Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Compare Only the wall by Matthew Sweeney and Mirror by Sylvia Plath. :: English Literature

Compare Only the fence by Matthew Sweeney and Mirror by Sylvia Plath. metrical composition Comparison.I am going to compare two songs Only the wall by Matthew Sweeney andMirror by Sylvia Plath. Both poems are similar as they both usepersonification. The poem Only the wall has the wall, which ispersonified as the wall is seeing what is happening, but abide non tellanyone. The poem Mirror has the reflect, which is personified, as thepoem shows what the reverberate sees.The poem mirror is about a mirror and a woman who is obsessed with themirror. The mirror says it does not lie it just tells the truth.I am not cruel only truthfulThis tells you the mirror does not lie it shows the truth even thoughit might hurt and that it cannot infer how someone looks.In the second stanza the mirror begins to see sorry for the woman.I see her back and reflect it faithfully. She rewards me with tearsand an agnation of the hands.This tells you how the mirror sees the womans nauseous face everyd ay andhow the mirror sees the woman upset with the itinerary she looks. The mirroris also upset, as it does not mean to upset her, but it can only showthe truth.The mood of the poem is sad.In me she has drowned a early days girl, and in me an old woman risestowards her day after day, like a terrible fish.This tells how sad she is especially when she goes to the mirror andsees how her beauty has died away.The way the poem has been structured is the start-off stanza is about themirror and the second stanza is about the woman.The poets liking is trying to make us think about how people attention somuch about how they look.I am important to her. She comes and goes. all(prenominal) morning her facereplaces the darkness.This tells us that the woman is maybe upset with the way she looks andhow the mirror is really important because she wishes that she couldbe young and pretty again. general I think this poem was sad as it made me feel sorry for thewoman. Also at first I found it hea vy(a) to understand.The second poem has a different subject to the first poem. The firstpoem is about a woman looking in the mirror and the second poem isabout a wall watching third bullies bullying a boy. For exampleThe first day only the wall byword the bully trip the new boyThis line tells us that on the new boys fist day only the wall saw

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