for her first public test that occurs at Higgins mother’s dwelling (Shaw, 59). Higgins finds out that Eliza still required serious training when she narrated an off-color tale about her re latives to the visitors. After six months, Higgins and Pickering take Eliza to an Embassy ball. Eliza’s exceptional speech and the beauty she presents make the Ambassador’s wife blissful.... Doolittle to his wedding. Later Eliza launches a florist shop after a colorful wedding. Pickering becomes the financial assistance of the florist shop. Sequel to Pygmalion The main theme seen in the sequence to Pygmalion is romance that takes the core part when evaluating the play. The details that wind up the play are summarized to ensure that indolent readers do not get the wrong ending intentions he puts across. The main thing he wants to ensure that his anticipated romance is not misinterpreted as a cliche. Problem The act of Eliza refusing to marry Higgins is insisted by Shaw (Shaw, 92). Eliza believes that she was still young and attractive; hence had no pressure to marry anyone. She believes that Higgins is domineering and insensitive, though He was rich and competent of sustaining her, Shaw shows that the high principles set by Higgins mother; Mrs. Higgins makes Eliza unlikely to marry him (Shaw, 92). Another aspect is that he had passions in his life that exceeded the zeal f or sex, which clearly shows the difficulty of Eliza getting married to him. The fact that Freddy continued to assert his scale of love he had her for Eliza on a daily basis made him think that Higgins will never worship and humble himself before her. In his play, Shaw shows how it is common for stronger individuals to look for weak partners for a hand in marriage (Shaw, 92). He explains the boredom that exists amid two similar partners having the same characteristics and ability living together. Shaw ends by giving a synopsis of the beginning of Freddy and Eliza lives together and concluding that Freddy was more attractive than Higgins. This is an aspect that influences Eliza to love Freddy more than Higgins. At the beginning of their matrimony life, Shaw manages to depict the financial

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